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Warlords II: Turn Two - A pair of Aces

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1 Warlords II: Turn Two - A pair of Aces on Tue May 16, 2017 11:37 pm

The Grand Moff has addressed the ministry today and announced his departure in a few months time. Lord Vargus and Lord Tyson are to assume overall command of the Military and Economy once the Moff leaves, and the two have announced they have the Moff's Blessing to enact their Sector-wide plan of renewal once they come into power. They have refused to elaborate the plan to the media, and as such the news and experts can only speculate what this might mean.

The aerial recon of native positions yielded mixed results. While a few camps were found, your commanders on the ground suspect that the bulk of the enemy is still hiding in the desert. This point was further driven forward by a massive ambush on an Imperial convoy. 1460 of the Moff's men were killed in the ambush before the Natives were repulsed and the Regimental commander is furious.

The survivors speak of the natives attacking with coordination and accuracy that had not been noted in previous engagements. They were able to destroy a major portion of the convoy and retreat before the stormtroops had time to deploy and respond. Advisers on the ground are mixed with theories: 1) You're fighting a previously untouched tribe who are much more skilled than others
2) The tribesmen have learned from the engagements.

They cannot foresee any other way the natives have become this combat effective.

The AAC-1's are now complete.
The Civilian hospital, naval academy, and technical college are under construction.

6 Militia or Army Troopers may be recruited this turn

Credits: 2,000 base
+1096 Left-Over
+300 for no recruitment
-25% from taxes to the Moff
-4 from upkeep
2547 total from this turn

The Grand Moff has sent an adviser to assist you with the situation, General Danik. Corporate Headquarters is also incredibly unhappy about the lack of material sent these last three months and as such have doubled your taxes to make up for lost goods and materials. Your mayors and Councillors are furious and demand your respond aggressively to HQ.

With the increased military presence a large number of protesters have backed down. Unfortunately most of the rioters, now being armed and high, have seized full control over an Arcology in the south. Their numbers have begun being bolstered by mercenaries as well, courtesy of the Golden Sun Cartel. The riot leaders have sent the following demands: Expel all upper class citizens who work for the Corporation, raise pay and pension by triple, and reduce work hours to 6 hours a day.

Your agents tell you that this militant group only numbers in a few thousand armed rioters with no training or discipline and a few dozen mercenaries. General Danik advises either starving them out or destroying the Arcology, regardless of the noncombatants in it.

All 400 Militiamen have been trained. Additionally your investments into the police forces have paid off. Your men are trained in crowd suppression courtesy of the Stormtrooper command.

As for the attempted recruitment of the PDF, it has yielded some results. Most of the recruits are out of shape upper-class citizens. General Danik has advised that recruiting these individuals may further fan the flames of a class war.

8 Militia or Army Troopers may be recruited this turn (Note that 4 of these will be recruited as 'High-Born militia')

Credits: 2,800 base
+1250 Left-over
-50% From taxes to Corellia
-25% From taxes to the Moff
1518 total from this turn

Your people after seeing the footage decide to hold you to your word of improving living conditions. The union leaders do remark that if construction does not begin in the upcoming months the nonviolent protests will continue. A few days later, as promised, work resumes as per normal.

One of your captains proposes an idea: Give him 2,000 credits and he will use his connections within the Imperial Army to build an Officers Academy on your capital world. He swears it will be done in three months and the offers will rival the clone troopers of old for discipline and quality.

Your agents do report an organisation calling themselves the "Golden Sun Cartel" to be scouting out bars and clubs as if looking for someone or something.

The two mines are nearing completion.

700 Militia have been trained and deployed to their temporary stations as per your order.

5 Militia or Army Troopers may be recruited this turn

Credits: 2000 Base
+549 Left-over
-25% From taxes to the Moff
-1 from upkeep
1910 total from this turn

The Empire agrees to your terms and have sent engineers and a few commanders down to the planet. The engineers immediately begin building an embassy in your capitol while the commanders will meet with your own to assess the enemy and formulate a battle plan. The Moff is willing to commit 10,000 Army troopers, 2,000 Stormtroopers, 150 AT-ST's, and 10 AT-AT's with the ISD Viciousness and the two Acclimators Renegade and Osiris. They await you to formulate a battle plan so that they may assist.

There were no major riots thankfully, however the arrival of the Aliens and them setting foot on your homeworld led to massive, multi-city wide protests.

Your researchers have revealed somehow that these alien ships have some kind of deflectors. Ballistics and Energy weapons seem to be stopped mere meters away from each ship, even though you see smaller ships passing through what is now dubbed 'Shields.'

The Shelters are mostly constructed, all major contractors on your world assisting for the greater well being of the species.

The 1500 Militia have been recruited and are awaiting assignment

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2 Re: Warlords II: Turn Two - A pair of Aces on Wed May 17, 2017 12:23 am

The commanders are the council of lords themselves, with generals and admirals under them.  The strategy meeting is held, the Saurosians giving the Imperials a full accounting of the Rict'var's defenses as they formulate a strategy to sweep the system.  Given the superior nature of the Imperial ships and their deflector shields, they will act as the hammer and the Saurosians will sweep in from the flanks as the anvil.  Once the Rict'var fleet is either demolished or sufficiently distracted, their combined ground forces will take the enemy's strategic targets, the heavier vehicles of the Empire again used to hammer the Rict'var's defenses with the Saurosian's as support.  The Royal Guard will divide up and support the Imperial troops, with the militia forces pairing with units from the guard to support them in turn.  The hope, secretly, is to prevent as many Saurosian casualties as possible but not to needlessly sacrifice the Imperials so they do not become angered as a result.  Efforts to quell the concerns of the protestors are taken, as though the government understands it, the time is not right for such actions.  The Plutocracy needs to stand strong and united in these chaotic times, not be crippled and divided by fear and doubt.

With the Imperials constructing the Embassy, efforts are moved to building an Infantry Academy instead, while construction of the shelters is finished up and the work on the first stage of planetary defenses continues with the heavy MAC turret emplacements. Negotiations open with the Empire regarding deflector shield technology and the Plutocracy obtaining it.

Research into energy weapons continues, along with ship defenses.  Research into creating a smaller version of a hyperdrive for fighter sized space craft begins.

Current Armed Forces:
Saurosian Naval Forces In-system

1 Vor'goth-class Battleship

3 Arn'tesh-class Cruisers

5 Bin'rey-class Cruisers

5 Ko'gash-class Frigates

10 Vel'tesh-class Destroyers

20 Ik'zar-class Patrol Craft

250 Tu'ulsh Starfighters

Saurosian Ground Forces In-system

5,000 Royal Guard Soldiers

1,500 Militia Troops

100 Rekk-class Light Tanks

50 Mel'kor-class Combat Walkers

30 Yirn-class APCs

25 Xith-class Heavy tanks

20 Tel'keth-class Dropships

15 Ez'ra-class Mobile Artillery Batteries

10 Yrna-class MAC Tanks

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3 Re: Warlords II: Turn Two - A pair of Aces on Wed May 17, 2017 12:27 am

Military Actions:
Reconnaissance will continue from the air, with CC-4428
aiding with high-power scans from high orbit. Orders are given to the Regiment commander to keep an ear to the ground and not engage the natives head on-- use the native's own tactics against them as effectively as possible. (IE, smaller units and highly mobile warfare.) 5 AT-STs will be deployed to aid in the fighting, as well as three of the new AAC-1s.

Dagger One will be deployed to U9KC under cover of night, and will go to ground to investigate the cause of the native's sudden capabilities. At this time, he is not ordered to engage, and is to remain quiet and stealthed.

4 units of Militia are to be raised.

Finally, reinforcements are requested from the Moff in order to shore up the regiment on U9KC.

Civilian Actions and Construction:
50 credits will be invested into each building, and a meeting of the General's civilian advisors will be called to further discuss further improvement of the system.

The production of 10 AT-RTs is ordered to begin at the cost of 200 credits.

The plans will be drawn up for the construction of a Victory class cruiser, and the shipyards asked about the cost.

Political Actions:
A shipment of platinum, hydrogen and food will be sent to Admiral Tarsus as a sign of goodwill for the as-discussed alliance.

Current Statistics:

Credits: 2217


1 Venator class Star Destroyer INS Wrathful Sword
1 Acclamator (converted to supply ship) INS Cristophsis
2 Corillean Corvettes, INS Prey Runner, CC-4482
2 Lancer class anti-fighter frigates INS Firestorm, INS Seeker
60 V-19 Torrents
20 TIE Bombers
10 ARC-170 heavy fighters


479th Infantry Brigade, 1st Unit:
20 LAAT/I Gunships
One Battalion of 670 Stormtrooper Marines/Imperial Militia
(One unit consists of 100 Militia and 20 Marines, with one 70 Marine company in reserve)
1 Imperial ARC Shock Trooper (Dagger One)
50 Militia officers
5 AAC-1 Speeder Tanks
2 AT-TEs
1 Artillery battery
10 AT-STs

Equipment: E-Web and Z6 repeating blasters, mortars, anti-armor launchers, long range comm gear, anti-vehicle mines, fortification/construction equipment

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4 Re: Warlords II: Turn Two - A pair of Aces on Wed May 17, 2017 12:44 pm


No units of militia shall be trained having an abundance already, those already in the field shall start learning suppression tactics of a basic police force.

Continued patrols around the Goliath shall take place.

Major Zulara Cynthisa (Imperial Intelligence) is to have agents gain access to the Golden Sun Cartel to find out what they are doing.

A new award called the Star of Lumeria shall be introduced exclusively to the militia in the System, while not in anyway a prestigious award it is given to the most skilled and brave militiamen so the others have something to strive too and the ones receiving it shall have a morale boost.

600 Credits shall be invested into the elite task force set up by Galm with the Imperial Academy put on hold.

The Imperial Directorate unanimously agrees to form an alliance with General Ollracahn, as per the conversations between Admiral Tarsus and the General, inspectors shall be sent from each other's fleets to spot any flaws that may be present.

Construction commences on air filters on the planet Ricus, to satisfy Union leaders 100 Credits are committed to increase the speed of construction.

Current stats:
1 Venator-class Star Destroyer - (The Star of Coruscant)

Credits: 1210


1 Lambda-class T-4a shuttle (Personal Transport)
10 TIE Reaper's
30 TIE/IN interceptor
60 TIE/sa bomber
100 TIE/LN starfighter
110 ARC-170 starfighter
1 Goliath

2 Arquitens-class light cruisers
3 Razor-class frigates


1200 Militia forces
50 AT-ST's
40 Speeder Bikes
50 Stormtroopers
10 HAVw A6 Juggernauts
10 2-M Saber-class repulsor tank
3 All Terrain Tactical Enforcers
2 All Terrain Armoured Transport (In reserve on Lumeria)

Current Structures: Two light Factories, One Level Two Shipyard, Military Headquarters on Lumeria

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5 Re: Warlords II: Turn Two - A pair of Aces on Wed May 17, 2017 3:42 pm

Only 4 Militiamen will be recruited currently to bolster the forces.
In response to one of the 16,920 or so Arcologies being taken over..those who have resorted to violence are labeled terrorists. No negotiations will be done with those who use terrorism to get what they want. They are given one chance to back down and receive amnesty, returning the arcology back over to the district's control. If they do not, they will be treated as terrorists and the few thousand who are holding the arcology hostage will be charged as such.

The Arcology is surrounded by the PDF, a request is sent to the Moff to have some stormtroopers moved from other arcologies to help with this blockade.

Command codes are quickly broadcasted to the arcology, causing its hydrogen supplies to work in reverse and be pumped out and starve out the fusion generators. The very same generator which powers the arcology. It is also switched into lockdown, causing many doors to bolt shut and prevent the terrorists from moving from place to place easily. Command codes are also now changed in other arcologies to ensure they are secure and only known by loyal planetary officials.

600 Credits are spent to begin taking the best from the Imperial Army and begin creating an elite counter-terrorism unit to conduct raids and rescue operations against terrorists. The best bounty hunters and or trainers are sought (mandalorian) as well as equipment fitting for such a unit. Engineers are tasked with designing specialized transports for this unit, mainly dropships that can do stealth deployments.

HQ is contacted and alerted it is breaking the charter which was originally founded. The agreement was a percentage base of the output of the world would be given over as taxes to Corellia and this rate was flat and could not be increased or decreased. Corellia has thus conducted an illegal action against Spire and is in danger of the charter becoming null, causing Spire to become its own world and no longer a colony of Corellia.

800 credits are invested/put down to start expanding the shipyards. 100 Credits will be put to continue development of the Alusteel mines and well as prospecting for more resources in system.

Space Forces:
Z-95 Head Hunters: 200
4 CR90 Corvettes
3 Nebulon-B Frigate
1 Dreadnought-Class Heavy Cruiser

Ground Forces:
800 Militiamen + 400 Militiamen Units - Unknown for training Elite Counter Terrorism
30 Landspeeders with Heavy Blasters or Blaster Cannons mounted on them

E-11 Blasters
Long Range Comms
Rocket Launchers
T-21 Heavy Blaster Rifle

Bank: 0

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