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Nest of the Koth

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26 Re: Nest of the Koth on Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:12 am

Battle Orders:

Southern Cavalry Flank: CHARGE
Kreath Archers ATTACK 12 vs. 21 SUCCESS

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27 Re: Nest of the Koth on Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:11 am

Kreathea[09] attacks Koth[31]. Test Result=16(*1). Damage Done=5(-5).
Kreathea[10] attacks Koth[32]. Test Result=11(miss).
Kreathea[11] attacks Koth[40]. Test Result=22(*2). Damage Done=14(-5). Koth[40] has 39 Health left.
Kreathea[12] attacks Koth[43]. Test Result=28(*3). Damage Done=30(-5). Koth[43] has 23 Health left.
Khugomid[4c] attacks Koth[31]. Test Result=19(*3). Damage Done=48(-5). Koth[31] has 5 Health left.
Khugomid[5c] attacks Koth[40]. Test Result=18(*3). Damage Done=48(-5). Koth[20] is destroyed.
Khugomid[6c] attacks Koth[32]. Test Result=24(*5). Damage Done=80(-5). Koth[32] is destroyed.
Khugomid[7c] attacks Koth[43]. Test Result=19(*3). Damage Done=48(-5). Koth[43] is destroyed.

Turn 3:

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28 Re: Nest of the Koth on Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:47 pm

Siege Phase:

Kreath Trebuchets: ATTACK YOUNG KOTH 12 vs. 22 SUCCESS
Khugomid Cannons: ATTACK ADULT KOTH 12 vs. 23 SUCCESS

Battle Orders:

All Archers: ATTACK 12 vs. 22 SUCCESS
Kreath Infantry: SURROUND Koth 31 12 vs. 16 SUCCESS
Khugomid Infantry: FIGHT 12 vs. 21 SUCCESS
Southern Cavalry Flank: CHARGE Koth 33, 42, 43, 41, 38, 39 FROM BEHIND
Northern Cavalry Flanks: ADVANCE

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29 Re: Nest of the Koth on Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:43 pm

Kreathea[13] attacks Koth[01]. Test Result=16(*4). Damage Done=28(-5). Koth[01] is destroyed.
Khugomid[3b] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=12(*1). Damage Done=7(-5). Koth[33] has 46 Health left.
Khugomid[2b] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=14(*1). Damage Done=7(-5). Koth[33] has 44 Health left.
Khugomid[3b] attacks Koth[42]. Test Result=12(*1). Damage Done=7(-5). Koth[42] has 46 Health left.

Khugomid[4c] attacks Koth[39]. Test Result=28(*6). Damage Done=96(-5). Koth[39] is destroyed.
Khugomid[5c] attacks Koth[38]. Test Result=22(*4). Damage Done=64(-5). Koth[38] is destroyed.
Khugomid[6c] attacks Koth[41]. Test Result=20(*3). Damage Done=48(-5). Koth[41] has 5 Health left.
Khugomid[7c] attacks Koth[34]. Test Result=27(*6). Damage Done=96(-5). Koth[34] is destroyed.
Khugomid[7a] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=11(miss).
Khugomid[8a] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=18(*2). Damage Done=14(-5). Koth[33] has 35 Health left.
Khugomid[9a] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=21(*2). Damage Done=14(-5). Koth[33] has 26 Health left.
Kreathea[09] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=12(*1). Damage Done=5(-5).
Kreathea[10] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=15(*1). Damage Done=5(-5).
Kreathea[11] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=26(*3). Damage Done=21(-5). Koth[33] has 10 Health left.
Kreathea[12] attacks Koth[42]. Test Result=30(*4). Damage Done=40(-5). Koth[42] has 11 Health left.
Khugomid[1a] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=18(*2). Damage Done=12(-5). Koth[33] has 3 Health left.
Khugomid[2a] attacks Koth[42]. Test Result=11(miss).
Khugomid[4a] attacks Koth[41]. Test Result=16(*1). Damage Done=6(-5). Koth[41] has 4 Health left.
Kreathea[02] attacks Koth[31]. Test Result=8(miss).
Kreathea[03] attacks Koth[31]. Test Result=5(miss).
Kreathea[04] attacks Koth[31]. Test Result=9(miss).

Koth[33] attacks Khugomid[1a]. Test Result=11(*1). Damage Done=5(-10).
Koth[42] attacks Khugomid[2a]. Test Result=7(*1). Damage Done=5(-10).
Koth[34] attacks Khugomid[3a]. Test Result=15(*2). Damage Done=10(-10).
Koth[41] attacks Khugomid[4a]. Test Result=17(*2). Damage Done=10(-10).
Koth[38] attacks Khugomid[5a]. Test Result=16(*2). Damage Done=10(-10).
Koth[39] attacks Khugomid[6a]. Test Result=18(*3). Damage Done=15(-10). Khugomid[6a] has 12 Health left.
Koth[31] attacks Kreathea[02]. Test Result=19(*3). Damage Done=18(-3). Kreathea[02] is disorganized.

Second Order Phase:

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30 Re: Nest of the Koth on Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:01 am

Battle Orders:

Kreatha 02, 03, 04 FIGHT 12 vs. 17 SUCCESS
Circle of Honor CHARGE Koth 33
Far-Eye Legion ATTACK Koth 33 3 vs. 12 SUCCESS
Khugomid 7C FIGHT Koth 42
Khugomid 5C/6C FIGHT Koth 41

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31 Re: Nest of the Koth on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:18 am

Kreathea[02] attacks Koth[31]. Test Result=7(miss).
Kreathea[03] attacks Koth[31]. Test Result=9(miss).
Kreathea[04] attacks Koth[31]. Test Result=15(*1). Damage Done=5(-5).
Kreathea[07] attacks Koth[33]. Test Result=28(*3). Damage Done=27(-5). Koth[33] is destroyed.
Khugomid[7c] attacks Koth[42]. Test Result=36(*5). Damage Done=70(-5). Koth[42] is destroyed.
Khugomid[6c] attacks Koth[41]. Test Result=25(*3). Damage Done=48(-5). Koth[41] is destroyed.
Kreathea[01-02] Reorganize.

Koth[31] attacks Kreathea[02]. Test Result=17(*3). Damage Done=15(-3). Kreathea[02] is disorganized.
Koth[33] attacks Khugomid[1a]. Test Result=14(*2). Damage Done=10(-10).
Koth[42] attacks Khugomid[2a]. Test Result=13(*2). Damage Done=10(-10).
Koth[41] attacks Khugomid[4a]. Test Result=13(*2). Damage Done=10(-10).

Turn 4:

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32 Re: Nest of the Koth on Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:36 pm

Siege Phase:

Kreath Trebuchet ATTACK Young Koth 12 vs. 19 SUCCESS
Khugomid Cannons ATTACK Young Koth 12 vs. 23 SUCCESS

Battle Orders:

Kreath Archers ATTACK Koth 31 12 vs. 15 SUCCESS
Khugomid Archers ADVANCE 12 vs. 21 SUCCESS
Cavalry Flanks ADVANCE
All Infantry ADVANCE 12 vs. 25 SUCCESS

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33 Re: Nest of the Koth on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:22 pm

Kreathea[13] attacks Koth[10]. Test Result=18(*5). Damage Done=35(-5). Koth[10] is destroyed.

Kreathea[12] attacks Koth[31]. Test Result=15(*1). Damage Done=10(-5). Koth[31] is destroyed.
Khugomid[8c] attacks Koth[09,07,02]. Test Result=23(*6), 23(*6). Damage Done=114(-5), 84(-5). Koth[09,07,02] is destroyed.
Khugomid[1d] attacks Koth[08,06]. Test Result=23(*6), 22(*6). Damage Done=114(-5), 84(-5). Koth[08,06] is destroyed.
Khugomid[2c] attacks Koth[29]. Test Result=17(*2). Damage Done=32(-5). Koth[29] has 21 Health left.
Khugomid[3c] attacks Koth[28]. Test Result=26(*5). Damage Done=80(-5). Koth[28] is destroyed.

Koth[09] attacks Khugomid[8c]. Test Result=4(miss).
Koth[07] attacks Khugomid[8c]. Test Result=7(miss).
Koth[02] attacks Khugomid[8c]. Test Result=7(miss).
Koth[08] attacks Khugomid[1d]. Test Result=4(miss).
Koth[06] attacks Khugomid[1d]. Test Result=4(miss).
Koth[29] attacks Khugomid[2c]. Test Result=12(*1). Damage Done=7(-18).
Koth[28] attacks Khugomid[3c]. Test Result=12(*1). Damage Done=7(-18).

Koth[11-20,22,25] escapes.
Kreathea[02] Reorganize.

Second Order Phase:

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34 Re: Nest of the Koth on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:33 pm

Battle Orders:


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35 Re: Nest of the Koth on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:59 pm

Khugomid[7c] attacks Koth[03,04,05]. Test Result=26(*7), 26(*7). Damage Done=133(-5), 98(-5). Koth[03,04,05] is destroyed.
Khugomid[1c] attacks Koth[29]. Test Result=31(*7). Damage Done=112(-5). Koth[29] is destroyed.

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36 Re: Nest of the Koth on Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:21 am

Kreathea earns 5 Glory.

Kreathea- 368 dead, 382 wounded
Khugomid- 46 dead, 24 wounded

[01]Infantry, Green +1T
[02]Infantry, Green I
[03]Infantry, Green I
[04]Infantry, Trained +1T
[05]The Guard, Elite I
[06]Crusaders, Green +1T
[07]Circle of Honor, Elite I
[08]Scouts, Trained I
[09-10]Archers, Green I
[11]Archers, Trained +2T
[12]Far-Eye Legion, Elite I
[13]Engineers, Green I
[14]Support, Green I
[C]Segarus, Elite I

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