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What MMO's are you playing (MMO Discussion Thread)

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So what is your favorite MMO? What are you currently playing and looking forward to?

I'm currently starting up LOTRO once more after several months of being away. All in all it's probably my favorite mmorpg out there with a great community. And a great place to engage in RP.

I've also dabbled some in STO awesome game with good RP foundations.

I also frequent Runescape, one of the more unique games out there. No matter what the naysayers might nay say.

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I have played a lot of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 and also played through Guild Wars: Factions and tried out Allods Online, Runes of Magic, Elder Scrolls Online, Archeage and Archlord for a while. And probably some others that I'm forgetting right now. I haven't seriously played an MMO for about two years now, however. I'm downloading STO at the moment, the latest video kind of sold me on it. I had no idea that the game went to another developer and that they managed to improve it since. I was mildly interested when it came out, but the reviews trashed it so much, I lost interest and never bothered to check a second time. I'll give this a shot, hope it's good.

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Allods online certaintly did go under the radar as a WoW clone. But it certaintly had uniqueness to it's lore and setting. Id play some more STO but I haven't been able to play since January due to connectivity issues with the servers which have been plaguing some of the players for a good while now. And Cryptic is pretty meh when it comes to solving server issues.

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I've been playing WoW *knock on wood* for over 10 years with the same account now.

I've recently started playing STO after a 2 year break since a friend of mine told me it was a good time to start up again.

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I'm playing STO.

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Actively? WoW and STO. On-hold-but-plan-to-finish? Neverwinter, Rift, LOTRO, and Guild Wars 1. I've actually beaten all of GW1... several times in fact... but Sis and I were doing a playthrough so I owe it one more run, and I always like playing that game heh.

The Lorerunner
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I got back into STO after discovering the Voyager ruminations and the channel. So far its been nice to have Star Trek feel alive again, although the game feels a little too F2P grindy which is a little upsetting as a paid full price for the game when it came out.

I went through another nostalgia trip when Warlords of Draenor released, but as a non-raider it only held my interest for a short time.

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I've played Vindictus since CBT and Cabal since early launch, both with breaks. Since my pc can barely handle Vindictus on lowest graphics my options are very limited. I've dabbled in Onigiri, Elsword, Neverwinter, The Old Republic and a few others but the first two are my main go-to's

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Final Fantasy 14.. Anxiously waiting for the new Expansion Smile)

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Played in the past Guild Wars 2, Guild wars plus all expansions, Ragnarok Online, WoW, and a few other random ones that I picked up and droped really quickly..

currently playing STO after watching Arch's video on youtube Razz

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Hey so i was thinking of checking out STO again to see if I'd had more luck with connection stability. I checked the forums and it seems the servers are borked for a lot of players. Can anyone confirm if they're still having this problem?

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I've been playing WoW quite a bit these days (you can blame my recent Hearthstone obsession for that), but I plan on picking up FFXIV at some point as well.

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I've been actively avoiding MMOs because they have all been following the WoW formula, which my body actively despise. I've tried many, but I think I became immune to whatever Blizzard throws at their games to become addictive. Current MMOs have been coffee to me at this point.

I tried and really liked Mabinogi, to the extent that I made a point to have 2 hours per day allocated to it for 5-6 months. But since I'm a loner by nature, the few friendly faces I liked to be around would slowly vanish from the game... And then I lost interest and moved on.

So to answer the question... Minecraft, if you consider it as being "Massively Multiplayer". And if not, then I'm not playing any MMOs I guess. Deep down tho, I'm still waiting for the MMO that will take me away again as once did the MMOs of old.

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Playing FF14 atm. Made it up to level 42 and I'm having a lot of fun, actually.

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no longer playing STO waiting to try....
when they release or do a open beta

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I'd say WoW, but I'm kind of just logging in every once in a while. Partially because of some time being eaten up recently, and partially because I've exhausted most of the single player content aside from grinding various reps and other items. I'm considering canceling until Legion at this point.

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Atm I´m playing WoW to grind the old instances for more Transitems.
Just got the Raggi Hammer finally and now I´m grinding the Plate non-set Visual-set (hope you get what I mean scratch ) from Firelands to match my Firelord title Very Happy
Got already my T2 Retri Raggi-Hammer Ashbringer Set and my Crusader of Light Set for Admiral Taylor´s Sword, both for the Crusader Title.
Oh yeah and I´m grinding for the Legendary Ring for the quest lore.

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ZeroCool wrote:no longer playing STO waiting to try....
(Tree of Savior Online)
(Black Desert Online)
when they release or do a open beta
-parenthesis added for my convenience-

Good pick-ups there, Zero; I hadn't heard of ToSO and I wasn't aware BDO had anything more to offer than its character creator, that combat looks interesting. I'll keep a closer eye on those as well.

As for myself, I'm in quite a lull as of late, catching up on narrative-driven single-player games mostly, outside of a few games of Heroes of the Storm.

The only real exception to that would be my putzing about in a janky game by the name of The Repopulation, which intends to be a spiritual successor to games like Star Wars Galaxies / Asheron's Call / Tabula Rasa.. but unfortunately decided to shackle themselves with the HeroEngine.. yeah.. the very same doomed foundation that the TORtanic (The Old Republic) was erected upon, and has not seen any other game to completion.

I'm mostly waiting first for Wildstar to go F2P on September 29th to tithe me over until Fallout 4 and its tidal wave of mods then carry me into next year for XCOM 2. Beyond that, it's a long road 'til Star Citizen.

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