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Possible Plot of Metroid Prime 4

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1 Possible Plot of Metroid Prime 4 on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:24 pm

I am BI0ZILLA, you may (but probably not) remember me from the Final Fantasy Marathon chatroom held by the Lorerunner some years ago.

Yeah, it took me a while to climb aboard this forum.

Anyway, what do you think Metroid Prime 4 will be about?

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2 Re: Possible Plot of Metroid Prime 4 on Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:26 pm

I hope it take place after Fusion. It's about time the story continued. I'd make the Federation the bad guys for a while. Perhaps they've put a bounty on Samus following her destruction of their secret research lab and the game begins with you fighting off bounty hunters. Also, I know Sakamoto officially stated that Samus's DNA was magically returned to normal at the end of Fusion, but I think it would be far more interesting if she continued integrating with the baby metroid over time, both thematically and from a gameplay perspective. It would be a perfect excuse to introduce new mechanics, or at least a convenient replacement for the old "find Chozo technology hidden on every planet ever" thing they usually lean on.

I wonder how a Metroid in the style of No Man's Sky would turn out. Obviously the important planets would have to be designed as proper Metroid Prime levels rather than procedurally generated (and there'd be a plot), but otherwise it could be pretty similar. Fight space battles, invade Federation or Pirate bases, explore ancient ruins, barter with strange aliens on seedy space stations, scan lots of things and sell the data to whoever you want, and, of course, gain access to new planets and new areas on planets you've already visited by finding upgrades for your ship and suit. It could work!

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3 Re: Possible Plot of Metroid Prime 4 on Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:10 pm

I have no idea.

If it were up to me, I'd follow up on Fusion as well. Finding the big secret guy in the federation military brass responsible for this we see an ominous outline of, removing him, erasing all information on Samus from the centralised databases, fabricating a new identity and laying low would be the general outline of what I feel the next Metroid game should cover.

Ideally, it'd be something closer to Deus Ex in tone and attention to the setting, only with Metroid's focus on movement and area traversal.


The starting section would be about being picked up by the forces dispatched in response to the emergency on the station Fusion went down on. After a short introduction - incorporating basic movement tasks to get used to controls, as is usual - the worst assumption would be realised; the troops meeting Samus and her newfound AI buddy are ordered to take them in, alive or dead.

At this point in time, having everything at the end of Fusion, if adapted to the new game's rules, and even more since the old suit should be available for reintegration now, this part would underscore the utter engine of destruction Samus is supposed to be while aboard a ship. Ideally, it would also include some less than obvious features like a significant portion of the troopers being too bewildered or terrified to attack the Samus Aran if the player doesn't shoot them first. Regardless of anything and everything else, I feel said Metroid game should address zone transitions and mob spawns; shinesparking up / down / forward a turbolift shaft without lengthy loadtimes to break up the pace should be a must, in my opinion. The whole ship should be completable in 5 minutes flat or so, if the player knows what they are doing.


The meat of the game would continue groundside or maybe on some giant spaceborne settlement, depending on how regular folks in federation live in, near the locale Samus would be able to proceed with the stated objectives.

That would be where the usual 'no powers at the start' would come in; seeing as how we are being smuggled in with the use of our contacts or something of the sort, super duper alien particle accelarators and all the other volatile physics breaking gear will get smuggled in separately from Samus herself, spread around the vicinity (i.e. the game world). Some would be the old stuff, maybe with an addition of a few new positions found on site either in federation's weapon development and testing facilities / military arsenals, black market equivalent, finding a chozo statue in some art collection in a private residence or a museum (probably the only one in the game, to give it a continuity nod but still move away from the concept in general), etc.

Ideally, choosing to forgo picking them up would allow not just for customizeable challenge runs but also lower the enemy resistance level and response time overall since you would not be using weaponry that would instantly identify the perpetrator as Samus herself. Needless to say, the requirements for level design would be through the roof to allow for as freeform routing as possible with at least two levels of enemy response (balls to the wall, with having to dodge or withstand artillery barrages and airstrikes and somewhat restricted measures, without resorting to blowing up the building you were detected in as plan A) accounted for.

Items and abilities, new and old, would need to get looked at. What suit upgrades do and how to reduce their 'mandatoriness' while still making it rewarding to go out of your way to find and get them, for example. Should it be possible to subsist on federation tech only during a playthrough, forgoing the good ol' Varia entirely?

Would it be possible to make the upgrades more modular; like not requiring morph ball before getting bombs (normal or super duper ones)? If you were to find a power bomb extension, you'd get those x bombs to use but not the module that can transform loose energy from fresh enemy kills and environment sources into replacement charges? Should using powerbombs without a suit designed to withstand their blasts run the risk of serious damage or outright death if the player does not vacate the inner radius?

Adapting that kind of design would run the risk of making the map a collection of cookie cutter blocks with one entry point per tool, but I still feel something worthwhile could theoreticall come out of it.


It should go without saying, but the "space pirates" should not be a factor at that point in the timeline as either a faction, a design 'school' or even species. Barring maybe a lone cameo appearance. They should cease to be able to affect the setting, period.

Same goes for metroids or the super duper parasite. Samus should probably carry on thematic and gameplay traits of them to some measure or another after Fusion, but they should not exist simply on the basis of 'it's a Metroid game, there should be metroids in it'. Federation's approach to biotech, wetware AI in particular, could cover any and all needs for xenomorph style gribblies in gameplay and atmosphere, IMHO.

Adam... should probably be there, in the form of a mind fork AI or something of the sort, placed in chassis with mecha tentacles or somesuch, helping with outlining the objectives and fluff of the setting.

I did not particularly care for the interaction they've had with Samus during Fusion, so I'd probably retcon that stuff, if it were up to me. But he'd definitely participate as a character who is certainly in the same boat as she is and probably one of the few individuals to be trusted simply by the virtue of there being no upsides for him to betray the player.

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