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Warlords II: Turn Four - Departure of a Hero

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1 Warlords II: Turn Four - Departure of a Hero on Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:56 pm

The Grand Moff announces he is off to the Endor System to assist in a project. With him goes most of his star destroyers and roughly a third of the fleet. As a parting gift, he has witheld all tax collections for this season. At the beginning of next year, the advisors will take command and begin their economic reforms within the system.

The pirate on Triez has fortified his holdings, now growing a small fleet of other pirates and vagabonds who are flocking to his cause.

The Academy comes under construction, the imperial officer quickly transferring after ordering it be built. Even though he left quickly he did keep his word. The instructors being shipped in are from across the Empire but each highly recommend by their colleagues.

You gain access to the TIE-wing fighter blueprints. However as you scanned the man's ship while it left for it's destination, you picked up dangerous levels of nerve gas in it's hold.

The scouting of Triez has yielded mixed results. All of your agents have vanished, but not before reporting on an army of several thousand battledroids from the Early Clone wars. You have also received reports of AAT tank production and droid factories on the world.

The people with their new mayors, weekly holo-screenings, homes, and safety regulations have led to a population boom and cultural boom. Your people are working harder than ever, making art, writings, and have record amounts of patriotism.

10 Units of Army or militia may be recruited this turn.

Credits: 2,800 Base
+1,000 Left-over
no taxes
3,000 total from this turn

Your economy has had a bit of an unexpected turn. While the industries you invested in certainly thrived, bureaucracy has become an unexpected boon. Your banking and financial districts now thrive, even going as far as to attract colonial and Imperial investors for your banks. Your people, now effective pencil pushers, have almost overnight started handling roughly a third of the credits that flow through the system. The Grand Moff himself has even deposited several tens of thousands of credits within your bank for safety while he is away on business.

Your academy is completed and the retrofits are on under way. The Imperial assessors for your force have determined that your force's training is somewhere between Storm Troopers and Army Troopers. Giving way for a new category: Shock troopers

Credits: 3,500 Base
3,500 total from this turn

No more Alusteel is found. Expeditions have been sent out to other worlds.

As for why you weren't taxed, Corellia has slapped tax evasion on you. You have been declared a Penal Colony and have had five million minimal security prisoners and three million High security prisoners shipped to your world. You infrastructure, not being ready for this sudden intake, has led to slums and high crime areas forming throughout your world's arcologies.
However as your scientists are working on the counter agents for the nerve gas, a freighter came in-atmo onto your world. It crashed into your southern hemisphere's most populated region. It was filled with nerve gas. So far the death toll is in the hundreds of thousands and it seems to be lingering like a nuclear fallout. Everything in the region is dead.

+2,800 base
+100 left over
no taxes
2,900 total from this turn

You learn from the information broker that a ten-man squad of Rebel Infiltrators are on world. Your agents also do not have any word on the missing ship. It is a big galaxy and will take some time. They do report a trail they have begun following.

The berth is cleared for the victory class.

At some point during the 'war' on the world, you loose comms with a regiment of army troopers on the eastern front. After investigation, every soldier is found dead; Hit by a nerve agent. Not a shot was fired. Forensics say luckily these came from off-world, not the natives. They found canisters of an unidentified nerve agent shipped and rigged to go off with a supply shuttle from off world. Roughly a thousand men are dead and the Commander is threatening to pull all forces off world.

Credits: 2,000 base
+2,158 left-over
+500 from not recruiting
no taxes
4,658 total from this turn

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Scouts are sent further into the unknown regions to discern whether there are any weak systems that could be absorbed into the Empire.

Pondering over the designs of the newly acquired ship 250 Credits are spent attracting off system manufacturing companies to improve the current design and iteration.

5 Speeder Bikes will start construction.

5 Units of Army Troopers and 3 Units of Militia will be trained.


Given the current love of Admiral Tarsus taxes are increased for the bottom 50% of income by 10% while 50-70% shall be increased by 20% and 70-100% by 30%. Laws for tax evasion are turned more severe.

A statue of Tarsus is erected on Lumeria to rival that of the old Sith Lords statues on Dromund Kaas, 500 credits are invested so the materials can be acquired. The statue shall depict Tarsus over a holographic image of a space battle with Lumeria as the backdrop.

Further the educational programs of children and the propaganda films of the Sector are converted to teach more about Admiral Tarsus than the Emperor or the Empire.

VERY discreet words are sent through back channels indicating that Tarsus is seeking a force user who would be willing to serve as his bodyguard. Jedi are of course naturally excluded.


A civilian hospital and a military are to be built on both Lumeria and Ricus. 200 Credits are put into all 4.

400 Credits are invested into the construction of a Level 3 Shipyard.

Current stats:
1 Venator-class Star Destroyer - (The Star of Coruscant)

Credits: 1000


1 Lambda-class T-4a shuttle (Personal Transport)
10 TIE Reaper's
30 TIE/IN interceptor
60 TIE/sa bomber
100 TIE/LN starfighter
110 ARC-170 starfighter
1 Goliath

2 Arquitens-class light cruisers
3 Razor-class frigates


1500 Militia forces (1500 use)
2000 Army Troopers (2000 in use)
50 AT-ST's (40 in use)
45 Speeder Bikes (40 in use)
50 Stormtroopers (In reserve)
10 HAVw A6 Juggernauts (8 in use)
10 2-M Saber-class repulsor tank (8 in use)
3 All Terrain Tactical Enforcers (In reserve)
2 All Terrain Armoured Transport (In reserve on Lumeria)

Current Structures: Two light Factories, One Level Two Shipyard (400/12,000 invested into Level 3), Military Headquarters on Lumeria


1st Garrison Battalion "The Guardians of Lumeria" 500 Militia. Stationed on Lumeria

2nd Garrison Battalion "The Defenders of Ricus" 500 Militia. Stationed on Ricus

3rd Garrison Battalion "The Wardens" 500 Milita. Stationed on Lumeria

1st Infantry Battalion "Sword of Tarsus" 500 Army Troopers, 10 AT-ST's, 10 Speeder Bikes, 2 HAVw A6 Juggernauts and 2 2-M Saber-class repulsor tanks.

2nd Infantry Battalion "The Empires Hammer" 500 Army Troopers, 10 AT-ST's, 10 Speeder Bikes, 2 HAVw A6 Juggernauts and 2 2-M Saber-class repulsor tanks

3rd Infantry Battalion "Eclipse" 500 Army Troopers, 10 AT-ST's, 10 Speeder Bikes, 2 HAVw A6 Juggernauts and 2 2-M Saber-class repulsor tanks.

4th Infantry Battalion "Red Moon" 500 Army Troopers, 10 AT-ST's, 10 Speeder Bikes, 2 HAVw A6 Juggernauts and 2 2-M Saber-class repulsor tanks.

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A system to regulate the new bureaucracy is to be established.  It will be called the Internal Financial Security Bureau and it will handle investigations into fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and other illegal activities so as to prevent the spread of corruption within the government and civilian sectors, with 250 credits invested into the effort.  Another 250 credits are invested into the retrofitting process, in order to help speed it along.  Finally, freighters will be dispatched under the pretense of establishing trade routes and opening relations with the other systems of the sector.  In reality, while they will endeavor to do these things, they are to report on the stability of the sector as a whole and any threats to the Plutocracy that may exist, be they military or political in nature.

A total of 500 credits are invested into the heavy turbolaser defense project, with 200 more being invested into the Force Sensitive Academy and another 300 invested into construction of a Naval Academy.

Work on reverse engineering blaster and deflector technology, hyperdrive miniaturization and armor improvements for ships and vehicles will all continue.

Current Armed Forces:
Naval Forces

1 Vor'goth-class Battleship

3 Arn'tesh-class Cruisers

5 Bin'rey-class Cruisers

5 Ko'gash-class Frigates

10 Vel'tesh-class Destroyers

20 Ik'zar-class Patrol Craft

250 Tu'ulsh Starfighters

Ground Forces

5,000 Royal Guard Soldiers

1,500 Militia

100 Rekk-class Light Tanks

50 Mel'kor-class Combat Walkers

30 Yirn-class APCs

25 Xith-class Heavy tanks

20 Tel'keth-class Dropships

15 Ez'ra-class Mobile Artillery Batteries

10 Yrna-class MAC Tanks

End of Turn Credits:
3500 - 1500 = 2000 Credits

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The Shipyards are given 2000 Credits this turn to continue their expansions to Level 2, and will continue to invest until they are both level 3.
10 Militia men units will be trained this turn.
300 Credits are used to begin clean up of this great disaster and another holo memorial made for the victims. It is clear now that the Cartel must be roped in. The Diktat promises action and all cargo coming in and out must be checked. The Diktat begins a secret program to spy and find corruption and those acrology leaders who are supports the cartel. The secret counter-terrorism task force will be soon asked to deploy.

200 credits are given to investigate the nerve gas and where this ship came from, as well as running the correct tests to get an antidote to it for next time.

Regarding the whole tax evasion, the Diktat just grits his teeth for now and waits. He has some people though on corellia, watching for any news that could
Additional arcologies begin construction and some are expanded over time to house the increase in population. For now, quick homes are built for the newcomers, unless they're high security. High security prisoners will be sent over to the Alusteel mines to work and will be heavily guarded, with it designed that individual sectors of the mine and housing units can get
Armed Forces:
Space Forces:
Z-95 Head Hunters: 200
4 CR90 Corvettes
3 Nebulon-B Frigate
1 Dreadnought-Class Heavy Cruiser

Ground Forces:
1200 Militiamen Units+1000
30 Landspeeders with Heavy Blasters or Blaster Cannons mounted on them

E-11 Blasters
Long Range Comms
Rocket Launchers
T-21 Heavy Blaster Rifle

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General Ollrachan goes to U9KC to ensure that the Imperial forces on world will not abandon his marines-- and comes away with those troops under his tentative command after promising pay and operational freedom. Then, he returns to orbit.

Wrathful Sword will remain in planetary high orbit to provide intel and fire suppourt if need be. The crew of the Star Destroyer is placed on the highest alert possible, and both internal patrols and CAPs are run around the clock to prevent boarding as both corvettes fly escort.

5 units of Army will be recruited.

The general's agents are given leave to pursue any leads they have on the missing Destroyers, while half the agents remaining in-system are placed on the task of locating native and rebel holdfasts on U9KC and getting that info to Captain Faize posthaste. The other half are transferred to the command of Admiral Tarsus to aid in the reconnoiter on Triez if need be.

Admiral Tarsus will be gently reminded and advised by the General to remain humble if he can, and to not let his authority go to his head. That leads to incompetence, and cruelty.

With the berth cleared, construction of the Victory class is greenlighted. The building of the INS Araklou will be revealed to the system's populace, a symbol of what they together can achieve. Construction of a small planetary defense battery will begin on Araklou IV.

Imperial Forces:
(Will be added soon)

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