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Turn 4-1069

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1 Turn 4-1069 on Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:53 pm

With the onset of spring work picks up in repairing the damage done to town walls and fortifications. Raiders and brigands start their attacks on merchant caravans and isolated homesteads once more.

The restructuring of the House armies into a professional military has begun with Laventino offering assistance in the endeavor. Warg trainers from House Adalwulf state that the wargs are ready for cavalry use.

The Mond Principality on the Storm Valley coast holds a coronation for its new ruler. They send a missive with royal seal expressing their desire to be allies with the Kingdom of Geirland and request a political marriage to secure it.

The crystals, according to those studying them, emit an eternal wail of pain that can only be heard if you trying to listen to it exclusively. The undead in the ruins become active; they tear open a mine on their level and get fresh ore while others attempt to restart the forges.

All projects see some progress. The prototype proves to be able to function, but is unable to handle any significant stress or weight.

16 turns for Road expansion to be complete. 6 turns for Watch Station expansion to be complete. 2 turns for Green Infantry(x2)/Archers(x2)/Dwarven Quarrelers(x2) training to be complete.
[1 turn for Trained Nobles/Archers(x3) training to be complete.]

The healers sent manage to prevent the plague from spreading out of control, but can little to those already infected. [-1 Pop to House Ekkebert]

Local hunters in Varvol speak of animals not wanting to come out of hibernation despite the onset of spring. Trained wyverns and horses begin to act up as well.

1 turn of mine construction to be complete. Trained Wyvern Cavalry training is now complete.

With the onset of spring campaigning season begins anew with many surrounding neighbors looking to oust your people from the region.

63 turns for weaving factory construction to be complete. 3 turns for gate(x3) construction to be complete. 1 turn for Trained Warships(x3) training to be complete.

Onyx Aurelius:
With the increase in the workforce the excavation of the ruins speeds along. More remains are uncovered, including a black skeleton. A cleared room is filled with mounds of armor, weapons, corpses, and runic circles. Estimates say there is enough material to finish the spire; merely needing to be shaped. Appraisals begin for estimating the cost for the necessary infrastructure.

The expedition reports back that a self-sufficient settlement would be incredibly hard to do if it is possible. It is due to the inability for anything to grow in the region. Tauber state the pull of mana flows away from the portal.

All projects see some progress.

6 turns for College expansion to be complete. 2 turns of mine update to be complete. 1 turn for the dock expansion to be complete. 1 turn for armor upgrades.

With the arrival of spring the natives and refugees work together to repair the damaged fields for crops. It will be some time before seeds can be planted so the population is going to be starving before then unless something is done.

2 turns for Green Peasant Levies(x10) training to be complete. Small Town outer wall repair is now complete.

News comes about the war against the koth. The combined yuan-ti armies are steadily pushing them out and over the serpent.

3 turns for the Mage’s College upgrade to be complete.

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2 Re: Turn 4-1069 on Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:30 pm

5d6+3= 12 BOON +11 WEL

The king will send out hunting parties into the wild to hunt what they can and bring it back for the folk, and traders will be sent to Arcadia, Nestav, Aurelion and the surrounding lands to see what foodstuffs can be purchased to see them through the last days of winter and into spring, when foraging and planting can begin.

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