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The Saurosians

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1 The Saurosians on Tue May 16, 2017 1:47 am

The Sauros are a bipedal, humanoid race with reptilian features, though they are warmblooded and give birth to live young. They evolved from a carnivorous quadruped on their humid, jungle home planet of Irralos, which translates to Verdant Jewel in Basic, and became the dominant species by hunting the other predators on their planet to extinction. Over the passing millennia, they developed beyond simple instincts, walked upright and lost most of their predatory features as they relied more and more upon the use of tools instead of their teeth and claws. Their long snouts became blunted faces, their eyes more refined to see more than just simple shapes and movement, and their mouths developed enough to allow speech.

Some might compare them to the Trandoshans, but they retain less of their reptilian heritage in their features and bodies when compared to said race of hunters, their faces more expressive by far and their scales finer, almost invisible in a certain light. Still, the patterns and coloring of said scales are unmistakable, ranging in spectrum from black to white, with reds, greens and browns quite common. Iris hues are just as varied, with green and gold being the most commonly seen, while red is usually found among those of the aristocracy. Hairless, as to be expected, the typical Sauros tends to decorate the myriad number of long, thin, flexible spines that covers the top and back of their head, usually with beads or other such things, with females possessing the largest number, and most decorated, of them, almost giving the illusion of hair at a distance that begin to softly rasp and rattle whenever they are agitated or angry, a leftover quirk from when they used to walk on all fours. Their hands possess four digits and their feet end in the same number of toes, short, blunted claws tipping them instead of nails but their teeth still remain those of a predator in shape, if not size and their once long tails have shortened considerably as well.

Their society developed from nomadic tribes into a feudal caste system, which remains their governmental system to this day, though the once verdant jungles are now sparse, making way for civilization and the ever marching machine of technological progress. They had their share of wars, of course, but eventually were united under a particularly ambitious warlord who instituted a hereditary system of government. A ruling council of lords, presided over by a high lord, makes decisions that affect their people as a whole, each of them having a say in how things are run, with the high lord serving as arbiter and, more often than not, as the final word in matters both large and small should things become deadlocked. The lords, and high lord, are also required to serve as military commanders, undergoing extensive training as part of their upbringing to one day take the place of their mothers and fathers.

Male and female roles are almost nonexistent, as both would hunt to gather food for their young since before the Sauros began walking upright. Child rearing is often decided on a couple by couple basis, with families often living with several generations under one roof. The average life span of a healthy Sauros is one hundred and fifty standard years, with the young considered having reached majority at the age of fifteen. With the advent of space flight, the Sauros were able to expand to the other habitable planets in their star system. Tar'gor, the second planet, with its rich volcanic soil, serves as an agricultural world, with cattle and crops raised to feed the populous, while Ze'chis, an arid world, has become the base for much of Vale'zatoth's heavy industry. The fourth planet in the system, Char'joor, Red Eye, is a completely barren world, a wasteland of rock and silicate dust storms with an atmosphere that is a mix of toxins that kills in minutes. However, despite this fact, a mining colony was established when surveyors discovered extensive titanium deposits and semi-precious metals useful in the construction of complex circuitry. Char'joor is also the home of a penal colony, the prisoners who live there often working in the mines on a volunteer basis for reduction of their sentences. The fifth planet, Tar'sala, is a helium gas giant, while the sixth, Rin'tsar, is an arctic world with only a research station to study its local fauna and how the planet might be used by the Sauros in the future. Finally, the seventh planet in the Vale'zatoth system is Tyr'zal, a dead rock with no atmosphere or anything remotely of value beyond serving as a military staging ground, with a dry dock for servicing ships, hangars for fighters to be repaired and resupplied and multiple defensive structures including a capital ship class shield generator, dual rail MAC emplacements, anti-fighter flak turrets and point defense autocannons to counter incoming torpedoes and missiles.

In recent decades, metallurgists have discovered a means of further strengthening titanium through the use of carbons and ceramics. This new alloy, called tritanium, is used in the construction of vehicles and starships, from tanks, freighters and shuttles to fighters and warships. While it is not quite as strong as durasteel, it has served the Royal Guard and Navy quite well over the years. With the absence of Tibanna, the Sauros developed fusion power from the helium-4 extracted and refined by a station constructed in orbit above Tar'sala. During their first successful hyperspace flight, however, they encountered a species of mammalian creatures in a neighboring star system. The Rict'va, meaning The Enemy in Saurese, canine, vicious and xenophobic, they destroyed the exploratory vessel the Sauros sent and backtracked its flight to the Vale'zatoth system. The war that followed is still being waged, forcing the Sauros to step up weapons development. Where before they had little in the way of spacecraft that were armed, now even their freighters have at least one weapon mount for defense purposes.

The war has raged for the last thirty years with no signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon. The Sauros, having a long history of proud, warrior traditions, and the Rict'va, hating anything not like themselves, will never give up the struggle until the other side has been destroyed. Weapon technology has yet to move past mass drivers and small-scale fusion torpedoes for ship-to-ship combat, while chemically and magnetically propelled slugs, explosive shells and rockets are used by the ground forces. Only in the last few years has research into energy weapons been undertaken, with little in the way of progress beyond bulky, slow-firing contraptions that wouldn't be worth a damn on the battlefield. Armor worn by soldiers is made up of ceramic alloy plates over kevlar mesh body suits; great for survivability against slug throwers and shrapnel but not so ideal if someone decided to shoot them with a blaster.

Most of the combat has been focused around the outer fringes of Sauros space, where the Royal Navy and the Rict'var fleet have been fighting at knife-fight ranges inside the asteroid field that surrounds the Vale'zatoth system. Such encounters are often short, brutal affairs, with frigates and destroyers exchanging broadsides only a few dozen meters from each other and fighters having to keep one eye on their scopes while chasing down their targets amidst the field of space-born rock. There have been only a handful of surface engagements, any landing craft having to get past defense stations hastily constructed after the first few clashes following first contact. The handful of invasions launched into Rict'var space by the Sauros have had similar patterns of success, the two sides almost evenly matched. Without something to turn the tide in favor of one side or the other, it is unlikely that the conflict will end at any point in the foreseeable future.

The standing belief system of the Sauros, such as it is, involves sages speaking to prominent, powerful Force users from their past history. Through this method, the Sauros learn about their mistakes and triumphs directly from those that lived them and then seek to better themselves through these lessons. Of course this has led to problems as well, given the fact not all of said Force users were what would be considered productive members of society. The Sauros have seen more than a few Force users who delved too recklessly into the power of the Dark or Light Side, becoming some of the worst tyrants their people have known. These Hyst'xishi, or Shadow Sages, as they are commonly known, often seek to trick unwary neophytes into using the Dark and Light Side in such foolish ways as they once did, corrupting them until they, too, become just as wicked as these shadowy figures were in their times.

Force sensitives, when discovered, are taken to the Great Monastery on Vale'zatoth, where they are instructed on how to control their abilities, whether to become Xishi, Sages, themselves or to go on to other paths. The Dark and Light side are embraced equally, though caution in the use of both paths is taught to all neophytes, lest they steep themselves too much in either. The Dark side brings destruction and the Light stagnancy if embraced recklessly, after all. The system isn't perfect, of course, but it minimizes the danger of someone going full Dark or Light and trying to impose their will on the masses in one way or another as a result. Some Sages stay at the Monastery, to reflect on the Force, teach, continue their studies, while others go out into the world to teach others, as healers or even to join the military in specialized units. As they utilize both Dark and Light, Xishi blasting foes with lightning or kinetic energy are both equally as common a sight on the battlefield as one tending to the wounded or easing the passing of the dying through a form of last rites, comforting them with the knowledge that they go to become one with the Force.

Physical characteristics

Average height: Males 2 to 2.5 meters, females 1.8 to 2.2 meters

Average weight: 75kg for males, 65kg for females

Your typical Sauros is, on average, more physically adept than your average human, still possessing many of the traits that made them the apex predator of their home planet back in their more primitive youth. Tightly grouped, densely packed muscle fibers allow for greater feats of strength and agility, your average Sauros warrior able to leap five meters into the air, making it a popular tactic when charging an enemy position to simply jump over their defensive emplacements and descend upon them with guns blazing.

Sauros military doctrine takes full advantage of these traits, with soldiers trained to use cover to close with the enemy and then leap upon them either with bayonets fixed or a form of melee weapon in hand. Enemy positions are often bombarded with MAC fire and explosive shells to keep them suppressed so the infantry can close with them, the fire cutting off in time for them to pounce. Another tactic was developed when a predatory animal from Tar'gor was captured, tamed and bred for use in warfare. These quadrupedal mixes of large cat and rugged reptile are an unsettling sight on the battlefield, their roar capable of chilling even the most jaded of soldiers to the bone. Standing a little over a meter tall at the shoulder, the Ren'gal, as the Sauros have named them, are often sent in ahead of strike teams to disorganize and demoralize the enemy before the soldiers sweep in to clean them out.

Vehicle tactics consist of hit and run strikes with the lighter vehicles while heavier tanks fire from a distance, artillery only brought into the equation if these are not sufficient. If air superiority can be obtained, Tu'ulsh starfighters will make strafing runs on enemy fortifications, vehicles and even troop formations, orbital bombardment only considered if enemy structures cannot be taken intact or are of no inherent value to Sauros forces. Sauros command structures are not all that dissimilar to those of modern militaries, with the council of lords acting as the overall commanders and the high lord holding supreme authority over such matters. Vehicle regiments include scout vehicles, light tanks, heavy tanks, combat walkers, anti-air vehicles and mobile artillery. Infantry regiments have access to various forms of ordinance depending on different operations, able to call in vehicle and air support as needed. More specialized units composed of Force users are generally reserved for the heaviest of engagements or if a vital target needs to be taken more swiftly than conventional forces and tactics will allow.

Sauros culture, at present, revolves around a caste system, with warriors/soldiers taking up the majority of leadership roles. Under them are the craftsmen, traders and hunters, below them the common laborers and farmers. All are valued in Sauros society, for the whole would not exist without the various parts that go into it. Prejudice over one's caste is not unheard of, of course, but it is more often than not frowned upon by society. That isn't to say one cannot rise above their caste by way of achievement, but this is an occurrence that is rarely seen as Sauros youth are taught to accept and find joy in their lives in service to their people as a whole, no matter their lot in life.

The Sauros economy was initially built on a barter system, with currency backed by precious minerals and gemstones mined on their home planet only having been adopted in the modern era. Banks offer loans, investments in industry and so on and are closely monitored by the lords to make sure money isn't going anywhere it shouldn't. Public security is handled by the warrior caste, separate from the soldier caste as they are trained for resolving situations without violence if possible and through non-lethal methods if not. If the lives of others are threatened, however, a warrior is fully capable of putting down any would be law breakers in a more permanent fashion.

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2 Re: The Saurosians on Tue May 16, 2017 1:50 am

Saurosian Naval Forces In-system

1 Vor'goth-class Battleship

3 Arn'tesh-class Cruisers

5 Bin'rey-class Cruisers

5 Ko'gash-class Frigates

10 Vel'tesh-class Destroyers

20 Ik'zar-class Patrol Craft

250 Tu'ulsh Starfighters

Saurosian Ground Forces In-system

5,000 Royal Guard Soldiers

100 Rekk-class Light Tanks

50 Mel'kor-class Combat Walkers

30 Yirn-class APCs

25 Xith-class Heavy tanks

20 Tel'keth-class Dropships

15 Ez'ra-class Mobile Artillery Batteries

10 Yrna-class MAC Tanks

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