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Turn 1-1070

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1 Turn 1-1070 on Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:49 pm

Snow begins to fall heralding the coming of winter. The koth hole in hidden spots to sleep for the frosty months. Those on the snake move along soaking up the snake’s body heat.


The fleet joins with those in the south. Little action is seen as the koth don’t venture out of the ports they captured. Scouting vessels speculate that they are building ships in the meantime.

Balance for the battle suit prototype has been fixed. The strange crystals from the ruins have been revealed to suck out the soul of its wielder during use. All other research projects progress.

4 turns for Large Sanatorium construction to be complete. 2 turns for Road expansion to be complete. Green Garrison(x6) training is now complete. 1 turn for unit upgrades to be complete.


Onyx Aurelius:
The seaborne koth down south remain holed up in their ports building ships to bolster their fleet.

Word is sent out about Lloyd’s search for tauber.

New sections of the ruins are unearthed; an old sewer system under the city, a water reservoir, and a partially-collapsed forum.

All research projects progress.

The poor crop wield this year does not promise to last the winter. Disease has begun to spread through the land with the influx of refugees.

4 turns for Trained Peasant Levies training to be complete. 2 turns for Green Garrison to be complete.

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2 Re: Turn 1-1070 on Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:24 pm

roll 5d6+3= 15 BLESSING +5 WEL

Actions of the Kingdom:
As winter descends, Edon takes stock of the supplies on hand,
and immediately dispatches a merchant and guard to Dabalero territory to negotiate the import of emergency foodstuffs and supplies to sustain them.

Edon also dispatches messengers and riders across the region to search for tauber possessing lifecrystals, for the spread of sickness must be stopped, and stopped soon.

Finally, Edon will continue overseeing construction of the defenses, having spikes also covered in oil placed in the fields around the castle to slow attackers. Spots for spike pits will be marked, but digging will not yet begin with the ground freezing.

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3 Re: Turn 1-1070 on Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:08 pm

Turn Actions:
The fleet will conduct raids on Koth ports, with the hope of slowing their ship building efforts.  Construction efforts will continue as per usual, while the Green Garrison (x6) will be brought up to trained.  Thrand asks Lady Zhao for a progress report.

Research Projects:
Research into multi-barrel weaponry, with a focus on testing the new prototype "organ gun", black powder refining, focusing on producing less smoke, improved firearm cartridges, refrigeration, magic energy, mass production, spinning projectiles for accuracy in firearms, a way to safely dispose of the soul sucking magic crystals, a way to kill the koth en mass, and testing the limits of the battle suit prototype, continue.

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