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DA: Inquisition Trespasser, After-Stream, Thoughts

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I thought Loghain was a good enough antagonist. He was someone you could sympathize wit, and I loved his inclusion in Inquisition. In Origins, my thought was toward turning Loghain into a Grey Warden so that he could feel firsthand the imminent catastrophe he had put his nation in. And the Archdemon was the looming threat meant to be in the back of your mind, "by the way, the Archdemon is coming..."

I don't remember if I heard him introduced to me as Teagan, but if I did, I forgot he was Teagan immediately the next time he spoke.

Nope. She was an antagonist. She was being rewritten in game #2, and in the third we saw that betrayal come to fruition. A small betrayal, but a betrayal nonetheless. I don't care if she was the best of her people for her people, thousands of years later she was a bitch witch who stole her daughters' bodies. I only acknowledge the true lore. Just screw the writing on that one. Her death in Origins becomes hollow after-the-fact, and then they took her away. No, no, that should have been me! You refused me any opportunity for the satisfaction of killing her myself, how dare you.

And they knew it too, they knew people wanted to kill her, which is why they had that "attack" option in the Fade, and you can tell immediately its a "nope" moment and it's garbage when devs do that kind of thing. Just like how they mocked people who wanted the classic Dante look for the new Devil May Cry game. He gets a white wig on his head and he says "f***ing NOPE, LOL". I don't play those games myself (I rented DMC4 once on a blue moon), It's a reboot and people should just move on if devs are planning to change appearances along with rebooting, but it's still kinda scummy how they mocked them.

"I will stop you."
I was pleased that you chose to save Solas if you could. I liked that he was able to see that he was wrong, and he tells you that you showed him he was in many ways, and I think that is only mentioned if you end the non-DLC part of the main game with high approval with Solas. I chose prioritizing the end of Solas' plans over his warm dead body in my first playthrough, but "I'll help you" is more satisfying. I would love to see Solas reconcile with the world as it is, instead of trying to kill millions to bring back the good old days.

Thom Rainier
It's not "Thom", it's pronounced "Tom". Voiced dialogue even pronounces the "T" without the "H". Where did you hear it differently?

Tevinter: yes please
Going to Tevinter: we're going to get involved in the war with the Qunari. And you better believe I will cast down their Qun and bask in the dying agony of those who--I mean... Anyway, that is how I would have it. We'll deal with the conquering nature of the Qunari state once and for all, if I get my wish. I wonder if we'll meet Sten...

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