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Rate the game you just finished!

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26 Re: Rate the game you just finished! on Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:12 pm

ZGoten wrote:Have you played the original Deus Ex, by the way? If not, I would totally recommend it. The story is better in my opinion, and the gameplay offers even more options to approach missions and more RPG elements.

No. I'm new the franchise and Human Revolution was my introduction. I'm looking forward to Mankind Divided, too. But don't get me wrong, I'd like to play Deus Ex simply because it's the first one. Especially if offers more flexibility gameplay wise. I'm not a PC gamer, however. Is it on the PS2 or something?

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27 Re: Rate the game you just finished! on Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:53 am

I can confirm there was a PS2 port of Deus Ex. You'd just need to track it down Vermaeus.

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28 Re: Rate the game you just finished! on Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:28 am

The PS2 version even has exclusive pre-rendered cutscenes. But I haven't played that one personally. I don't know how well it compares to PC.

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29 Re: Rate the game you just finished! on Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:49 pm

Just wrote a steam review for transformers devastation so I guess I'll post it here as well Very Happy

Whether it be the beast wars, the prime show or the war and fall of cybertron, sometimes it’s nice to go back to the roots, to find the qualities that got us hooked and paved the way for a massive franchise. Transformers Devastation is a lovingly crafted game that came straight out of an episode of the original Gen 1 cartoon, with the original designs spruced up with a colourful and shiny coat of paint and as much of the returning voice cast as humanly possible, whether you’re a transformers fan or a platinum games fan, this game is up your alley.

In robot form it’s your standard platinum game with combos and dodges ripped straight out of Bayonetta with the same quality of animation and sound design that makes every dent in a decepti-creeps face satisfying, but this game provides something unique that neither the transformers’ shows nor games have delivered, where the cars and transformations are more than just a disguise. You can finish all of your combos with a devastating vehicle attack with the potential to hit multiple enemies or even switch targets. The best aspect of this combat is how all the gameplay elements naturally feeds into each other; the finishers can leave you in vehicle form and with enough momentum to loop round and start another string of attacks, at any point you can quickly pull out your blasters and pop a few servos without stopping your combo and in some cases giving you an opportunity to launch another vehicle attack.

While the campaign may come across as surprisingly short compared to most games, it’s remedied by being compact and tightly paced with boss fights being just as common as normal enemies, for instance you will only have two fights under your belt before you have to test your metal against Devastator. These boss fights hold the best moments in the game, they’re fun, frequent and backed up by a kickass sound track which while sadly missing the touch provides a mix of rock, metal and even classical music that’s appropriate for the carnage on screen. And once you’re done fighting through the two unlockable difficulty settings (Magnus being very hard and Prime being “I hope you’re made of sterner stuff”), there’s also 50 challenge missions which offer unique bosses and enemy compositions. Ever want Grimlock to pile drive Optimus prime and Megatron AT THE SAME TIME?!!!... Mission 16.

Unfortunately between the fast and frenetic combat you will have to deal with a needlessly complex and time consuming upgrade system, throughout the game you will find heaps and heaps of loot that can be equipped or synthesised to upgrade existing weapons. I have a lot of issues with this style of progression, ultimately all the upgrades and new weapons are only raising stats that you will vaguely notice in combat, and this has the potential to throw new players into scenarios under geared, stretching a 5 minute boss fight into a 15 minute fight due to pitiful damage, and vice versa. Also seeing as how all the playable autobots can equip the same weapons (with a few limitations), there isn’t as much variety in playstyles between them besides special abilities, vehicle attacks and stats, so you will likely stick with one character throughout the game. Oh and the stats screen, you’re going to love the stats screen and the insanely slow speed that it takes to level up an autobots attributes, you can probably re-watch the 1986 movie in the time it takes to level up your second favourite character to keep up with your main. To be fair the loot does occasionally provide a novel weapon, such as Devastators’ drills or Megatrons’ fusion cannon and these weapons do add a little spice to the combat.

Another significant issue with the combat and its difficulty is that enemies can and will attack you off screen with little to no warning, the camera used in devastation is a little underwhelming with no lock-on and only designed to keep you and the current punching bag in frame and in the case of a few chase sequences it has a hard time coping with the speeds you can reach. It doesn’t so much as add challenge to the game but instead creates an air of paranoia when tackling multiple enemies, I will say that this isn’t a significant problem on a normal walkthrough but on challenge mode, where fighting multiple bosses at once with attacks that are only properly telegraphed if you’re focusing on them specifically (shockwave being a particular thorn in challenge modes because of this). This is also irritating on prime difficulty, where two off screen jabs are all that’s needed to kick you back to the last checkpoint.

And the last issue is a matter of the games length, my first play through took 10 hours on commander difficulty but if you aren’t willing to challenge yourself a normal play through can take 6 hours on average, for those who don’t intend to stick around after the campaign this would be a significant turn off but as with most platinum games, part of the fun is optimising your playstyle and taking on harder and harder challenges. I would also like to note that in good old blighty, I’ve seen 360 and ps3 versions of the game being sold for as cheap as £25, meaning if you don’t think Devastations content can justify the steam price there are possible cheaper alternatives, but don’t tell lord Gaben I said that, I hear they throw traitorous steam bots in a trash compactor.

If you’re a fan of the original gen 1 cartoon or platinum games or both, I would definitely recommend this game, at the time of writing this review I’ve gotten more than 30 hours out of this game and I haven’t regretted my purchase for one second. But if you’re not particularly interested in the franchise, the initial asking price may seem steep, so wait for a sale to pique your interest.

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30 Re: Rate the game you just finished! on Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:41 am

Finished Undertale with the true ending. Was pretty good; 9/10.

lik this if u i cri evrytiem

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