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Val'rask Heavy Industries

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1 Val'rask Heavy Industries on Tue May 16, 2017 2:08 am

Rekk-class Light Tank

Size: 3.5 meters in length

Crew: 3

Top speed: 97 kmph

Armament: Light repeating anti-vehicle blaster turret

Light vehicle-class armor and shields

A light tank used for harassing and scouting duties.

Xith-class Heavy Tank

Size: 8 meters from gun muzzle to exhaust port

Crew: 5

Top speed: 64 kmph

Armaments: Twin linked heavy anti-vehicle blaster cannon turret, anti-personnel weapon mount near crew hatch

Heavy vehicle-class armor and shields

A heavy tank equipped with deflectors and thick, reactive armor plating to protect the crew compartment and other vital components.

Yirn-class APC

Size: 3.65 meters

Crew: 2 and 1 gunner

Troop capacity: 15

Top Speed: 65kmph

Armaments: 1 twin linked heavy rotary anti-personnel blaster cannon turret

Moderate vehicle-class armor and shields

The go to choice for troop transport, the Yirn armored personnel carrier is an all terrain vehicle with decent armor and reasonable maneuverability for its size.

Yrna-class MAC Tank

Size: 8.5 meters long from howitzer to exhaust port

Crew: 3

Top speed: 40kmph

Armaments: Heavy MAC turret

Heavy vehicle-class armor and shields

Long range heavy fire support.

Ez'ra-class Mobile Artillery Battery

Size: 6 meters

Crew: 4

Top speed: 41 kmph

Armament: Dual linked heavy proton mortar battery

Moderate vehicle-class armor and shields

Used mainly for bombarding enemy positions or infantry formations, the Ez'ra is less effective at targeting enemy vehicles.

Mel'kor-class Combat Walker

Size: 7.5 meters tall

Crew: 2

Top speed: 52kmph

Armament: variable

Moderate vehicle-class armor and shields

The Mel'kor-class combat walker is a bipedal war machine with variable loadouts for different situations.  It's arm weapon pods can range from rotary assault blaster cannons to proton torpedo launchers or even flamethrowers as the situation warrants.

Tel'keth-class Dropship

Size: 35 meters

Crew: 2

Troop capacity: 25

Armaments: 1 twin linked rotary assault blaster cannon turret and 2 concussion missile pods w/eight shots each

Moderate vehicle-class armor and shields

The Royal Navy's troop transport of choice, the Tel'keth is fully capable of supporting the soldiers and vehicle they offload once the boots hit the dirt.

RDF-1 Tu'ulsh Starfighter

Moderate starfighter-class armor and shields

Armaments: Blaster cannon x2, variable secondary armaments

Developed by Val'rask Heavy Industries for use by the Royal Navy, the Tu'ulsh is a variable range fighter, able to function in atmosphere as well as in space, and can be equipped with different secondary weapons as the situation demands.  Common variants include: four proton torpedoes for attack runs against enemy starships and defense platforms, two proton torpedoes and six concussion missiles, with the final load-out being twelve concussion missiles as an interceptor variant.  It lacks a hyperdrive, however, as the Sauros have yet to design one for use in anything smaller than a freighter.

Ik'zar-class Patrol Craft

Size: 50 meters

Crew: 20

Armaments: 3 dual blaster cannon turrets and 2 concussion missile launchers

Heavy freighter-class armor and shields

Rather self explanatory, the Ik'zar-class patrols the Sauros' home system, keeping an eye out for any illegal activity or spies from their fanatical enemies.

Vel'tesh-class Destroyer

Length: 150 meters

Crew: 250

Armaments: 8 light dual turbolaser turrets and 4 proton torpedo bays.

Light starship-class armor and shields

As its name suggests, the Vel'tesh-class is meant to make hit and run attacks against capital ships with its torpedoes, often supported by Tu'ulsh starfighters.  It has more engine power than armor or shields, however, leaving it vulnerable without support.

Ko'gash-class Frigate

Length: 300 meters

Crew size: 500

Armaments: 10 light dual turbolaser turrets (5 port, 5 starboard), 36 dual anti-fighter class blaster cannon turrets (Two banks of nine port, two banks of nine starboard) and two proton torpedo launchers (mounted in the bow).

Moderate starship-class armor and shields

Developed by Val'rask Heavy Industries for use by the Royal Navy for fighter screening duties, the Ko'gash-class frigate can still somewhat hold its own against other vessels in its weight class thanks to its turbo laser batteries and proton torpedo launchers.

Bin'rey-class Cruiser

Length: 450 meters

Crew: 1,000

Armaments: 12 dual turbolaser turrets (six port, six starboard), 4 dual anti-fighter class blaster cannon turrets and a cruiser class MAC array (fired from the bow)

Heavy starship-class armor and shields

Arn'tesh-class Cruiser

Length: 500 meters

Crew: 1,500

Armament: 20 dual heavy turbolaser turrets (8 port, 8 starboard, 4 on the bow), 15 light quad turbo laser turrets (5 port, 5 starboard, 5 on the bow) and 1 cruiser class MAC battery (fired from the bow).

Heavy starship-class armor and shields

Fighter compliment: 10 Tu'ulsh Starfighters

Developed by Val'rask Heavy Industries for use by the Royal Navy as a heavy ship of the line, the Arn'tesh sports an impressive array of armaments and can even carry a squadron of fighters.  It is meant to take on other ships of the line head on and can even assault larger capital ships in hunting wolf-packs of three to five vessels each.

Vor'goth-class Battleship

Length: 1,500 meters

Crew: 20,000

Armaments: 40 dual heavy turbolaser turrets (20 port, 20 starboard), 32 quad turbolaser turrets (16 port, 16 starboard), 40 anti-fighter class blaster cannon turrets (20 port, 20 starboard), 40 point defense batteries (20 port, 20 starboard) and 1 battleship class MAC battery (fired from the bow).

Super-heavy starship-class armor and shields

Fighter compliment: 100 starfighters

The Vor'goth is the pride of the Royal Navy's fleet, with only three built to date, two of which are out of system fighting the war against Rict'va, along with the majority of their fleet and armed forces in general.

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2 Re: Val'rask Heavy Industries on Tue May 16, 2017 3:45 am

Royal Guard Equipment

RDF Mk-3 Heavy Assault Armor

The third iteration of the Royal Guard's combat hardsuit, the Mk-3 has improved the ceramic alloy plating to better protect against direct fire and shrapnel from grenades and artillery fire with a kevlar weave bodysuit underneath to protect any parts not covered by these plates.

RDF M31A Assault Rifle (pictured in the soldier's left hand)

Standard combat rifle of the Royal guard, able to switch between single, 3 round burst and fully automatic modes of fire as the situation requires.  They fire 10mm explosive tipped, caseless, light armor piercing ammunition, made from the same material as the rounds used in the MACs and Reaper Autocannons.

RDF M23 Combat Shotgun

Standard semi-automatic shotgun, with a three-round burst fire mode for room clearing operations.

RDF M15 Mass Accelerator Rifle

Standard long range, semi-automatic rifle, with a 20x zoom sniper scope.

RDF HEAT Launcher

Standard issue anti vehicle missile launcher.


Standard issue light machine gun, firing a 20mm version of the rounds used in the M31A.

Mk. 2 Vibrosword

What it says on the tin, the second version of the standard melee sidearm of the Royal Guard.

RDF Val'rask 9mm

Standard issue sidearm of the Royal Guard.

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3 Re: Val'rask Heavy Industries on Tue May 16, 2017 3:52 am

Reaper Autocannon

Designed by Val'rask Heavy Industries, the Reaper Autocannon is a rapid fire piece of heavy ordinance used in gun emplacements, vehicles and starfighters. It fires specially crafted rounds made of an alloy produced by combining cobalt, nickel and tungsten, giving it incredible penetration, thereby making it useful against a variety of targets, including heavy tanks. The gun itself can fire at a rate of one thousand rounds per minute, allowing gunners to lay down an impressive hail of fire. This does of course mean it chews through its magazine at an astounding rate, requiring either the use of burst firing or keeping a hefty supply of spare ammunition close at hand.

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4 Re: Val'rask Heavy Industries on Tue May 16, 2017 3:53 am

Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

Another weapon designed by Val'rask Heavy Industries, the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, or MAC, is used in starships, heavier vehicles and defense platforms. As the name suggests, the MAC uses a series of high-powered electromagnets to propel a round, made of the same alloy as is used in the Reaper Autocannon's shells, at incredible velocity at a target. In atmosphere it works as standard heavy artillery might, but in space, where there are fewer forces working against the projectile, it is a powerful anti-ship weapon. Cruiser class vessels and larger in the Royal Navy have a “main gun” whose barrel runs nearly the entire length of the ship, in addition to standard weapon mounts. These super heavy MACs are used exclusively at long range, as the time between shots is extended considerably, but they are extremely effective at penetrating enemy shields and armor. Still, a fleet usually only has time to launch two to three volleys, at most, before the enemy ships close to distances that make using these main guns infeasible at best. Of course if a fleet were, say, ambushed, use of said main gun would be next to impossible, as the time to charge it, line up a shot and then fire it would leave the vessel in question open to heavy amounts of enemy fire, likely leading to said ship being destroyed.

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5 Re: Val'rask Heavy Industries on Wed May 24, 2017 8:43 pm

Imperial Standards

With the overhaul of the Royal Guard and Navy, both now have access to blaster and deflector shield technology. The guard are therefor outfitted with blaster and proton torpedo equivalents of their gear and all vehicles and starships are retrofitted thanks to the efforts of the Imperials.

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