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Chelsey Wright: hiring a lawyer

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1 Chelsey Wright: hiring a lawyer on Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:54 pm

I'd like to direct everyone's attention to something serious in this thread.

Here are the broad strokes: A resident of Sunderland, UK has been brutally abused. There are witnesses of her escape. There is damning evidence. But law enforcement has failed to take statements or secure key evidence. No one is facing charges. Tommy Robinson and The Rebel Media in the UK, and the people in her community, have been bravely campaigning for justice.

A "top" lawyer, as they say, has shown interest and is offering to pursue the case at a reduced cost, but that cost is still high. I saw the video about it yesterday and got an email asking for my support earlier this morning.

They can explain it better than I can here:

I've seen some of you give quite generously for the hobbies we share in common. This right here demands our attention and support as an international community. I would urge you to show the same ardor for justice as you do for our hobbies, but I only ask you to give if you are able, and straight from the heart - no more, and no less.

You can donate whatever amount you would like via this link, and you don't have to sign up for anything:

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