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My theory on the downfall of Anders and Justice's corruption into Vengeance

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I have been replaying Dragon Age:Inquisition extensively lately, and much of the nature of spirits and demons is explored extensively in Inquisition. In your conversations with Solas, he states that a spirit becomes a demon when it is twisted from its true purpose. This is confirmed in Solas's personal quest, All New, Faded for Her. In the quest Solas's friend, a spirit of wisdom is bound by some wayward mages and forced to fight to protect them from bandits, but because it is not a spirit suited for combat, it is twisted from its original purpose and changed into a Pride demon. Now onto the subject of Anders and Justice, I believe that when Anders and Justice merged, that something happened that neither of them could have forseen. I believe that because of Anders' extreme anger and outrage over the horrible treatment that the mages in Kirkwall's circle were going through, that anger eventually twisted Justice from his original purpose and turned him into the demon Vengeance, effectively turning Anders into a unique form of an Abomination. And then from that point on Anders is continually influenced by Vengeance into more and more brutal methods of misguided attempts to free the mages, eventually resulting in the infamous Kirkwall Chantry explosion, and in turn the start of the Mage/Templar war. What started out as a positive partnership between a Mage and a spirit eventually results into a horrific turn of events that sparked a war. At the end of Da2 I see now the execution of Anders as a mercy, because Anders and Justice weren't themselves any longer. Or you could just say that it was just sloppy writing lol. And that's all I have for today. Peace.

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No I agree with that LavaDude.

To the point where I reckon that you could make an argument for it being Canon and not just justification after the fact for "bad writing".
David Gaider is many things, but one thing he is not is a bad writer. Not only that but he's also a proven "Lead Writer" unlike Hack Walters.

Like everything else with DA2 - they did the best with the time they had. It's EAs fault that BW had to crap out DA2 in like 15 months.

If they had had more time I absolutely think had they more time to properly communicate what was going on with Anders and Justice/Vengeance then it would absolutely have been something along the lines of your theory.

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Sure. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel satisfaction in killing him, though.

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