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Warlords II: Turn Three - Royal Flush

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1 Warlords II: Turn Three - Royal Flush on Wed May 24, 2017 8:16 pm

I waited longer to see if anyone else would join.

With the Announcement of an Alliance between two governors comes additional news. The system of Triez has come under control of a pirate warlord who has seized control of production with an antique droid army. His demands are to be legitimized as a governor and keep his own personal army. Rumor has it that he has also created a slave hub on the world of Triez Prime from all the workers he imprisoned there.

The Moff has called for Volunteers to go out and fight while Lords Vargus and Tyson have called for negotiations with this pirate. The local council has been evenly mixed on what to do, with many citing the slavery of Imperials as a crime, the Others saying that profit is to be had. No group dare move without the other's consent however.

Rumor has it Imperial Agents have been deployed to the system under the command of the Lords and they are simply buying time. This of course has been refuted or outright ignored during press conferences.

On a sunnier note; a new Holo-program has made massive hits with the younger crows. The show, titled: "Two and a Half Gungans" has been a major hit all across the unknown regions. Sociologists attribute it from being so far away from "proper" imperial Civilization that lower quality programming will be treated with higher reverence.

The imperial Arc on the ground has managed to take initiative and mark Native positions for airstrikes. He reports that some of these positions are artillery emplacements, anti-air emplacements, and even what he suspected to be a type of scrap garage used to make impromptu military vehicles, although he had no way of finding out how many might have passed through here before a TIE bomber destroyed all evidence of it's existence. A few weeks after that he was late to report in by a few hours. Not long after he failed to check in, his GPS went offline.

Commanders in the field have noticed that since the GPS went offline smaller raids have become less frequent. However, larger raids have appeared quite more often and with much greater accuracy in the location of attacks.

The Moff has deployed a platoon (25) AT-ST's and 300 Stormtroopers to support the Imperial Army on the world. His final comment was that this represents the last of the reinforcements you can expect.

You have been told that you can build a Victory-Class for 2,000 Credits.

You may train either 3 militia or 10 army troops.

The 10 AT-RTs are complete
The Civilian Hospital is complete

Credits: 2,000 base
+2217 Left-Over
-25% from taxes to the Moff
-4 from upkeep
3158 total from this turn

To Bradley:
Your agents report that the cartels are searching for a Freighter Pilot hiding in your undercity. They report they have had contact with the Cartel and have been offer 500 credits to allow them to work unhindered. The pilot also has contacted you and asked for a deal. Protect him and his ship and he'll trade you the design of an Experimental Ship, the TIE-Wing fighter. If you protect him and change his identity (400 credits) he'll sell you his Tartan Patrol Cruiser.

The Moff, seeing the initiative his governors are taking donates an additional 1,800 credits to the task force, as well as one hundred of his instructors to help train a fighting force up to speed.

The patrols around your Goliath managed to intercept a shuttle. Unfortunately it was shot down and crashed into the Goliath itself. Minimal damage was caused, but your naval officers are concerned.

Your people are extremely happy with the air vents. So much so that you notice a boost to production. Your people are very content with their stations right now, and some have even gone to say that you're the best thing to happen to the colony since it's inception.

The officer says it's your final month to decide to build the station.

Both your mines have finished construction. They're already drastically increasing production.

15 Units of Militia or Army Troopers can be recruited.

Credits: 2800 Base
+1210 Left-over
+400 from pleased workers
-25% From taxes to the Moff
-1 from upkeep
2557 total from this turn

There is no word from the inside of the Arcology, all is quiet. Almost too quiet. Sensors read all is quiet. As you move in to investigate one of the rebel groups had accidentally released a nerve gas canister inside the Arcology's emergence vents, killing all those inside. The alarming part however is the discovery of several dozen more canisters, enough to wipe out a fraction of the population.
Your officers ask how you will broadcast this situation to the public if at all.

The Moff, seeing the initiative his governors are taking donates an additional 1,800 credits to the task force, as well as one hundred of his instructors to help train a fighting force up to speed.

Your words to Corporate seem to have fallen upon deaf ears. However when your quarterly income arrives you find it suspiciously absent of taxes, even those from the Grand Moff...

0 Units available to recruit this turn

+2,800 base
2,800 total from this turn

The operation is currently underway. However, the Imperials have given you a new monetary system: Credits. Your best economists place your current mark as next to worthless compared to one credits. This means society as a whole will advance, but your rich will become only slightly more well off than your poor. With the Imperial Engineers, they have brought colonists and various bureaucrats. Skyscrapers have been built overnight, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs on your homeworld in which very few are already trained for, meaning a homeless man may posses the skill for a six figure job whereas the former market tycoonist is no pushing pencils. Your economy is on the verge of collapse and there is the threat of a class war.

The Imperials have also begun overhauling your military. Deflectors are now placed on your vehicles along with blasters. The war production has also drastically increased. Where before it may have taken an entire day to build a tank, now it only takes a few hours. Your troops are being assessed to see where they fit in Imperial training, this will take the next few months. Once the assessment is complete they will be reorganised by imperial standard.

You gain 6,000 credits to put toward your economy this turn.

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2 Re: Warlords II: Turn Three - Royal Flush on Wed May 24, 2017 8:47 pm


Admiral Tarsus will take up the offer of his Captain and give him 2000 Credits for the construction of the Imperial Academy.

Tarsus takes up the offer for the ship design.

More patrols will be scheduled for the Goliath. Engineers will also examine any damage done.

Agents are sent to assess the strength of Triez, the fleet is put on standby ready to move if Tarsus wishes to move against the System.

15 Units of Army Troopers will be trained.


Missives are sent to the General asking whether he would be willing to go on a joint venture to subdue the rouge system.

For the people minor elections are put in place for Mayors of outlying villagers, they still answer to the Directorate though.

Tarsus will go to the Moff's headquarters and meet him directly.

Screenings of the new popular program are put on for the people weekly at their local cinemas and bars so if they don't own Holo-net they get it for free.


The mines will expand even further with an extra 100 Credits put in for speed.

Construction starts on a massive housing project for the planet Ricus, 500 Credits are put into it for structural integrity. These houses will be assigned to the poorest of the planet free of charge.

Factory conditions are improved with new safety features, 267 Credits are spent helping factory owners adapt to the improvements.

Current stats:
1 Venator-class Star Destroyer - (The Star of Coruscant)

Credits: 1000


1 Lambda-class T-4a shuttle (Personal Transport)
10 TIE Reaper's
30 TIE/IN interceptor
60 TIE/sa bomber
100 TIE/LN starfighter
110 ARC-170 starfighter
1 Goliath

2 Arquitens-class light cruisers
3 Razor-class frigates


1200 Militia forces
1500 Army Troopers
50 AT-ST's
40 Speeder Bikes
50 Stormtroopers
10 HAVw A6 Juggernauts
10 2-M Saber-class repulsor tank
3 All Terrain Tactical Enforcers
2 All Terrain Armoured Transport (In reserve on Lumeria)

Current Structures: Two light Factories, One Level Two Shipyard, Military Headquarters on Lumeria

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3 Re: Warlords II: Turn Three - Royal Flush on Wed May 24, 2017 9:00 pm

Political/Economic Actions:
Along with Imperial currency comes a market crash of epic proportions.  The Council of Lords immediately use the six thousand credits in an effort to fix the problem, investing into the economy through industry, finance, education and general infrastructure across the board to suit the changing market.  The police are outfitted with blasters that can be set to stun and instructed in their use.  Efforts to relieve class tensions are made, with a focus on reminding the populous that the negative effects of the economic change-over are merely temporary and that efforts to fix the problem are already underway.

Construction Actions:
The Infantry Academy will be completed next turn and, with the advent of blaster technology, the plans to build the dual heavy MAC turrets will be scrapped in favor of heavy turbolaser batteries.  Finally a Force adept academy is built, to train sensitives how to control their powers, even use them for the betterment of society, whether militarily or otherwise.

Research Projects:
Deflector shields and blaster technology are to be reverse engineered, so the Plutocracy doesn't have to rely solely upon the Empire for either.  The research into hyperdrive miniaturization continues.  Research into improving vehicle and ship armor is started.

Current Armed Forces:
Naval Forces

1 Vor'goth-class Battleship

3 Arn'tesh-class Cruisers

5 Bin'rey-class Cruisers

5 Ko'gash-class Frigates

10 Vel'tesh-class Destroyers

20 Ik'zar-class Patrol Craft

250 Tu'ulsh Starfighters

Ground Forces

5,000 Royal Guard Soldiers

1,500 Militia

100 Rekk-class Light Tanks

50 Mel'kor-class Combat Walkers

30 Yirn-class APCs

25 Xith-class Heavy tanks

20 Tel'keth-class Dropships

15 Ez'ra-class Mobile Artillery Batteries

10 Yrna-class MAC Tanks

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4 Re: Warlords II: Turn Three - Royal Flush on Wed May 24, 2017 10:03 pm

1200 Credits again will be invested into the expansion of the shipyards this turn.

A military recruitment is started once more due to the nerve gas agent and 100 credits invested into this PR. A snippet from it reads as followed: Our world is in danger, we cannot rely on others to keep ourselves safe. The cartel must be beaten off by the citizens of spire! Enlist today for good payment and a chance to keep your arcology safe.

400 more Credits are invested in the Elite counter-terrorism unit. The Diktat politely wishes for an update on their progress and how long until units will be able to be deployed onto missions.

The Nerve gas incident is reported on and used to turn people against the cartel. No where on the world is this produced, and it could have only been smuggled in by them. Additionally, all cargo will be suddenly checked and illegal agents, such as nerve gas, will be seized and destroyed immediately in a safe environment. Any time illegal nerve agents are found, the press is well alerted of it to keep gathering support against the cartels from the local populace.

The sector is alerted to the fact the Cartel sells and is willing to probably use the nerve agent in acts of terrorism.

A sample is sent to District 11 to see if a its possible to make an agent to neutralize the nerve agent

A holomemorial will be erected for those who died in the Arcology nerve gassing and a moment of silence will be held across the districts.

The Diktat personally investigates why they suddenly didn't have to pay any taxes this rotation.

1000 Credits are invested into expanding the alusteel mine and searching for more Alusteel in system, as well as other valuable minerals. If its possible, several nearby star systems will be checked out as well.

Armed Forces:
Space Forces:
Z-95 Head Hunters: 200
4 CR90 Corvettes
3 Nebulon-B Frigate
1 Dreadnought-Class Heavy Cruiser

Ground Forces:
1200 Militiamen Units
30 Landspeeders with Heavy Blasters or Blaster Cannons mounted on them

E-11 Blasters
Long Range Comms
Rocket Launchers
T-21 Heavy Blaster Rifle


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5 Re: Warlords II: Turn Three - Royal Flush on Thu May 25, 2017 1:30 am

Military Actions:
Efforts will be made to locate Dagger One through orbital thermal and ground-penetrating scans. The moff's reinforcements will be utilized to intercept native raids wherever possible and blunt the attacks. Observations and notes will be made on the native's actions, seeking to learn what can be learned.

At the same time, 1000 credits will be spent in order to acquire the services of a local information broker to see what the shadow market knows of the situation on U9KC.

30 spare marines will be mobilized to reinforce the 20 already on U9KC should the situation grow worse.

INS Prey Runner will also be sent to U9KC to render additional orbital suppourt and scanning.

No additional troops will be recruited at this time.

Political Actions:
Missives will be returned to Admiral Tarsus indicating a joint venture is something he will be greatly interested in, once the situation on U9KC is resolved. General Ollrachan will ask Admiral Tarsus if he is able to render any aid in that regard.

At the same time, Ollrachan's military intelligence division will coordinate with Admiral Tarsus' intel division to begin the search for Wrathful Sword's sister ships.

Civilian Actions and Construction:
The hospital is dedicated to the workers who built it, and the other projects are praised for how well the work is going. Land will be zoned for additional farms.

The shipyard is ordered to clear a berth for Victory class,
but hold the order until the credits are in line to begin construction.

Current Stats:

Credits: 2158


1 Venator class Star Destroyer INS Wrathful Sword
1 Acclamator (converted to supply ship) INS Cristophsis
2 Corillean Corvettes, INS Prey Runner, CC-4482
2 Lancer class anti-fighter frigates INS Firestorm, INS Seeker
60 V-19 Torrents
20 TIE Bombers
10 ARC-170 heavy fighters


479th Infantry Brigade, 1st Unit:
20 LAAT/I Gunships
One Battalion of 670 Stormtrooper Marines/Imperial Militia
(One unit consists of 100 Militia and 20 Marines, with one 70 Marine company in reserve)
1 Imperial ARC Shock Trooper, Dagger One (Currently MIA)
400 Militia
50 Militia officers
5 AAC-1 Speeder Tanks
2 AT-TEs
10 AT-RTs
1 Artillery battery
10 AT-STs

Equipment: E-Web and Z6 repeating blasters, mortars, anti-armor launchers, long range comm gear, anti-vehicle mines, fortification/construction equipment

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