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The Last Jedi - 2 viewings - Not a fan

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1 The Last Jedi - 2 viewings - Not a fan on Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:46 pm

My problems with The Last Jedi.

1. Snoke was useless, and was just another Sith. Imagine if he was something more than Sith like some kind of hybrid between Sith and Jedi? Hell, they confirmed in Episode 7 that Kylo Ren isn’t a Sith, so why does Snoke have to be. Yes I love what they did with Kylo, but all that hype for Snoke was thrown out the window while I was watching the movie.

2. Captain Phasma’s importance. While I understand why they gave her less time in Episode 7, but come on. She was already a lot of people’s favorite before this movie came out and I wish they gave her some kind of attention. Hell she could’ve been in the movie more and done more, instead she was the equivalent to Daniel Craig in the force awakens, just a cameo. The actress underneath is loved and adored its a shame that they just through her into the film for 10 minutes if not less!

3. Rose and Finn’s relationship. I kinda feel like they didn’t know what to do with their characters in the movie nor Benicio del toro’s character either. I wasn’t shocked the twist by the way, they announced him a villain and he was basically the bad Han Solo. Anyway Poe, Finn, and Rose Story in the last Jedi could’ve been done better.

4. The Humor was from Marvel. Half of the overhaul humor in the entire movie was off putting. It felt like stuff Marvel would have in their movies and not something iconic or memorable. The rest of the comedy was actually very good like Leia slapping Poe, Chewy cooking birds at the campfire (which they should’ve stopped their the nesting and the cockpit being covered with those birds was completely stupid), or even General Hux being embarrassed in front of everybody by Supreme leader Snoke.

5. General Hux is a moron. I would’ve typed this sooner, but I just have to now. In the first movie, he was excellent. He was intimidating, courageous, and determined. In the second movie, he’s cowardly, clumsy, and feel like one of the forgettable imperial officers in the Empire Strikes back. (Actually Vader would have killed some one that stupid long before "retiring" Admiral Ozzel)

6. Rose the overall character, boring stupid unaware of the seriousness of the Resistance plight. Finally that stupid ramming manoeuvre that would have prevented the Resistance the time it needed to escape the empire without Luke.

8. The message of the movie, destroying your past does not make you stronger. Learning from it and developing does.


Overall I could not really enjoy The Last Jedi even with my brain turned off. And because of "money all the money" syndrome.  My wishes for a well thought out well acted modern starwars film while Disney is in control is gone.

6 out of 10

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2 Re: The Last Jedi - 2 viewings - Not a fan on Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:52 pm

This was the first Starwars movie, and one of the very few movies overall that i actively hated as i was watching.

So, here's the moral of the story: No one can be a Jedi.

But K! The whole point of the movie is that anyone can be a Jedi! - no. No it's not. And if ever Disney was trying to sell that angle by doing this, they're absolute morons.

Anyone could be a Jedi, ever since Episode IV. A lot of people could be a Jedi, as of the Midichlorians crap. It became restricted to a medical condition, but people with the potential could still achieve it. Even people who were weak in the Force could be Jedi, so long as they put the hours into it.

Anyone that worked for it could always be a Jedi.

Until now, of course. I remember before the movie coming out, Arch saying it would be great if her parents were nobodies, because it would have meant her power is under her own steam. And i'm sorry, but i knew then that it was far too late for them to do that. Because even heritage would have been something. It would have somehow grounded it. It would have made sense.

Now her power comes straight from the writer's ass. No really, that's where it comes from. She didn't work for it, didn't inherit it. It was just the Force felt like it - "Hey Mary, have some Sue".

So that's it folks - anyone can be a Jedi, insofar as anyone can win the lottery. It's nothing you have any control over, it's just cosmic whim that'll pick you for no reason worth a damn, so you can spend the next three movies whining about how powerful you are.

I knew Disney and Kathleen would eventually ruin it, but i have to admit, i didn't expect them to do it quite this soon, quite this spectacularly.

Well done, i guess.

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