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Warlords II: Turn one - In the Spirit of Memory.

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To all players: In the name of stability and order, the Grand Moff has placed garrisons on each of your worlds to keep the peace. Additionally, Each of you have 3 Acclimators in orbit to maintain additional security and assist the troops on the ground. This has greatly increased order.

To Bradley:
The Moff's soldiers have mingled with your own for sake of maintaining order. This has lead to a massive decrease in crime, but also a decrease in recruitment. Your people are afraid to leave their homes outside of work in fear of the Moff's men accusing them of some kind of crime.

On your world of Ricus, Zersium has been found in abundance. With the new wealth discovered the people have began refusing to work in the factories. A union has been founded and they are demanding higher pay and better living conditions from your government. Your industrial Capacity has ground to a halt on this world until the problem is resolved. The Grand Moff has ordered you to resolve this problem quickly.

Your Goliath support carrier has been sabotaged by the rebels. Currently, it is salvageable if you can find a large enough shipyard (Level 4). Otherwise you have been offered a large sum of credits for the hulk by a passing trader (1,500 Credits). Your fighters have been rebased to your shipyard and on the ground. The media has called it a military accident, with no one suspecting rebel involvement.

The Rebels who launched the attack have been traced back to Titacius, it is up to you how they are dealt with. Make an example of them? Or keep it quiet.

1,000 Base Credits from Taxation
-25% from taxes from the Moff
=750 Credits
-1 from upkeep
=749 Credits total from this turn.

7 Units of Militia or Army Troopers may be recruited.

Resources: Zersium, Platinum

Your current Structures: Two light Factories, One Level Two Shipyard, Military Headquarters on Lumeria

To Spartanmario:

The Moff has deployed 3,000 Stormtroopers to your World of Spire. While not a large number, their presence throughout the city has made a definite impact on crime and lawbreaking. Their tactics have been brutal in crushing gangs and cartels in the undercity. Your people are fearful and some even refuse to leave their homes for work.

This has led to double shift and in some cases triple shifts for no extra pay as per corporate regulations. The workers have begun rioting and demanding higher pay. No union has been formed, but this has given rise to an organisation your agents report being called: The Golden Sun Cartel. It is comprised of former workers, escaped convicts, and scouts from other cartels coming together to make profit by selling arms and narcotics to the rioters.

Despite the Stormtroopers, since they cannot be everywhere, several Arcologies are in turmoil. The Moff is threatening to send the Imperial army if things aren't brought into control soon.

Your world of Katios Rising has had an industrial accident that closed off one of the habitats. While digging a way to rescue them, a massive vein of Alusteel.

Credits: 2,800 base
-25% from taxes to the Moff
2,100 Credits
-25% taxes to Corellia
=1,650 total from this turn.

4 Units of Militia or Army Troopers may be recruited.

Resources: Alusteel, Hydrogen

Your Structures: One light Factory, Two level one Shipyards, One Commercial Spaceport

The Wanderer:

Your world of U9KC has become a warzone. The natives have begun aggressively targeting your mining posts. The Moff, as a sign of goodwill, has deployed 5,000 men under your command temporarily to begin rooting out the problem. He tells you to bring it under compliance within the year (3 turns). He has also placed bounties on the chieftains of the Natives.

On your world of Ewhinda local farmers have found a very fertile valley. This has led to you producing a large enough quantity of food to export. Your advisers recommend that you distribute it among the populace instead of making profit.

Credits: 2,000 base
-25% from taxes to the Moff
-4 from upkeep
1,496 total from this Turn.

5 Units of Militia or Army Troopers may be recruited.

Resources: Platinum, Hydrogen, Food

Your Structures: One Medium Factory, One level Two Shipyard, Military Headquarters in Ewhinda

To Crensler:
The Grand Moff has stationed Three Imperial-I Star Destroyers in orbit of your world of Ir'ralos. He Has put forth the following demands: Stand down and submit to the Authority of the Empire. Pay 25% of all total taxes to the Moff. Allow Imperial colonists to survey and settle within the worlds.

If you follow these Demands, your council will be allowed to maintain power. Your people have mixed feelings about the offers, and several warriors call for war against the Alien aggressors. In compliment of his demands, he has sent holovids of the Empire bringing worlds into subjection.

15 Units of Militia may be recruited.

Resources: Platinum, Hydrogen, Food, Titanium

Your Structures: One light Factory, One level One Shipyard, Military Headquarters in Ir'ralos

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An emergency session of the council of lords is called, the recent arrival of the alien empire heatedly debated given their demands, the propaganda footage and the analysis of the ships in orbit.  From what the footage suggests, this alien threat spans a far greater area of space than they ever knew existed, with weapons and technology that is superior to their own.  Though only three ships are in orbit, the council realizes more could be sent.  The Plutocracy cannot afford to fight a war on two fronts, let alone with one aggressor having literally just appeared in orbit, their early warning systems none the wiser.  High Lord Khasra makes the decision, unpopular as it is, to negotiate.  He reminds their people that it is not cowardice to choose this path, as discretion is required regarding this new alien threat and that they trust him to lead them down the best path for their people's future.  He orders a message sent to the aliens, a counter offer to their demands.  The Plutocracy will pay the taxes and allow colonists to settle within their borders, but a liaison is required to ensure the transition goes over smoothly, with guarantees that their people will not be forced from their homes to make room for these Imperial citizens.  The Plutocracy will request, respectfully, that the Empire aid them in their war with the Rict'var, as the mammalian dogs will never acquiesce to their...offer given their stubborn nature and xenophobic ways.

The police are put on standby to quell any panic or riots that occur.

Construction of an embassy for the Empire on Ir'ralos, underground emergency shelters in major population centers and dual heavy MAC turrets as the first stage of a plan to make their planets more defensible.

Research into energy weapons, the strange field around the alien ships and how to improve ship defenses are started.

The militia are drafted and equipped, just in case.

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The rebels will be tracked down to their exact location and with a broadcast over the holonet they will obliterated from the sky by The Star of Coruscant and it's accompanying Tie-Bombers. Afterwards Admiral Tarsus will go live to every planet.

"This is what happens to traitors to the Empire, anyone found consorting with rebels or who know of rebels without informing us shall have their flesh torn from their body and their family's thrown into prison. There is no mercy for traitors! GLORY TO THE EMPIRE! GLORY TO THE EMPEROR!." - End transmission

All 7 units of militia are recruited and put into temporary stations throughout the system.

The Goliath will remain in orbit until knowledge is found that shows a system could repair the ship. TIE fighters will be sent on a patrol around the Goliath to protect it.

200 Militia and 25 Stormtroopers are sent to help Garm.

Agreeing with the Unions demands, Tarsus promises to clean up the air on Ricus to produce a more productive populace. While he will not start construction now he has promised that soon construction will begin.

Two mines start construction to mine Zersium and Platinum, 100 credits are put into each to speed construction.

Current stats:
1 Venator-class Star Destroyer - (The Star of Coruscant)

Credits: 549


1 Lambda-class T-4a shuttle (Personal Transport)
10 TIE Reaper's
30 TIE/IN interceptor
60 TIE/sa bomber
100 TIE/LN starfighter
110 ARC-170 starfighter
1 Goliath

2 Arquitens-class light cruisers
3 Razor-class frigates


500 Militia forces
50 AT-ST's
40 Speeder Bikes
50 Stormtroopers
10 HAVw A6 Juggernauts
10 2-M Saber-class repulsor tank
3 All Terrain Tactical Enforcers
2 All Terrain Armoured Transport (In reserve on Lumeria)

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Military Actions:
Attacks will begin on the natives after thorough aerial reconnaissance to locate them. 20 Marines will be deployed to aid in luring the natives out of their caves and smashing them. Intensive recon will begin to locate the native leaders. CC-4482 will move in to provide orbital fire support as needed.

Civilian Actions and Construction:
The food will be distributed per the words of the General's advisors.

At the vehicle factory, production will begin on 5 AAC-1 speeder tanks.

No soldiers are recruited at this time, as funds are being hedged to facilitate this at a later date.

Construction will begin on a civilian hospital, a naval academy and a technical college.

Political Actions:
The General will depart the system to Rostoak Prime to attend a meeting of Admirals with Dagger One at his side.

Current Statistics:

Credits: 1096


1 Venator class Star Destroyer INS Wrathful Sword
1 Acclamator (converted to supply ship) INS Cristophsis
2 Corillean Corvettes, INS Prey Runner, CC-4482
2 Lancer class anti-fighter frigates INS Firestorm, INS Seeker
60 V-19 Torrents
20 TIE Bombers
10 ARC-170 heavy fighters


479th Infantry Brigade, 1st Unit:
20 LAAT/I Gunships
One Battalion of 670 Stormtrooper Marines/Imperial Militia
(One unit consists of 100 Militia and 20 Marines, with one 70 Marine company in reserve)
1 Imperial ARC Shock Trooper (Dagger One)
50 Militia officers
2 AT-TEs
1 Artillery battery
10 AT-STs

Equipment: E-Web and Z6 repeating blasters, mortars, anti-armor launchers, long range comm gear, anti-vehicle mines, fortification/construction equipment

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all 4 Units of Militiamen will be recruited and all Militiamen are given military police training. The Moff is asked if he can order the storm troopers to be more lenient so it will help with propaganda to make stormtroopers seem like your friendly neighborhood policeman who you can trust.

Militiamen currently trained will be sent to the most trouble spots without stormtroopers to help calm the situation. Police forces across the world are given 500 credits to bolster their ability to keep the peace.

Recruitment drive is started to get more people for the PDF, and to help with the problem of keeping order in the arcologies.

200-250 men from Admiral Tarsus come in and help, they are not as brutal.

Civilian Actions:
People will be asked to stop breaking the law and breaking public property which they, and everyone else uses. Concession will attempted to be reached with the rioters and the corporations. The Diktat reminds the corperation that there should be compensation for extra work, and that this should be rewarded. Those who work harder are ambitious and should feel proud of themselves. Paying compensation for extra work will help the corporations find hidden talent and foster company loyalty as well. It won't do for the entire workforce to riot and rebel. At the same time,
the Diktat says shame on those who would riot violently. While you can protest, harming others won't get them their way.

Propaganda is attempted to be used to get people less afraid of the storm troopers and willing to work. All are reminded that where they have been stationed, they have cut down on crime. While cruel at times, one should not be afraid of them if they have nothing to hide. The Blue collar hard working civilian should view the stormtroopers as peacekeepers who help keep the cartels at bay and from stealing their money via stealing the income of their corporation.

Katios Rising will be given 200 credits to exploit this new vein as well as begin surveying for new veins

The asteroid belt will have 200 credits invested to survey for this rare metal. Should this world have it, other worlds or moons could have it too.
Particularly, the asteroid belt could have more of this metal that is left over from the formation of this solar system.

Talks are begun to get the orbital shipyards combined and then further expanded over time to a tier 3, perhaps tier 4 Shipyard. See what the options are and what are needed overtime to keep construction going.

Space Forces:
Z-95 Head Hunters: 200
4 CR90 Corvettes
3 Nebulon-B Frigate
1 Dreadnought-Class Heavy Cruiser

Ground Forces:
400 Militiamen +5 Units
30 Landspeeders with Heavy Blasters or Blaster Cannons mounted on them

E-11 Blasters
Long Range Comms
Rocket Launchers
T-21 Heavy Blaster Rifle

The Bank:1250

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