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Turn 9-1068

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1 Turn 9-1068 on Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:55 pm

The forces of Korn decide to lift the siege on two castles while they send diplomats to the capitol.

The expeditionary army begins the siege on Heard Hall, taking the inhabitants by surprise with their own army away for now. Wargs hunts have already proven successful and very fruitful with a great many of the proud beasts being captured snooping through the remains of destroyed villages. Most of the devastated land bear the banner of the Kingdom of Geirland, but competition from the north and east took advantage of the absence of opposition and expanded as well. Survey teams find some villages and farmsteads that are still intact and a large number of mines being operated by undead.

Rune Trigger/Magical Matrices research stalls as the team restructures amidst the recent tragedies and attempts to solve what went wrong. Mass Production research gains a bit of progress. Loregar comes up with the idea for small paper bags to hold powder charges in to solve the issue. A few tauber are sent abroad to find if anyone else has come up with a way around using the user’s life force for spellcraft. Attempts to make larger steam engines has stalled due to the limitations of how big the forges can make the components for the project.

A wave of births happen this month. Lady Xanthia has 10 daughters, Lady Hreidunn has 7 daughters, Arn Osgar has 6 daughters, and Arn Adalwulf has 3 daughters.

4 turns for Trained Commander(x3) training to be complete. 2 turns for Green Commander(x2) training to be complete. 1 turn for Large Steel Mill construction to be complete. 1 turn for the Brewery to be complete. 1 turn for Trained Warships(x5) training to be complete. 1 turn for Green Infantry(x5)/Archers(x3)/Smart Golems(x2) training to be complete.
[2 turns for Green Engineers/Infantry(x2) training to be complete. Serpent Road Lift construction is now complete.]

Rival Houses in the peaks have been quiet this year for the most part. Scouting done by House Isabjorg reveal that the southern antagonizers are actively recruiting men and hiring mercenaries to bolster their numbers. The northern antagonizers look west to the sudden emergence of the Kingdom of Geirland.

A monumental ceremony is held for Keros' and Hidegard's coronation. They are crowned by a fire priestess of Tasha, calling for the goddess to once again protect Nestav and watch over the royal family.

All three research projects see some progress.

Construction on a field fort near completion despite the daily skirmishes with koth.

The balloon project makes some progress. They can maintain flight of some hours under ideal wind conditions.

1 turn for Trained Engineers(?) training to be complete.

Amidst the devastation wrought by Ata Raxia your people were able to settle in this new land. Your neighbors look to you with hatred and fear, but are unable to strike against you because of the recent losses their forces took. Most Ata Raxian forces in the north have fixed their attentions on Storm Valley.

Construction on a field fort near completion despite the daily skirmishes with koth.

Back home on the isles Laventino is requesting your assistance in transporting an 100,000 strong army over to Ponthos.

[House Glearre gains 8 Population(split between the banner Houses). Houses Cleomund and Adalfarus gain 2 Law.]

Onyx Aurelius:
The head of the Church of Set flees into your land from the oncoming koth. He asks for safe haven.

2 turns for the Dock Yard to be complete.

Scouts report that after the devastation of one of their nests the koth on the move to another likely location.

2 turns for Trained Commander(x3) training to be complete. 1 turn for Trained Cavalry training to be complete. Trained Infantry training is now complete.

Construction on a field fort near completion despite the daily skirmishes with koth.

Warding research makes some progress.

10 turns for the Mage’s College upgrade to be complete. 1 turn for Trained Tauber training to be complete.

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2 Re: Turn 9-1068 on Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:25 am

With the Troops away, the Garrison commander will encourage people to pray to Aq'uila for guidance on stopping the Koth Menace. With the knowledge of metals gained over the past year, stainless steel will begin being produced. The first batch of product is to be nine engraved and encrusted swords. The engravings will be of a unified force killing Koth, with trimmings of a great serpent around the handle. He also calls for anymore volunteers for the town watch.

Assist with forming the Undead army.

Hunt for Wyvrns or other flying beasts.

Pouring blood on the snake blood crystal using as many undead thrawns as it takes.

Research to being: Rifling for the cartridge-based wheelocks, A way to use steam to turn the mill wheels so that factories can be on land instead of just on rivers. A set of stamps that can be applied to surfaces with ink on them to mark them (think early Chinese letter-writers) How snake blood mutates living creatures found in Ponthos

Rolls and Holdings:
Fortune Roll
Def +20
Influence +3
Lands +6 (+6 from Roll)
Law +27
Pop +49
Power +6
Wealth +2
Glory: 13

Mines x2
Superior Castle
Tower x2
Small City
Large University
Port x3

Military Forces:
{6}Infantry, Green (DM+9) Defence=6{Armor=3}, Morale=9{Endurance=3}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=4

{5}Infantry, Green (DM+9) Defence=7{Armor=3}, Morale=9{Endurance=3}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5

{4}Garrison, Trained (DM+3/+9) Defence=6{Armor=3}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=5, Awareness=3, Base Damage=3

Scouts, Green (DM+12) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Marksmanship=2, Stealth=6, Base Damage=2//2(Close Range)

{2}Raiders, Green (DM+12) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=3, Base Damage=3
Personal Guard, Elite (DM-6) Defence=6{Armor=6}, Morale=21{Endurance=7}, Fighting=11, Base Damage=5

{3}Royal Guard, Trained (DM+0) Defence=5{Armor=6}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=7, Base Damage=4

(1)Archers, Green (DM+12) Defence=7{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Marksmanship=4, Awareness=2, Base Damage=1//6

{6}Line Infantry, Green (DM+12) Defence=8{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Marksmanship=4, Base Damage=1//6

{1}Archers, Green (DM+12) Defence=8{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Marksmanship=4, Base Damage=1//6

{2}Engineers, Green (DM+12) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=9{Endurance=3}, Fighting=2, Warfare=5, Base Damage=1

Engineers, Trained (DM+9) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=9{Endurance=3}, Fighting=4, Warfare=7, Base Damage=1

{2}Cavalry Archers, Green (DM+9) Defence=6{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Marksmanship=2, Animal Handling=3, Base Damage=2//3

{3}Proto-Dragoon, Trained (DM+3) Defence=6{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=6, Marksmanship=2, Base Damage=5//6

{5}Light Cavalry, Trained (DM+12) Defence=8{Armor=0}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=7, Marksmanship=2, Animal Handling=3, Base Damage=1//3

{5}Cavalry, Trained (DM+3) Defence=5{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=6, Animal Handling=4, Base Damage=5

Governor Aleksander, Green Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Warfare=4, Command=3, Base Damage=3

Zhukov, Trained Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=5, Warfare=3, Command=5, Base Damage=3

Farhowl, Trained Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=6, Warfare=7, Command=5, Base Damage=3

200 - Smart Golems (Discipline Modifier+3) Any three
Health: 40(50) Armor: 5(9) Base Damage: Athletics+3(Athletics+5)//Agility or Athletics+1, Close or Long Range(Agility or Athletics+2, Close or Long Range)

Gunpowder Cannon- 5 Batteries (Medium)
Health: 30
Range:500 yards
Movement: Stationary
Armor Rating: 7

Gunpowder Cannon - 1 Battery (Small)
Health: 15
Range: 200 yards
Movement: 10 yards
Armor Rating: 7
Damage: 5

Total fluff:
50 Small Cannons
250 Medium Cannons

100 Warships (Trained) (Discipline Modifier +6) (Athletics +1) (Armor 10) (Defence 7) (Morale 6[2]) (BD: 5) (Awareness 1, Fighting 2, Marksmanship 3)

2 Trade Ships


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3 Re: Turn 9-1068 on Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:59 am

Fortunes of the Kingdom:
7d6+3 29 BOON +6 POW +4 DEF

With the Silver Coast nest destroyed, the Lord-Commander will honor his Khugomid allies with an impromptu feast, and the next day he will move the bulk of his army to the castle to claim it and the lands around it. The scouts, Far-Eye Legion and the Guard are sent out to locate any remainders of the Koth, and annihilate them.

Word will be sent back to Aurelion lands-- the Kingdom has a new home, and it needs her people. The caravans will begin packing up to move, and the Blueberry Guild will make one last harvest before they go.

The castle will be named Al'tiner Castle, and Lord-Commander will take residence as soon as the keep can be repaired. In keeping with his oath, preparations will be made for Segarus' coronation--
which many of the Kreathean people has been far too long in coming.

Captain Arren of the Kreath legions will be detailed to speak to the Mercenary companies, and see who would be willing to join the Kingdom's armies.

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4 Re: Turn 9-1068 on Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:31 am


Outer Khanid:(HF+5)   Roll:20 Result:25(Growth)    Allocation: Law

Inner Khanid:(HF+10)  Roll:34 Result:44(Boon)      Allocation: Defense

Khanid Coast:(HF+16) Roll:30 Result:46(Boon)       Allocation: Law+Land+Power+Wealth

Stat Changes:

Outer Khanid:
Defense:4 Influence:10 Land:1 Law:28+3=31 Population:45 Power:3 Wealth:4

Inner Khanid:
Defense:10+1=11 Influence:6+2=8 Land:6 Law:31+2=33 Population:37+1=38 Power:3 Wealth:12

Khanid Coast:
Defense:14 Influence:20 Land:4+1=5 Law:43+2=45 Population:44 Power:8+2=10 Wealth:33+1(HF)+5(Port/Market)+5(Varvol)=44  Lloyds coffers:2+15(Varvol)=17 wealth


College: Metallurgy(Joint Project), Clockworks(Joint Project), Magic(Joint Project)
Joint Vehicle Project (Has been for the last two turns, technically)

Glider Facility: Flight(General), Blackpowder(General)
(See above note)
Work continues to reclaim various sections of the ruins, new areas are converted to housing and storage.
An update on the status of the Mana crystal spire is requested. Mages are slowly moved to the ruins site, making use of the usable housing.

The Dockyard project continues

The Head of the Church of Set is given Asylum in Khanid lands, at least for the short term, he is to be debriefed on his travels, and the situation at large.

A new addition to the region's college is ordered(-5 wealth, would upgrade facility from average to large)

On the edge of the Khanid territory, fortifications are ordered to be built.

Large amounts of non perishable food is ordered to be stored in the ruins site.

the Kreathean people are wished well on their journey, and their fortunes, the land they formerly occupied being put to use as farmland as they leave.
STG merchants make their runs for the year, under escort from Aurelion ships

The expedition forces are asked to make their first report on their progress after their launch 3 months ago.

Korne leaders are approached about the necessity of an agreement in case of an imminent Koth attack

Word reaches Nestav of the birth of a child from their heir, the child is a male, the name chosen by the parents was Carter.

Aurelion ships begin somewhat regular patrols of shipping routes, as well as STG ports.

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5 Re: Turn 9-1068 on Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:59 am

fortune roll:
Total:35 blessing rolled 1d3 got a 2. 2 to wealth

The gnolls are to consult the completed bestiary, and search the entirety of Ponthos in a hunt for the strongest most vicious beasts in the wild, and to be taken back, and domesticated by the beast masters.

The trained Tau are to be kept in Ponthos as a possible last resort.

house stats:
Def 14
Inf 27
lan 15
law 51
pop 48 (47 with current projects) (1 in college)
Pow 19
Wea 31

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6 Re: Turn 9-1068 on Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:32 pm

This request is granted and all effort is put into getting these soldiers to ponthos.

With the results of the first bomb, Two more begins to be slowly constructed (10 turns remaining, 5 per bomb)
with a cost of ?. With the failure of the delivery method previously used, the Isles approaches the sky people, laventino and the harichu for ideas on how to more safely deliver this weapon to its target. Research begins into the Ironclad Airships (Includes metallurgy, construction techniques, Mana engines for flight, mana cannons, and anything else that would be needed)

Increased relations are sought with the Harichu and trade power is attempted to be expanded

[spoiler="House Roll"]
3,3,2,4,6,1,6+19=44 BOON
House Cleomund:
4,3,5,2,1,6,2-1=22 Growth
House Adalfarus:
6,6,6,5,3,4,2-4=28 Growth

House Stats:
House Glearre:
Def: 5
Inf: 12
Land: 5+2=7
Law: 74
Pop: 47
Pow: 14+3=17
Wealth:9+3=12 (Market+Port: d6=4)
HOUSE FORTUNE: 19 (Mine +5)
House Cleomund:
House Adalfarus:

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7 Re: Turn 9-1068 on Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:06 pm

Turn Actions:
The lands claimed will be secured and the mines cleared out so they can be reopened. The wargs are corralled and the hunting efforts continue.

Research Projects:
Research into the rune trigger/matrices, mass production handguns continue, same for the magical energy problem, mythril and refrigeration tech. The engineers working on steam engines are told to make use of the Large Siege Workshop. It's what it's there for.

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8 Re: Turn 9-1068 on Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:08 pm

As part of King Keros's first action as king, he orders the new construction of mines where valuable resources have been recently found across the kingdom.

Research projects continue as planned.

Troop training continue as planned.

Research: Improved Metallurgy, Improved Martial Arts, Naval Projects

Fortune Rolls:
Varvol: 26+8 = 34 Growth; +3 Power
Agra: 31+5 = 36 Boon; +5 Law
Cyneburg: 27+6 = 33 Growth; +3 Law
Hidegard: 29+4 = 33 Growth; +2+1 Wealth
Hadran: 27+0 = 27 Blessing; +2 Law
Ekkebert: 21+4 = 25 Growth; +3+6 Wealth

House Stats:
Def 3
Inf 1
Lan 2
Law 35
Pop 35
Pow 46
Wea 12
Glory 4
House Fortune +8

(First Generation)
First-born son (Age:26)(Married to Arn Emily Hidegard), Second-born daughter (Age:24)(Married to House Aurelion)
(Second Generation)
First-born Daughter
Defense: Superior Castle (Skyreach Citadel)
Lands: Mountains, Ruins, Lake, WoodsH, Roads, Small Town
Wealth: Artisans, Mines, Military Academy

Def 0
Inf 11
Lands 7
Law 40
Pop 47
Power 0
Wealth 0
House Fortune Total +5

Second-born daughter (Age:19)
Defense: Superior Castle (Porny Keep)
Lands: Hills
Wealth: Mines

Def 4
Inf 2
Land 0
Law 32
Pop 27
Pow 0
Wea 1
House Fortune Total +2d6+0

Defense: Superior Castle (Cyneburg Citadel)
Lands: Mountains, Roads, Ruins
Wealth: Lightwood

Def 2
Inf 6
Land 4
Law 26
Pop 64
Pow 0
Wea 4
House Fortune +4

Defense: Tower (Inga Tower), Small Castle (Silvercreek Port)
Lands: Coast, Large Town, Plains, Roads, River, WoodsH
Wealth: Granary, Clergy, Marketplace, Port, Steeple, Smeltery

House Fortune +0

Third-born son (Age:22), Fourth-born son (Age:16)
Defense: Small Castle
Lands: Small Town, Hills, Rivers
Wealth: Granery

House Fortune +4

First-born daughter (Age:16), Second-born daughter (Age:16)
Defense: Small Castle
Lands: Coast, Small Town, Road, River
Wealth: Artisan, Marketplace, Port

--Commander (Arn Edward von Keller), Elite (140exp) Warfare 5, Fighting 4, Command 5
-Commander, Veteran (100exp) Command 7, Fighting 3, Warfare 0
-Commander (Arn Milford Cyneburg), Trained (60 exp) Warfare 4, Fighting, Command 2

--Protector Guard, Elite (DM-6)(140exp) Athletics 4, Endurance 5, Fighting 5
-Protector Guard, Trained (DM+0)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
-Protector Guard, Trained (DM+0)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
-Protector Guard, Trained (DM+0)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2

--Nobles, Veteran (DM+0)(100exp) Athletics 6, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Nobles, Veteran (DM+0)(100exp) Athletics 6, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Nobles, Veteran (DM+0)(100exp) Athletics 4, Endurance 4, Fighting 2
-Nobles, Green (DM+6)(20exp) Athletics, Endurance 1, Fighting 1

--Crusaders, Veteran (DM+6)(100exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 5
-Crusaders, Veteran (DM+6)(100exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 5

--Engineers, Elite (DM+3)(160exp) Endurance 5, Fighting 3, Warfare 8
-Engineers, Trained (DM+9)(70exp) Endurance 2, Fighting, Warfare 5
-Engineers, Trained (DM+9)(60exp) Endurance 2, Fighting 1, Warfare 3
-Engineers, Trained (DM+9)(60exp) Endurance 2, Fighting 1, Warfare 3
-Engineers, Green (DM+12)(50exp) Endurance 1, Fighting 1, Warfare 3

--Scouts, Trained (DM+6)(90exp) Awareness 2, Endurance 3, Stealth 4
-Scouts, Green (DM+12)(50exp) Awareness 2, Endurance, Stealth 3

--Infantry, Elite (DM+0)(140exp) Athletics 6, Endurance 3, Fighting 5
-Infantry, Green (DM+6)(50exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Green (DM+6)(50exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(50exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 4, Endurance 1, Fighting 1

--Archers, Elite (DM+3)(140exp) Agility 5, Awareness 5, Marksmanship 4
-Archers, Elite (DM+3)(140exp) Agility 4, Awareness 4, Marksmanship 6
-Archers, Veteran (DM+9)(110exp) Agility 3, Awareness 2, Marksmanship 5
-Archers, Green (DM+12)(40exp) Agility 1, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 2
-Archers, Green (DM+12)(40exp) Agility 1, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 2
-Archers, Green (DM+12)(40exp) Agility 1, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 2
-Archers, Green (DM+12)(40exp) Agility 1, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 2
-Archers, Green (DM+12)(40exp) Agility 1, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 2

--Cavalry, Elite (DM-3)(140exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 10
-Cavalry, Elite (DM-3)(140exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 10
-Cavalry, Elite (DM-3)(140exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 10
-Cavalry, Elite (DM-3)(140exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 10
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(80exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 3, Fighting 2
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 0, Fighting 3
-Cavalry, Green (DM+6)(20exp) Agility 1, Animal Handling, Fighting 1
-Cavalry, Green (DM+6)(20exp) Agility 1, Animal Handling, Fighting 1
-Cavalry, Green (DM+6)(20exp) Agility 1, Animal Handling, Fighting 1
-Cavalry, Green (DM+6)(20exp) Agility 1, Animal Handling, Fighting 1
-Cavalry, Green (DM+6)(20exp) Agility 1, Animal Handling, Fighting 1
-Cavalry, Green (DM+6)(20exp) Agility 1, Animal Handling, Fighting 1

--Wyvern Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 2

--Garrison, Trained (DM+3/+9)(70exp) Awareness 3, Endurance 4, Fighting 0
-Garrison, Green (DM+3/+9)(40exp) Awareness 1, Endurance 3, Fighting 0

--Mercenaries, Trained (DM+9)(80exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 4, Fighting 2
-Mercenaries, Trained (DM+9)(70exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 2

-Scorpion x2
-Manongel x2
-Centipede x1
-Steam Cannons, Small x1

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