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Star Trek - Pet Theory

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1 Star Trek - Pet Theory on Sun May 10, 2015 6:14 pm

So I have just been catching up on the Star Trek ruminations on YouTube and it got me thinking about maybe sharing my pet theory.

It relates to DS9 and the Cardassian/Bajoran dynamic.

It was/is understandable why the Bajora hate the Cardassians so much (Invasion and Occupation); but what always struck me as a little odd was that the way the Cardassians are portrayed, in my opinion, is that the Cardassians hate them right back just as much. Like it was a preceeding thing, something that was more than just the Cardassian search for resources to fuel the Empire, something more than simple xenophobia.

The Cardassians are smug, and prideful, but they never struck me as especially xenophobic. I mean they seem to have strong working partnerships with the Xepolites, Kressari, and Lissepians.
So it got me wondering; why do the Cardassians hate the Bajorans so much?

I recall specific instances of Cardassians referring to Bajorans as "vermin" or something along those lines. It might be because of how peaceful the Bajora were prior to the occupation; but then I remember the Kressari who are known to be pacifists and the Cardassians work with them with seemingly little issues.

There are several facts that we know re the Cardassians and Bajorans.

1) Cardassia was a warm tropical pleasant world (by Cardassian standards) prior to some unspecified disaster tainted the atmosphere and the planet turned arid which threatened the very survival of the Cardassian people.
--- There is the implication in this that this was prior to or on the cusp of the Cardassians reaching warp levels of technology.
2) We also know that the Bajorans were spacefaring in pre-FTL sail ships that could ride tachyon eddies to breach the warp barrier.
--- This has the implication that at one point their society was a pre-warp society on the cusp of that technology during Earth's Age of Sail.
3) We know that Bajorans visited Cardassia during this time of exploration.
4) We know that Cardassia erased all record and knowledge of the Bajoran visits to Cardassia at some point.

The implications that I take from these facts is that the Bajorans pre-dated nearly all the alpha quadrant in terms of being a stellar civilization. And that they must have visited Cardassia before the unspecified disaster that swept the Central Command to power.
I think surely in the centuries since then they must have researched warp technology at some point; so why didn't they become a true warp power with colonies and a stellar empire like the Vulcans or Andorians did? What stopped them?

Unless I am wrong here, I am under the impression that Bajor did not get warp technology before Cardassia invaded, and did not establish colonies beyond the Bajor system. If they had warp tech then they certain did not seem to have ever used it.

So I have several questions that if anyone can answer definitively I would certainly like to hear.

What was the disaster that caused the rise of Empire on Cardassia?
- Was it simple environmental collapse?
Why did the Bajorans never get warp tech?
- If they did get it, why was Bajor not an interstellar power?
Why did the Cardassians erase their own history of first contact with Bajor?
And finally, Why do the Cardassians hate the Bajora so much?

Which brings me to my pet theory.

I am working on some assumptions here so bare with me.

Assumption 1 - Bajor was a united world at the time of the Stellar Sail ships.
Assumption 2 - The "disaster" on Cardassia occurred fairly recently in history - I reckon around 20th century.
Assumption 3 - Bajor had the infrastructure, technology, and ability to support sustained extrasolar exploration efforts in these Sail Ships.
Assumption 4 - Bajor explored, contacted, and traded with pretty much every species within a hundred ly of Bajor including Cardassia.

I think that what happened is Bajor did achieve warp technology; and I think they had begun to use it in the late 19th/early 20th centuries. Given that we know Bajor patronised "a hundred worlds" it seems to me that Cardassia was one of these worlds; and as such they must have been to Cardassia several times at least.
And I think one of these times was in a warp capable ship; a ship very early in the warp program or perhaps even a prototype. And I think something went wrong. Maybe they lost containment on the warp field, or maybe a diode was out of alignment. I think this ship was on it's way to Cardassia and the engine malfunctioned and the ship was thrown at high speed out of warp and was unlucky enough to basically hit Cardassia.

And I think that this would be the disaster that nearly ruined their world.

A ship flying at very high, near warp, speeds crashing into the atmosphere and very likely exploding causing a degree of contamination in the atmosphere and causing the shift in climate would have absolutely been a disaster for a pre-warp society; and it would explain both why the Cardassians hate the Bajorans so much, and why they would erase the early Bajoran contact from their history.
It would also explain why Bajor didn't become a multi-system stellar power in spite of their time-advantage over the other younger species.

I mean think about it. A accident like that with a new and possibly experimental technology? It would absolutely cause a populist democractically elected government (which we know Bajor probably was; cite the Jalanda Forum as evidence) to shy away from or even abandon the technology and draw back on their stellar efforts.

I don't know.

What do you guys think?

Am I over thinking things? Or grasping at straws? Or just misinterpreting things?

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2 Re: Star Trek - Pet Theory on Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:48 pm

I know this comes a little late but I think it's an interesting idea. Certainly one worth exploring.

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3 Re: Star Trek - Pet Theory on Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:29 pm

Interesting theory. A bajoran ship accidentally going R-bomb on Cardassia would have horrific repercussions for the planet. Let's say that the ship weighs a mere 5,000-tons (metric version) and was going the same speed as the fastest particle ever recorded 99.99999975% of light-speed.

2.247E23 or 53,704,558.91 Megatons=53.7 Gigatons

I'll look and see what impact that would have on Cardassia.

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4 Re: Star Trek - Pet Theory on Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:21 pm

Hey. People replied. Very Happy

I'm delighted.

I thought of this theory mostly because I found the Cardassian treatment of the Bajorans odd considering Cardassia has a number of genuine allies in peaceful, and indeed pasificistic peoples. It struck me as weird that as opportunistic as they are that they would forge an alliance with stellar nations like the Xepolites or the Kressari when they could easily run over them like they had the Bajorans...

SilverDragonRed - lemme know what your maths say. I'd be really interested to see. Smile

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5 Re: Star Trek - Pet Theory on Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:41 pm

It's an interesting theory, as I said, and though it might fit, there are other races that don't get along with them at all. A lot of it, I think, is the Cardassians do think of themselves as superior to other races; it may just be that the Kressari and Xepolites "know their place" as "inferiors." The Klingons and the Federation never really got along with them. And they, along with the Bajorans, refused to accept that "fact."

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6 Re: Star Trek - Pet Theory on Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:09 pm

Ran a cursory look at the destruction that would result.  This is the most basic descriptor of the event:
-The ship in question is going so fast that a column of air will disappear into the crust.  The impact zone will turn into a crater that drills down far enough for the molten core to become visible.  An expanding cloud of plasma and radiation will ripple out from the entry point.
1. Cardassia will lose a tiny of mass as the ejecta blown out by the impact will result in a small portion of it escaping the gravity of the planet.  The rest will scatter around the upper atmosphere and rain back down creating craters on their own.  It will result in a rapid chill of the planet's climate.
2. The orbit is noticeably affected and the tilt of the planet is thrown off by five hundredths of a degree.
-The plasma spreads out for 55 kilometers in all directions resulting in the surface being entirely scorched.
-Air blasts of 4450 psi and a speed of 4.5 km/s spread out:
1. At 100 km, everyone is dead.
2. At 263 km (the farthest the blast pressure will reach), steel-framed multi-storied buildings will suffer extreme damage to the point where they might collapse.  All of types of infrastructure are destroyed, but people might be able to survive.
-The thermal radiation resulting from the impact goes out to a distance of over 1,000 km.  Clothes will still be incinerated and people will suffer 3rd degree burns.
-Lastly, the column of air that disappeared at the beginning of all this will produce its own effect.  To anyone on that half of the world who looks straight at the event with unshielded eyes will see a straight line of plasma many times brighter than the sun.  Needless to say, if they are within 2,000 km of the impact they'll be blinded.

The aftermath of said event on the tectonic activity of Cardassia I can't say.  But, the the death toll would be enormous.  This description is based on the assumption that the impact happens on land.  If it hits the water, the devastation would be much, much worse.

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7 Re: Star Trek - Pet Theory on Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:44 pm

Night-Forager; thats exactly my point.

The Cardassians dislike the Humans and Klingons because they are capable of standing up to them; but as Kira herself said the Bajorans were never a threat to the Cardassians so they could never understand why the Cardassians had to be so brutal.

SilverDragonRed; the description of the time when Cardassia turned from tropical and verdant to a borderline death world isn't quite so extreme as what your describing so perhaps my theory isn't a very good fit after all. Sad
Or perhaps ST just never revealed the true extent to what went on; misinformation with the Cardassians was kind of par for the course.

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