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Star Trek: Discovery, My Thoughts

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1 Star Trek: Discovery, My Thoughts on Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:51 pm

I will not be spoiling anything here, well, except for the teaser, because I know how The Lorerunner hates those. Very Happy

So, first off, I will say that after Star Trek: Voyager started royally messing up the Prime Directive, it was nice to see it applied correctly. That is to say, the Captain and First Officer were surveying a planet with an indigenous sapient race that was on the verge of extinction. Without revealing themselves to the natives, they did one small thing and then immediately moved on. That was really good to see.

That being said, I think that this show is doomed to a short life. And there are two big contributors to this. One is CBS putting the show behind a paywall. But then, that's CBS, a company that has absolutely no respect for the people that work for them (look up how they lost half the Hawaii Five-O cast) or for the people that watch their shows and line their pockets.

The other, I am sad to say, is the Star Trek fans. After the disasters that were Enterprise, Nemesis, and the "Kelvin Timeline" films (though I did like Star Trek: Beyond, it bombed at the box office), fans were expecting any new Trek to be automatically bad and so, those who watched the airing of the pilot on CBS were looking for flaws, anything they could point to to say how bad it was going to be. The fact that the Klingons look different, the fact that the tech looks more advanced than TOS despite being a prequel, and even the slightest hint of a dark tone for the show were all signs that it was going to suck.

Between the paywall and a fanbase that is easily offended, I really don't see how the show is going to be successful. While I loved it, it will not last. I hope that I eat these words in five years, but I don't think I will.

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2 Re: Star Trek: Discovery, My Thoughts on Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:17 pm

I agree with everything you said. I'm not really a Star Trek fan so I'm not looking for the same things a long-time fan is looking for, so I thought the first episode wasn't bad. Can't really judge the show on one episode since it will be a continuous story. I still thought the Klingons looked ugly, and the color pallet of the show doesn't do them any favors. Not a fan of the color scheme at all, and that stretches across many shows, movies, and games; not just Discovery.

Only reason I saw the first episode was because CBS aired it on their network. I wouldn't mind watching more, but there is no way I'm buying CBS All-Access.

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3 Re: Star Trek: Discovery, My Thoughts on Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:05 pm

Night-Forager wrote:..., the fact that the tech looks more advanced than TOS despite being a prequel,....
Meh, the tech looks exactly like it's supposed to for the Kelvin Timeline, which is where it takes place.

-The teaser was excellent with some nice banter.
-The bat'leth redesign works a lot better than their Prime Universe counterpart.
-The actors are decent to good...with the possible exception of the Captain.
-The emotional bits with the main character works like it is supposed to.

-Story has no sense of momentum. There is one dramatic shift the entire episode.
-Show doesn't have a sense of identity in this first part unlike the other openers (don't know about Enterprise 'cause I never saw that one).
-All Klingon scenes are either about their religion or their planned holy crusade against the UFP.
-Main characters tries to hide her racism by telling "Don't confuse race with culture." even though her entire assessment of the Klingons was couched in racial phrasing.
-Alex Kurtzmann

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4 Re: Star Trek: Discovery, My Thoughts on Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:50 pm

I take issue with Jason Isaacs being the Captain. Jason Isaacs cuts a pretty close second to Michael Ironside as the person i'd most want to see cast as a Captain in a Star Trek series.

STD was exactly as enjoyable a point-and-laugh cringe fest as i knew it would be from the moment it was first announced. Why do they include a seriously talented and charismatic actor that would be better used in a real Star Trek show?

I mean, it just doesn't make for very good parody when there's a legitimately awesome actor in there. It's like if they cast Christopher Lee in Spaceballs, or Richard Crenna in Hotshots.


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