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Turn 1-1069

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1 Turn 1-1069 on Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:53 pm

Lord-Commander Segarus of the kreathean remnants is crowned king of their newly liberated lands and people to usher in the new year.

Vanora and Edward get married to celebrate the union of the Southern Silver Coast and to bring in the new year. Selina returns from her year of tutoring and education in Laventino.

The expedition finishes off the year by retaking Star Castle from its occupiers. All lands of House Moonsword, Amberheart, and Runelight are free of hostile invaders once more.

Warg training proceeds along without incident. Scouts find the remains of a large number of old Uklan Empire cannons in their outpost and chests full of crystals in the Nestav city.

The One-Hand Cannon prototype tests well. Mass Production and Refrigeration research stall while Magical Energy and Steam Engine research progresses. The construct is made but is taking some time to activate it.

2 turns for Trained Commanders(x2) training to be complete. Trained Infantry(x5)/Archers(x3)/Smart Golems(x2)/Commander(x3) training is now complete.

4 turns of mine construction to be complete. 3 turns for Trained Wyvern Cavalry training to be complete. 2 turns for Trained Smart Golem creation to be complete. Trained Cavalry(x6) training is now complete.



The gate in Nestav is activated and the test proves to be successful with Uzario able to traverse between the two without mishap. A dent is made in the pirate presence enough for a stable trade route to begin forming between the Seven Isles and Ponthos. Those going to the harichu catch a group of STG traders demonstrating golems to the inhabitants.

Airship Metallurgical and Chemistry research progresses. A prototype Flying Shuttle is created. Ward research has begun.

4 turns for Trained Warships(x3) training to be complete.

Onyx Aurelius:
Consulting the map reveals the workers have reached the palace complex that stretches on for some distance.

The expedition can’t locate the mysterious realm’s position by stars with it seemingly always being sunny out. Laventino is utterly clueless about what could be responsible or even what it is.

Print shops are easily constructed in every STG port of Lloyd’s choosing, and word spreads slowly of his consortium.

The harichu are fascinated by the golems but express wishes for dumb variants.

Metallurgical Refinement has stalled. The understanding of Mana Crystals progresses. Something went wrong during the testing and the vehicle rattles apart when its cannon was on the range. Those looking into Flight are able to fully understand the principles behind it and the mechanics of the gliders they possess. Blackpowder research progresses. Those looking into Ship Propulsion are stumped for the moment.

You gain 2 Wealth. 14 turns of mine update to be complete. 12 turns for the dock expansion to be complete. 9 turns for College expansion to be complete. 1 turn for border forts to be complete.

Representatives from the Kingdom of Geirland, the Silver Kingdom, and Seven Isles attend Segarus' coronation.

The army prepares and plans for immediate mobilization come spring. Only the Order of Nychtas declines becoming part of the Kreathean army. Word comes from the Pact that they can only spare 10,000 troops for a foreign expedition; the rest are needed for defense back home.

3 turns to repair Small Town outer wall. 2 turns for Green Archers(x2)/Engineers training to be complete.

6 turns for the Mage’s College upgrade to be complete.

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2 Re: Turn 1-1069 on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:36 pm


Outer Khanid:(HF+7)   Roll:21 Result:28(Boon)       Allocation: Influence+Wealth+Power+Law

Inner Khanid:(HF+11)  Roll:23 Result:34(Growth)   Allocation: Power

Khanid Coast:(HF+17)  Roll:34 Result:51(Boon)      Allocation: Law+Influence+Power+Wealth

Stat Changes:

Outer Khanid:
Defense:4 Influence:12+1=13 Land:1 Law:31+3=34 Population:45 Power:8+3=11 Wealth:6+2=8

Inner Khanid:
Defense:11 Influence:9 Land:6 Law:43 Population:39 Power:9+3=12 Wealth:12

Khanid Coast:
Defense:14 Influence:20+1=21 Land:9 Law:52+1=53 Population:44 Power:15+3=18 Wealth:47+1(HF)+2(Trade)+3(Port/Market)-1(imports)=52 Lloyds coffers:17 -???(Current international ventures)


College: Metallurgy(Refinement), Clockworks(Vehicle testing/Reliability), Magic(Nature of Mana crystals)

Glider Facility: Flight(Reliability), Blackpowder(General) 

Dockyard: shipbuilding(Propulsion methods)
The ruins project continues, however it's workforce is decreased from 30 population down to 10; orders are given to begin carting debris to access to the palace area, workers are given warning that if they see something magical to let one of the foremen know, as it may still be dangerous.

Border forts and mine upgrades progress, the mines receive 5 additional population to help the project (new total:6)

the college and dockyard projects continue as well, each receiving 7 additional population (new total for each:8 )

Preparations for the festival of the star forger begin
The expedition forces are given the order to settle in, and a supply ship is sent with tools to begin formalized building. On the ship, a small group of mages is sent to start examining the portal and lands more closely, as well as prospectors are sent to begin mineral evaluation. Relief supplies are also sent, in the form of food and small luxuries.

Traders begin returning home for the festival, but their rumors continue to spread.

The smart golems, unable to be traded with the harichu, are instead used to help man the new border forts/beacons.

Lloyds continues it's ventures abroad, the first news papers being printed containing a transcript of a curious letter, rumored to be from the shu court.

For the first time in decades, missionaries from the church of the Starforger prepare to head out into the wider world to attempt to spread word of their god.

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3 Re: Turn 1-1069 on Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:12 pm

7d6+3= 15 BLESSING +4 DEF

Actions of Kreathean:
The newly-crowned king of the Kreath will take stock of his lands and people as the year turns, and will draw together plans to rule over his lands. Farms will be marked for when spring rains and thaws arrive, and the king will have folk see if the fishing village the kingdom possesses can have docks built for much needed trade. Prospectors will be hired, and will be sent out to see if there are any mines or veins of ore to be had and mined.

Scriveners and recorders will speak to the soldiers and warriors of the 3rd Legion, seeking to learn from those who where there the lost verses of the War of Shadow, a gap in the Ballad that at long last can be filled.

The now-traditional gift of three wealth will be sent to Aurelion for the Festival, despite the kingdom no-longer residing on Aurelion lands the people feel that it is only fitting that they aid their friends so.
With the gift will go a few traders to speak to the STG on the matter of the fishing village.

The refusal of the Order of Nychtas is understood, and the king will allow them to remain in Kreath lands under the command of Knight-Captain Edon when the army marches come spring if they wish.

The king, still called Lord-Commander by a few, finds that he enjoys the Lloyds newspaper and will make it a point to purchase it.

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4 Re: Turn 1-1069 on Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:51 am

2 New Gates will begin construction alongside the 1 meant for the outer colony outpost.
Interest is taken in the golems and a request is sent to the STG if the Isles may purchase a few golems to study out of curiosity.
The shuttle is shown to the King's Regent and impresses him. Construction begins of a cloth factory using the prototype flying shuttle as the basis for its production and will use energy from the river to power. (-10 wealth)

Will do fortune roll and stats in the morning (i have the money for the gates and new factory)

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5 Re: Turn 1-1069 on Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:42 pm

Fortune roll:
Total:27 Growth rolled 1d3 got 1 it goes to wealth.

The gnolls will head into the cleared swamp of lower ponthos and begin to look for a naga advisor.

The hunt for a powerful beast continues

The gnolls will pay ten wealth, and twenty population to begin building a large fortress upon the koth battle site

house stats:

Def 14
Inf 27
lan 15
law 51
pop 48 (17 with current projects) (1 in college, 10 constructing college, 20 building fortress)
Pow 30
Wea 20

Current missions:
Finding a naga advisor, teaching blightwatch, researching ward magic,
hunt for the great beast, Construction of college, and fortress

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6 Re: Turn 1-1069 on Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:11 am

With the onset of winter, nothing of note can be done.

Research: Improved Metallurgy, Improved Martial Arts, Naval Projects.

Fortune Rolls:
Ythri: 22+8=30 Blessing; +5 Law
Agra: 23+6=29 Curse; -3 Pop
Cyneburg: 16+10=26 Blessing; +5 Law
Hidegard: 25+4=29 Curse; -3 Pop
Hadran: 28+1=29 Curse; -2 Lan
Ekkebert: 29+4=33 Growth; +3+1 Wealth

House Stats:
Def 3
Inf 1
Lan 2
Law 43
Pop 35
Pow 6
Wea 9
Glory 0
House Fortune +9

(First Generation)
First-born son (Age:26)(Married to Arn Emily Hidegard), Second-born daughter (Age:24)(Married to House Aurelion)
(Second Generation)
First-born Daughter
Defense: Superior Castle (Skyreach Citadel)
Lands: Mountains, Ruins, Lake, WoodsH, Roads, Small Town
Wealth: Artisans, Mines, Military Academy

Def 0
Inf 11
Lands 9
Law 44
Pop 41
Power 0
Wealth 0
House Fortune Total +6

Second-born daughter (Age:19)
Defense: Superior Castle (Porny Keep)
Lands: Hills
Wealth: Mines

Def 4
Inf 2
Land 0
Law 34
Pop 31
Pow 0
Wea 1
House Fortune Total +2d6+2

Defense: Superior Castle (Cyneburg Citadel)
Lands: Mountains, Roads, Ruins
Wealth: Lightwood

Def 2
Inf 6
Land 4
Law 26
Pop 61
Pow 0
Wea 23
House Fortune +4

Defense: Tower (Inga Tower), Small Castle (Silvercreek Port)
Lands: Coast, Large Town, Plains, Roads, River, WoodsH
Wealth: Granary, Clergy, Marketplace, Port, Steeple, Smeltery

House Fortune +1(+6)

Third-born son (Age:22), Fourth-born son (Age:16)
Defense: Small Castle
Lands: Small Town, Hills, Rivers
Wealth: Granery, (Mines)

House Fortune +4

First-born daughter (Age:16), Second-born daughter (Age:16)
Defense: Small Castle
Lands: Coast, Small Town, Road, River
Wealth: Artisan, Marketplace, Port

--Commander (Arn Edward von Keller), Elite (140exp) Warfare 5, Fighting 4, Command 5
-Commander, Veteran (100exp) Command 7, Fighting 3, Warfare 0
-Commander (Arn Milford Cyneburg), Trained (60 exp) Warfare 4, Fighting, Command 2

--Protector Guard, Elite (DM-6)(140exp) Athletics 4, Endurance 5, Fighting 5
-Protector Guard, Trained (DM+0)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
-Protector Guard, Trained (DM+0)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2
-Protector Guard, Trained (DM+0)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2

--Nobles, Veteran (DM+0)(100exp) Athletics 6, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Nobles, Veteran (DM+0)(100exp) Athletics 6, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Nobles, Veteran (DM+0)(100exp) Athletics 4, Endurance 4, Fighting 2
-Nobles, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Fighting 2

--Crusaders, Veteran (DM+6)(100exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 5
-Crusaders, Veteran (DM+6)(100exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 5

--Engineers, Elite (DM+3)(160exp) Endurance 5, Fighting 3, Warfare 8
-Engineers, Trained (DM+9)(70exp) Endurance 2, Fighting, Warfare 5
-Engineers, Trained (DM+9)(60exp) Endurance 2, Fighting 1, Warfare 3
-Engineers, Trained (DM+9)(60exp) Endurance 2, Fighting 1, Warfare 3
-Engineers, Trained (DM+12)(60exp) Endurance 2, Fighting 1, Warfare 3

--Scouts, Trained (DM+6)(90exp) Awareness 2, Endurance 3, Stealth 4
-Scouts, Green (DM+12)(50exp) Awareness 2, Endurance, Stealth 3

--Infantry, Elite (DM+0)(140exp) Athletics 6, Endurance 3, Fighting 5
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(50exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 1
-Infantry, Trained (DM+6)(60exp) Athletics 4, Endurance 1, Fighting 1

--Archers, Elite (DM+3)(140exp) Agility 5, Awareness 5, Marksmanship 4
-Archers, Elite (DM+3)(140exp) Agility 4, Awareness 4, Marksmanship 6
-Archers, Veteran (DM+6)(110exp) Agility 3, Awareness 2, Marksmanship 5
-Archers, Trained (DM+9)(40exp) Agility 2, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 3
-Archers, Trained (DM+9)(40exp) Agility 2, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 3
-Archers, Trained (DM+9)(40exp) Agility 2, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 3
-Archers, Trained (DM+9)(40exp) Agility 2, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 3
-Archers, Trained (DM+9)(40exp) Agility 2, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 3

--Cavalry, Elite (DM-3)(140exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 10
-Cavalry, Elite (DM-3)(140exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 10
-Cavalry, Elite (DM-3)(140exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 10
-Cavalry, Elite (DM-3)(140exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 10
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(80exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 3, Fighting 2
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 0, Fighting 3
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 0, Fighting 3
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 0, Fighting 3
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 0, Fighting 3
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 0, Fighting 3
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 0, Fighting 3
-Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 0, Fighting 3

--Wyvern Cavalry, Trained (DM+3)(60exp) Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 2

--Garrison, Trained (DM+3/+9)(70exp) Awareness 3, Endurance 4, Fighting 0
-Garrison, Green (DM+3/+9)(40exp) Awareness 1, Endurance 3, Fighting 0

--Mercenaries, Trained (DM+9)(80exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 4, Fighting 2
-Mercenaries, Trained (DM+9)(70exp) Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 2

-Scorpion x2
-Manongel x2
-Centipede x1
-Steam Cannons, Small x1

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7 Re: Turn 1-1069 on Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:05 pm

Turn Actions:
Warg training will continue, while 5 Wealth and 10 Population are invested into expanding the Watch Stations across Geirland lands. Meanwhile the old cannons and crystals are to be brought back for study while the armed forces, after their return and being allowed time to rest, are to clear out the remainder of the ruins in case more discoveries are to be made within.

Research Projects:
Firearm research is continued, as is Refrigeration, Magical Energy, Mass Production and Steam engine research. The construct is fitted with a pilot's seat, with hand and foot controls keyed to complex programs to allow it to function in response to rune "button" presses and the pulling of triggers and pushing of pedals. Meanwhile, a means to see outside the construct while protecting the pilot of it is sought, perhaps through some sort of projection system placed onto five screens around the piloting chamber, three in front, two on the seat's flanks, constructed from magic conducting crystal.

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