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My Inquisition Ending Theory

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1 My Inquisition Ending Theory on Sat May 16, 2015 9:24 pm

Okay Arche, so this is my theory for what happened at the end of Inquisition. I belive that Flemeth didn't die, but that she possessed Solas. When She collapses into Solas's arms, Solas has that blue glow in his eyes, but if you remember, that same glow appears in the tamed dragon's eyes at the Altar of Mythal. I believe that that glow is a symbol of Mythal's power. Flemeth also says to Solas, "I am sorry, old friend". I believe she said that to him because she was going to possess him, and felt bad about it because of their prior connection, whatever that connection may have been. So now I believe that She is inside Solas's body, the body of the Dread Wolf, with all that power that has been attained by her. For what purpose though? I guess we will find out in either DLC, or the next game. Any feedbac would be greatly appreciated.

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2 Re: My Inquisition Ending Theory on Sat May 16, 2015 10:48 pm

Hum. That's pretty similar to my own idea, which has to do with the idea of the old bastards actually being fragments of the same being so they're re-merging rather than one person dominating or otherwise merging. But I rather like your idea, especially since it helps keep the character of Flemeth keep existing without having to keep bringing Mulgrew back to play the role.

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