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Mass Effect 3, Your Edition

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76 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Fri Apr 22, 2016 8:42 pm

Harbinger still was a Reaper (just made out of Protheans) while the DEEMs were the Reaper's opponents. If you're familiar with 40k then think of the DEEMs as the pre-modified C'tan. They just go around devouring stars (example in ME2 being Haestrom), but are kept in check by the elimination of mass quantities of dark energy (element zero).

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77 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:05 am

Norulezx wrote:Prothean beacons and the cypher should have had some relevance in ME2. Maybe discover some another beacon in Collector Base that gave a clue towards a super weapon or hidden weakness to defeat the Reapers? Maybe thats what they had intended but instead wanted to give the player a choice between saving the collector base or destroying it.

that would of made me like ME2 a lot more to be honest I love the game but looking back at it, you'd think they never planed to do a trilogy at all ME2 should have expanded the universe(it did this very well) as well as at least had some form of plot device to lead into ME3, and other then the arrival DLC there was none. Even Empire Strikes back has Luke I am your father to lead into Return of the Jedi, as well as the whole go rescue Han plot was set up in Empire. I cannot think of another trilogy where the middle part has nothing to do with the rest of it other then a shared universe.

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78 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:15 pm

Yes, i know it's necrobumping, but once Andromeda launches i won't have another chance.

Where was i with this crap....


Jenkins is wounded at the start of the mission but not killed. Shepard has to decide whether to leave him to his fate or leave someone behind to look after him or what. With the weight of being evaluated as a Spectre on top of everything. Kaidan advises they leave Jenkins behind, because mission, and so does Jenkins himself. Ashley... not sure.

Regardless, Jenkins later comes through for the team when they're cornered by Geth but is mortally wounded. He is carried back to the Normandy but dies in the ICU. Chakwas is unable to save him.


More options are given as to how Shepard feels about being bumped up to be considered for the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance without ever having been consulted about it, and whether he actually wants it at all.

Ashley is an accomplished gunsmith and knows just how to tune every weapon's performance perfectly to the kind of environment the team will be deployed on. Any modifications or upgrades you wish to make to your firearms, talk to her first.


Shepard and Wrex agree to try and obtain at least the research data on how to cure the Genophage. Because of course they would. Wrex becomes separated from the team at one point in order to accomplish this. On good or bad terms, up to the player.

Shepard at least TRIES to save both Ashley and Kaidan, and your success is determined by Gameplay, not a stoppage of time where she stops to admire the view and look at the dialogue wheel. But screw it, i'm up for a little drama.

The Mako is deployed to defend the Bomb and allow the team a quicker extraction option if things get hairy. Garrus and Tali join Kaidan while Shepard and Liara move up to backup Ashley and Kirrahee. When the Geth dropship arrives, Shepard calls in the Normandy for fire support, but Joker is tied up and can't make it in time. Decision time, but i say they keep moving to help Ashley.


The Mako (gun manned by Garrus or Kaidan) makes a huge difference fighting off a horde of Geth from the Dropship, but can't keep it up forever. It's kinetic barriers are momentarily overwhelmed and it's jump jet systems are damaged, making it impossible to extract back to the Normandy. Tali has to leave cover in order to mend the damaged system, which is insane but necessary. She gets shot through the helmet for her bravery. Garrus rushes over to her aid, but is yelled at by Tali to quit slouching and give her some damn cover. The bullet having narrowly missed her head, but destroyed the visor, the player gets a look at Tali's face (because screw holding that mystery for 3 games for then to pay it off with some photoshop crap).


The arrival of Shepard and Liara begins to turn the tide in favor of the STG team, until Saren arrives. Then (depending on player action) Wrex arrives on the scene and begins to tear Geth apart. Ashley engages Saren at close quarters at one point, but is shot through the stomach (injured or paralyzed or mortally wounded, depending on player action). Shepard is enraged, and because she's a Vanguard charges at Saren in a blast that tears through several of the crates piled around the level (because badass). Shepard's elbow smashes against Saren's throat as she pins him to the wall in a massive impact, but his face is surprisingly unfazed and Shepard's suddenly turns into shock, and then agony. The camera pans down to reveal Saren's knife fully plunged into the side of her abdomen.

Shepard tries to struggle, but Saren's twisting of the blade is enough to send her to the floor, contorting in agony. He picks her up by the throat, and calmly walks to the edge of the platform, intent on disposing of her. But just as he's about to toss the commander off the edge, his arm is blown off, letting Shepard fall to the ground. Ashley collapses, having used the last of her strength to snipe Saren. Saren, in shock, tries to end Ashley, but Liara thwarts him with her Biotics, while Wrex finishes the job by charging Saren off the edge. He is saved by that floating platform thingy he had and retreats.

Shepard, bleeding horribly, desperately tries to wobble or crawl over to Ashley (gameplay segment), but is quickly picked up and carried to the Normandy that arrives just in time to extract them.

They're both carried over to the hangar as the wind and mayhem blares in from outside, as the cargo ramp has yet to close, adding to the chaos. Shepard gets priority for medical assistance, but can choose to refuse it in favor of Ashley, as Joker's voice over the intercom urgently shouts instructions that seem too muffled to hear properly. Choice hardly matters for the moment as Wrex has to carry both aside in a rush as the Mako violently crashes into the hangar.

Survivors from the Bomb team depend on player action, but since i'm making a story out of this, Garrus emerges carrying Tali, and Kaidan rushes to Shepard and Ashley's side.

to be continued after i get some grub...

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79 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:48 pm


The Conduit takes the party to a hitherto unseen part of the Citadel, not so different from the final area in Mass Effect 3, for the second Mako crash of the story. The part crosses hallways strewn about with dead Keepers until they reach Saren interfacing with some citadel Hardware that looks far more critical than any the player has seen before.

Outside, the Citadel's central tower disengages from the inner ring, which starts to divide into smaller sections. They slowly begin to rotate.

The party engages and defeats Saren (or Shepard convinces him to off himself), but just as they're starting to figure out how to stop the Citadel Relay process, Saren's corpse floats up into the air, sparks of orange energy arcing off of him as his eyes grow brightly, and an empty voice states - "ASSUMING CONTROL."


Outside, Sovereign begins to glow in a manner reminiscent to a Mass Relay's core - "THERE IS A REALM OF EXISTENCE SO FAR BEYOND YOUR OWN, YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE IT. I AM BEYOND YOUR COMPREHENSION."

Inside, Saren's feet slowly descend to touch the ground - "I..." - camera shifts to Saren's glowing orange-red eyes - "AM SOVEREIGN."

As the battle rages on, Sovereign keeps rambling on how "OUR NUMBERS WILL DARKEN THE SKY OF EVERY WORLD.", etc. Once you hold him off long enough, your squadmates are able to open the Citadel back up and allow the Alliance Fleet in. Having to fight the fleet outside while keeping the Citadel Relay active takes enough of a toll that Saren/Sovereign begins to falter, allowing Shepard to finally finish him. The resulting backlash causes Sovereign's defenses to drop, allowing the Normandy to deal the finishing blow.

In the aftermath, the newly discovered Citadel Control Room is deemed classified, and efforts to study it are kept under tight secrecy.

Mass Effect 2 to follow...

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80 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:55 pm


The Normandy manages to avoid the worst of the collector cruiser's surprise attack but is still damaged though functional. Red alert sounds inside the ship, and all crew are ordered to battle stations. As she maneuvers outside the Cruiser's firing arc, it deploys a swarm of Occuli to whittle her down. Thanks to Joker's flying, the Normandy manages to hold her own for a time, but it's a losing battle. For every Occulus destroyed, the ship becomes weaker through attrition.

Inside the ship, Shepard scrambles from station to station to assess damage and do Commander stuff. As the player heads to the lower decks, the hull is finally breached. A Mass Effect field protects Shepard from the worst of it as warning klaxons blare throughout the compartment, but an Occulus makes it inside. The battle is grueling as Shepard is not able to take the foe head-on, being forced to resort to cover and retreat continuously, all the while the ship keeps getting more and more damaged from the inside. When it finally goes down, the deck is aflame.

Outside, the Normandy is still putting up a valiant fight, but all the while the Cruiser has placed itself in firing position on the injured ship. The one blast it fires is enough to decisively cripple the Normandy.

The inside is violently rocked by the assault, with fires erupting throughout the CIC and Bridge, while Joker scrambles to keep the ship alive. Back to Shepard, Joker calls in to report that they're not gonna make it. Dialogue choice ensues, but afterwards the order is sounded to abandon ship.

The rest plays roughly like in the normal game. Shepard goes back to the Bridge to rescue Joker, gets him in an escape pod and launches it. Gameplay segment ensues, where she must make her way through a crumbling wreck of a ship to the very last escape pod while enemy beam fire rips through what's left of the inner hull all around her. She makes it into the pod and launches, as the interior shakes and rumbles.

The pod shoots down onto the planet, as the wreck of a ship left behind is dealt the killing blow by a final blast from the Cruiser's main gun. A stray beam  from the onslaught grazes Shepard's escape pod just as it's clearing the kill zone.

Inside, Shepard notices the damage, which quickly erupts into flame as the pod hits Alchera's upper atmosphere.


The escape pod crashes violently onto the planet's icy surface, hitting a stop on some terrain bump. The door moves partway, jams, and is kicked open by Shepard, who drags herself out of the wreckage. Her suit badly charred and barely functional, she barely keeps from collapsing. As she tries to put herself back together, several large objects crash from above, deploying a swarm of four-eyed insectoid enemies.

Gameplay segment, as Shepard picks up her weapon and battles the incoming collector squad. Her injuries pile on, and several small breaches are visible are air is seen jetting out of her suit. It lasts until she's taken about half of the enemy.

BONUS DRAMA SCENE FOR VANGUARD - as Shepard angrily clenches her fists and launches into a vicious charge at one of the Collector enemies, only to be blocked by her target with relatively little effort, as the insectoid soldier starts to glow a reddish orange hue and it's hide goes darker with electricity sparking off of it.


Boss Battle, as Shepard unloads and unleashes everything she's got at the possessed collector soldier only to be repelled at every turn. Harbinger taunts her over and over as every attack fails to make it flinch, and her own injuries keep piling on. She is eventually blasted onto a flimsy stretch of ground over a chasm, unable to keep going, as Harbinger slowly walks over to loom over her. As it moves to deal the final blow on the Commander, she gathers the last of her strength (or a Grenade) and STRIKES the ground beneath them. The icy floor shatters, as Harbinger makes one last effort to reach her. Shepard and all the collector soldiers are flung into the chasm.


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81 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:01 pm

Shepard wakes up in a facility, aided by someone off the operating table or whatever (it can be Miranda or Jacob, but this would be a good opportunity to present Kasumi to the story, hired by some blue information broker to steal her away). Facility is under attack etc etc. Wilson can be shot by Miranda but then Shepard refuses to trust them and runs off on her own. She's separated from Kasumi at some point.


Shuttle has limited range, so she decides to hide out in Omega. Player has the option to do a number of quests, mostly to get money and find some way to try and contact Shepard's friends. She's sheltered temporarily by Diana and Nef at some point. She crosses paths with Mordin and Garrus. The latter finds some way to contact someone alliance side - Joker.

After a certain number number of quests are done, the main quest triggers, in that Miranda and Jacob finally pick up Shepard's trail, while Kasumi and another hired hand named Zaeed are also on her trail, while Joker and Chakwas arrive with transport off the station. Confrontation ensues, but Shepard is eventually captured by another party (thinking Shadow Broker). She's transported off Omega by shuttle and wakes up in i a cell.


The player is alone, unarmed and without allies. Shepard is herded throughout the wonderful prison activities and it's charming denizens, eventually meeting Jack (whom she had crossed paths with as a teenager). They can either resume killing each other, or try and somehow bury the hatchet. Doesn't much matter as some familiar bug-like individuals soon come for Shepard (being allied with the Broker, and all). Fortunately, Cerberus is hot on the trail, and the ensuing confrontation causes enough Chaos that Shepard and Jack are able to attempt a break-out.

They manage to get armed and fight their way to reach the docking bays, but there Shepard is met with the sight of a Normandy-Class vessel bearing Cerberus markings, visible docked outside the viewport. Shepard is stunned while Jack freaks out. A standoff is reached as Jacob and Miranda catch up to them, and try to reason with Shepard to come with them. The standoff is broken as the Collectors reach them and the party has to fight. Shepard receives a communication from Garrus to retreat through a certain path and meet his friends at docking port whatever. Shepard retreats with Jack, guided by the voice of Garrus as she makes her way through the prison. At some point they find themselves trapped, but a female voice (EDI) takes over the Comm and unlocks the passageways for them. They meet back with Garrus and Zaeed, and retreat back to Kasumi's shuttle. Shepard gets a second glimpse of the SR2 before the shuttle jumps to FTL.

Joker and Chakwas have been taken by Cerberus. Their whereabouts are unknown, but Kasumi's employer has information on what Cerberus had been investigating. While their Illium contact tries to uncover the SR2's whereabouts, Shepard's party heads for Freedom's Progress. Tali is met, things happen, Shepard gets clued in on the Collectors, which killed her two years prior and had tried to acquire her at Purgatory. Some dead collector bugs are found and stored for analysis. Kasumi reveals the name of her and Zaeed's employer as Liara T'Soni. The party returns to Omega and hire Mording to come up with a countermeasure for the Collector Bugs. After recruiting some more squadmates, he succeeds, and the party receives an information packet from Illium. The Cerberus SR2 has been spotted near Horizon.


Shepard scrambles to Horizon, where she is told Ashley/Kaidan is/are stationed. They're picked up by the SR2's sensors and hailed by Cerberus, but the ship makes no attempt to intercept them, instead only warning them to keep their drive emissions low, as there is suspected Collector activity in the area. Joker and Chakwas are safe, but the colony is incommunicable. Both parties agree to a truce on the ground, especially as Shepard has a countermeasure against the collector bugs, which had been preventing the Cerberus party from risking going down to the planet.

The player has the option to pick Miranda and/or Jacob for the party. The mission proceeds as normal, but as the party makes it to the final area, the Collector Cruiser jumps into an ambush trajectory on the SR2. The ship narrowly evades the worst of the initial assault but is crippled, and caught by the planet's gravity well. The ship in disarray and without proper gravity, Joker is somehow freed out of confinement and guided by a disembodied female voice over the intercom to the bridge, in order to try and stabilize it. Shepard must enable the turrets, guided by the same voice as Joker, while fending off waves of Collector troops, Scions, Harbinger, the works.

The turrets activate and pepper the Cruiser with Surface to Orbit fire, forcing it to retreat, but the SR2 cannot recover and hurtles down onto the planet. Joker is guided through the ship's systems by the Voice, and manages an emergency crash-landing. He later wakes up in the colony on Horizon. Shepard greets him, and explains all that happened while he was out and his legs were being put back together.

The Cerberus Crew is in bad shape, the SR2 is crippled, and the Colony is still manned by Alliance troops. They cannot stop Shepard from taking the SR2, and don't try. Miranda and Jacob ask only that Shepard use the ship's Quantum Entanglement Communicator to speak to their employer. First conversation with the Illusive Man happens. A compromise is reached, where Cerberus will not try to recover the ship, and allow Shepard full access to it's systems. In return, Shepard will review the information the Illusive Man gives her, and take his advice into consideration when deciding her next move.

Shepard settles things with Ashley and/or Kaidan. They can't just abandon their post, but trust Shepard. The ship is repaired in Horizon and restored to working order.

Normandy Reborn scene plays, as the ship takes off from Horizon.

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82 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:00 pm

You know what would have been good? Uniting everyone in mind and spirit. In victory, the relays are destroyed. Everyone still has quantum entanglement tech to communicate with each other, but they are separated physically.

No Control or Synthesis. Synthetic allies live/die based on your previous choices. EDI's survival is its own separate thing. Star Child remains in all his logically flawed (in)glory, but you talk him down.

After victory, humans and other aliens have to make their own FTL technology to reach each other again. Develop and reconnect their civilizations without the Reapers' calculated dooming guidance, but along their own desired paths.

Not sure how long it takes. Depending on choices, Shepard dies to achieve this victory or lives in relative comfort while doing his part to reconnect galactic civilization. The next game takes place after all this and with a new protagonist. Maybe player's choice of race.

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83 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:03 pm


Shepard is able to review the SSV Normandy's flight recorder (and maybe consult analysis from the Alliance, Cerberus, and EDI's own) and piece together how the ship was ambushed in the first place. One of the most relevant pieces of research for the final batle would be figuring out how to fool Collector sensors.

Shepard is still developing her biotic powers, but has trouble igniting a Biotic Blade, partly due to being a Vanguard.

The Justicar's mission to Illium does not simply bind Samara to you because plot says so. Samara is acquired for good on Omega after the Morinth mission.

We also get Tali and the rest of the Squad, etc.

Speaking of...


After finding out Nef has died, Shepard visits Diana to pay her respects. Dialogue leads Shepard to start suspecting of foul play, and she eventually takes it upon herself to find her murderer and bring her to justice. She runs into Samara again and hears about Morinth, piecing it together and making for Afterlife to draw Morinth out. It works, and Morinth takes Shepard home.

Drama bit:
Fooling around is short lived, and a fight breaks out. Morinth's biotics give her the upper hand over Shepard, knocking her across the room. Shepard goes for the rifle on the wall, Morinth goes for the sword. The rifle isn't active, so Shepard can only use it as a club. She's disarmed in short order, as Morinth stands confidently above her, ready to finish her off, until Shepard turns the tables by igniting her own Biotic Blade and cutting Morinth. Shepard presses the advantage until Morinth unleashes a desperate psychic attack, using her Ardat-Yaksi powers to tear Shepard's mind apart (good opportunity to insert nightmarish mind trip here). She's saved at the last minute by Samara. Samara joins the party.


Pretty much as Standard, but EDI is able to obtain information about Collector sensor and targeting capabilities from the Cruiser's computer, enough to possibly develop a countermeasure.

We can skip the dead reaper except maybe a sidequest to get Legion, because...


Shepard infiltrates the Batarian prison and saves Kenson. Kenson has the plan to smash an asteroid into the Alpha Relay, but there's the whole problem of Mass Relays being known to survive Supernovae.

Kenson has a trump card, though. The artifact her team has been able to pinpoint the Reapers' time of Arrival with, also has data on how to override the Relay's normal processes of operation. They don't have time to figure out how to make it self-destruct, but the analysis of the data they've extracted has enabled them to give it other kinds of orders, like disengaging it's Quantum Shielding. If they can only make it vulnerable long enough, the asteroid's mass and velocity will do the rest.

The operation is ready to commence, but when examining Object Rho, it discharges a burst of energy that nearly incapacitates Shepard. Kenson is revealed to be Indoctrinated. Combat sequence ensues, in which Shepard's sight and hearing get progressively dulled, and increasingly cluttered with Reaper influence. In the end, she's unable to keep fighting and collapses.

She wakes up two days later when the station's functioning is disrupted. Shepard wastes no time in making her escape, but her senses are still affected by Object Rho's discharge. She receives a communication from elsewhere in the complex from her team, that had infiltrated the station in search of her.

Her party will draw the worst of enemy fire, while Shepard moves through the complex to activate the engines and get the asteroid moving. When she tries to warn the Batarian Colonies to get out of dodge, her signal is jammed and the transmission cuts to a garbled insectoid creature taunting her in Harbinger's voice (it's unclear to the player whether it's on the view screen or Shepard's own mind). The collector Cruiser jumps out of FTL on top of the Normandy - and the ship is boarded. The Squad is down on the station, leaving the crew aboard the ship to fend for itself. Throughout the rest of the mission gameplay, Shepard's senses are gradually interfered with, and Reaper sounds are audible more and more clearly.

Shepard activates the engines, but the Relay's shields are still up. Her Squad has obtained a copy of the data extracted from Object Rho, but are unable to reach the transmission hardware themselves. She must reach Object Rho and activate the process of shutting down the Relay's shields, or the asteroid will be unable to destroy it.

Back on the Normandy, Joker must reach the AI core in order to undo EDI's shackles, and return the ship to working order (need to do some readjusting of the structure or explain away why EDI doesn't just ask Chakwas, who is pretty much right next door). He succeeds, and the Collector forces are vented out into space or fall prey to other hazards.

The Collector Cruiser pulls back from the Normandy. EDI calls Joker back to the bridge in time to see the Cruiser bearing it's main gun on the ship, but a combination of EDI's cyber warfare and Joker's flying disrupts the Cruiser's targeting enough to make it only graze it's mark. Instead of pursuing the assault, the Cruiser breaks away. EDI calculates it's trajectory and determines it's on a course to destroy the Asteroid's engines. The Normandy is damaged and shaken up by the confrontation but recovers in time to scramble in pursuit.

Shepard reaches Object Rho. EDI informs her of the necessary steps she must take in order to transmit the override to the Relay, and Shepard soon has to fight a mix of Indoctrinated Alliance Soldiers and Collector Troopers, all the while the now clearly audible voice of Harbinger keeps taunting her. After a grueling combat sequence, she drags herself over to the signal controls, activates the transmission, then destroys all the hardware. The player has the option to destroy Object Rho as well, but it proves impervious to weapons fire.

Shepard receives a communication from the Squad, urging her to rendezvous somewhere, but their voices are smothered by Harbinger's cluttering her mind. Gameplay sequence, as Shepard tries to make it to the rendezvous point, and her Squadmates' voices through the comm compete with Harbinger's in her head. Combat ensues, in which Shepard becomes progressively weaker, until she just collapses as a Possessed Collector stands over her  - "Shepard, you have become an annoyance. You struggle against inevitability. Dust struggling against Cosmic Winds...".

The Collector Cruiser reaches the engines. EDI determines they are too late to stop it from firing, as the Cruiser's main gun discharges and destroys the Reactor. It is too late though, as the Engines have finished their main burn, and the asteroid is now locked in on trajectory with the target. The Alpha Relay's destruction can no longer be stopped.

The Normandy retaliates with a salvo of Javelin fire that makes the Cruiser shudder, but as it prepares to activate it's main gun, EDI urges joker to hold his fire. Shepard's lifesigns are confirmed aboard the Collector ship.

With little time left before impact, the Normandy is forced to break off and pick up the rest of the Squad, allowing the Cruiser to limp away to safety. As it retrieves the party, the Normandy blasts off toward the Alpha Relay, jumping away just before the Asteroid breaks it apart, unleashing a chain reaction that destroys the entire system.

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84 failed to beat Andromeda to it on Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:56 pm

From a gameplay standpoint it's actually better that Shepard doesn't get captured, so you can roam around the galaxy (and let your crew die) before going through the Omega-4 Relay. The Arrival sequence still plays roughly the same except for the ending and how the next mission starts. If you wanted to go the extra mile, make being captured a thing that may or may not happen, depending on how you play.


There is no sign of the Collector Cruiser on the other side of the jump, but there's little doubt as to where it went. The Normandy doesn't yet have a way to traverse the Omega-4 Relay per-se, but EDI's analysis of the Object Rho data uncovers a set of instructions you could possible give the Relay to use more precise jump protocols.

Depending on player action, the Illusive Man may not approve of departing in pursuit of Shepard before having a chance to offload the Object Rho data to Cerberus. The mission may thus be coordinated with either the Illusive Man or Liara (or maybe both, with Miranda and Garrus talking to their respective contacts).

If Liara became the Shadow Broker, she will have access to the Quantum Entaglement probe data from beyond the Relay, as well the logs from the previous Broker's dealings with the Collectors to help prepare for the mission (all factors toward squad survival).

Regardless, the Normandy SR2 makes ready and braves the Omega-4 Relay.


Shepard wakes up in a collector pod. Through the glass, she can see other pods like hers, standing upright. Some of the people in it are unconscious, others are panicked. The player has the option to try and struggle out of the pod. Then, one after another, they start melting. The player has the option to struggle further.

The Normandy jumps into a debris field. Joker maneuvers through it, while contending with the Occuli. EDI detects a high-energy reaction forming on the far side of the field and Joker immediately takes evasive maneuvers as a collector heavy beam tears through the debris, veering to track the ship as it evades and refracting into bits off the Normandy's Cyclonic Barrier (or scoring a hit and killing a squaddie, if the ship isn't up to snuff). EDI tracks the source of the incoming fire and begins working her cyber-mojo to disrupt their targeting, while Joker outmaneuvers the Occuli through the field, clearing it  in time to get a clear view of the Collector Cruiser in the distance, with a gargantuan structure hovering behind it.

The Cruiser charges to fire again. The Normandy deploys the main gun. The Cruiser fires, as does the Thanix. Yellow and blue cross the sky, as the Collector Beam scores a direct hit... on a piece of debris, as the Normandy clears it, and it's return fire cuts an exploding gash through the Collector Cruiser, sending it down in flames and igniting into a massive blast onto the hull of the base.

The interior of the base is rocked. Shepard is still struggling, but after a few seconds her pod momentarily loses power. She is able to force her way out of the pod just as it comes back online. Gameplay segment, where the player can try to save people from the pods, but being unarmed and weakened, is ultimately unable to (could be too horrible a thing to put the player through, though, especially if it was done right).

Once that's done with, the player can move ahead and scavenge up discarded gear in order to rearm and heal up (videogamey, but it was done on the Cruiser and i don't have a better idea, so shrug). The player hears distant rumble (the battle going on outside the outer hull) as Shepard progresses through the level. Eventually she gets something through the commlink, and EDI patches through with some difficulty. She is able to give Shepard a rough layout of the station, and set up a tentative rendezvous point before the transmission gets too garbled.

Combat soon ensues. Harbinger still taunts Shepard, but it's not as overpowering as it was in the Bahak System. As she makes it through the corridors, pathways are sometimes opened for her, and attacking Collector squads are sometimes cut off from her behind closing bulkheads.

During a particularly grueling combat segment, she is reunited with her squad. Once they finish off every enemy, they can catch up. Shepard thanks EDI for taking care of the bulkeads for her, but EDI answers she didn't do it, as running ECM against the entire Collector base was too taxing for her to do anything else. Shepard can also talk about the damn interference inside her head, and worry she may be getting Indoctrinated, though it's not as bad as it was before, and how her pod somehow lost power and allowed her to escape.

EDI shares her scans of the Collector base and highlights points of interest, though they're inconclusive and don't quite allow them to narrow down where to start looking for the Crew. As the Squad starts despairing about ever finding them before they're liquefied, their commlinks become garbled by some sort of jamming, though it's short lasting. As the squad prepares for the worst, EDI explains that it was actually a transmission. And it was in Reaper Code.

Shepard's holo-projection of the Collector Base lights up with further information. EDI explains she'd just been given the full layout of the base, though it'll take her a little longer to interpret everything. The Squad speculates on who did it or why, and whether it's a likely trap, but a pinpoint of the area where the Crew is being held cannot be ignored, and the party moves out.

More gameplay, more combat. The Crew is saved. EDI points out the location of the Control Level on the Base - indicating that if they want to destroy it, that's the place to do it from. TIM patches in and talks about sparing it and using it, but the discussion remains inconclusive, giving the player some time to think about it.

As the Squad progresses, EDI is now able to easily hack them a path. Right before the control level, Swarms are finally released, necessitating a big Biotic Bubble (i recommend Jack, because character development). Once all is taken care of, EDI is able to hack them a straight line to the control room. Gameplay quiets down, as no resistance presents itself as they move down the corridor.

At the end of it is the Collector nerve center. The party is on guard as they sweep the room, but the only collector presence they find is a multi-legged Collector, looking worn down and mangled. It's eyes dark (as opposed to bright yellow, like when it's possessed), the Collector General makes no move to attack them, and instead tries to face Shepard, looking as if it's trying to say something, however unable. Shepard may choose to interpret it as some fluke, or injury, side effect of being possessed for so long, or maybe actually trying to help them put an end to it's misery.

Regardless, soon the General gives up trying to communicate and weakens, looking rather pitiful. Until it suddenly jolts awake with glowing eyes glaring at "SHEPARD....".

Harbinger renews it's mental assault on the Commander, but a renegade interrupt allows her to finally deliver de Coup de Grace on the General.

EDI guides Shepard through the process of sending the Base into critical mass (or whatever the equivalent would be), but the whole place soon starts to churn and shudder. The Squad thinks maybe the self-destruct is going too fast, but EDI explains that's not the case. Something huge inside the base has  just started moving. EDI urges the party to make for the rendezvous with all haste.

On their way out, the party encounters some sort of abomination like a skeleton Reaper with some disturbing insides, pretty much demolishing the place as it thrashes about trying to exterminate the party, firing Red Reaper Laser of Death like nobody's business. As the party runs for their lives, EDI explains it's likely the result of all those missing colonists getting melted into goo.

Combat ensues, as the Squad must stay ahead of the rampaging Reaper while fighting off hordes of Collector troops, as Harbinger keeps possessing troopers and going "HUMAN... YOU'VE CHANGED NOTHING. YOUR SPECIES HAS THE ATTENTION OF THOSE INFINITELY YOUR GREATER." etc (for dramatic purpose, Harbinger always enters the scene when a trooper is between you and the Human Reaper, so you can't aim at Harbinger without seeing the massive thrashing monster looming behind it). Weapons fire on specific weak points will manage to tickle the Human Reaper enough to get a reprieve from the Red Laser of Death, and slow it's advance (while Suicide Mission plays in the background).

As the player rushes down one final platform, the Normandy emerges at the end of it, pummeling the Reaper with Javelin and Thanix fire (this is still gameplay; all the Blue Beams of Reaper Death shoot past the player, so one may have wanted to play it multiple times just to admire the full mayhem).

Reaper goes down. Normandy picks up the Squad, Shepard jumps last and is picked up by a squaddie. Detonation in ten, nine, eight - "Yeah i get the gist of it, EDI. Hold on!". The Normandy blasts away. Awesome cutscene ensues. Badass ending.

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85 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:09 pm

Some people talk about this guy called Vega. He's probably stationed somewhere, i don't really know. Let the newcomers worry about him.

The Opening just floats around in my mind. Arch has talked about Emily Wong dying at Ramming Speed, which is cool, and Shepard's trial on Kar'shan, which is awesome.

Me, i think Kar'shan, or at least some relatively friendly planet on Batarian Space before Kar'shan would be a good pick. Some place the Batarians would keep around for diplomatic efforts, with maybe some Council presence, like some sort of embassy. Shepard would be undergoing the process of being transferred to Kar'shan proper. Ashley/Kaidan would be... somewhere.

Shepard is being accompanied by some older lady, and discussing world names with Liara. They're weighing pros and cons and various specifics, and going down the list pretty fast. The older lady doesn't appreciate being excluded from the conversation, and states she doesn't plan to just hide away, for what seems like it must be the 7th time, or so. Shepard will hear none of it, and won't leave her mom unsecured when the Reapers are expected to arrive any day now.

Anderson soon joins, and gives her the rundown of what to expect. The past is discussed a bit, though not in the as you know format. Shepard must part with her party while she's processed for transfer. She asks Liara to take care of her mom. Anderson walks her the rest of the way. They talk about Batarians, the hearing, political climate and how one side is out for blood and the other trying to avoid war, meaning Shepard is pretty much being hung out to dry. Shepard only wants to talk about Reapers and what's being done about it.

They arrive at a chamber full of Batarian officials, who immediately start interrogating her. Anderson objects, as the hearing isn't supposed to happen until they reach Kar'shan, but the officials will hear none of it. They start to persistently and aggressively question the Commander about the Bahak System and the Reapers - especially the Reapers. It quickly becomes apparent that they're not just angry, but desperate.

Shepard has the option to turn the tables on them, and it quickly becomes apparent how frantic they are. One of the Batarians receives a communication that makes him freeze. Once it ends, he is too petrified to speak. Shepard has the option to snap him out of it, but a distant loud rumble answers whatever question there may have been.

It all goes to crap as the installation is soon rocked, and things break and burn. Shepard tries to reach Liara; Anderson tries to reach Ashley/Kaidan. They make it outside, Reapers everywhere. There are more Red Beams of Death coming down from orbit than actual cuttlefish on the ground, however.

Monsters invade, combat ensues. Shepard wants to get to her mom and Liara, but the latter assures her she has it covered. Anderson urges Shepard make her own escape, though she wonders about how far away can a transport or shuttle get under these conditions. Anderson reassures her he's not calling either.

More fighting, more mayhem. Shepard and Anderson are pinned down when a set of Blue Beams of Death make short work of their opposition, as the Normandy swoops in for pickup. Big badass Normandy scene, heroes escape to witness a ton of mayhem and death as the ship flies off. Cue sad music, because i know the fans eat it up.



The ultimate fate of Shepard's mom will be down to player action, though it'll be more than one thing, and possibly one of the hardest NPCs to save.

Through character dialogue, it will be known that the Anderson had pulled strings to have the Normandy on standby as his transport, though why it was ordered to remain in stealth mode and packing full combat readiness indicates the Admiral wanted it for more than just ferrying.

The Object Rho data from Mass Effect 2 in conjunction with the Control Room discovered in Mass Effect 1 has allowed the Citadel to directly control the Relays, effectively hindering the Reaper Advance and explaining why they don't just show up at the Citadel doorstep. Further inquiring will reveal just how much effort went into it, especially as the Reapers are just as able to hack the Relays as they please and have astronomical computation power at their disposal. Most of the push was actually done by the Normandy Crew and their contacts. Much of the Reaper countermeasure system was actually written by EDI herself, with a lot of help from the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance, isolated groups within STG (through Mordin) and the Turian Military (through Garrus and his father), the Shadow Broker's resources, all the Alliance support Hackett and Anderson could muster, and even Cerberus (though cooperation proved difficult). The final version of the system was finalized by EDI, and - with Anderson's influence - approved for standby.

The Citadel, however, was slow to act when first warning of the Reapers was given. Partly because of the Council's disbelief and indecision, partly because the program was not actually integrated into the Citadel's systems at the time of invasion, as the Council wasn't too excited about loading up an unknown piece of software made by a bunch of third parties, and they had dismissed those claims. As a result, the Reapers were allowed to spread to much of the Galaxy before the Citadel finally managed to secure the Relays.

Even now, work to stop the Reaper use of the Relays is around the clock. A bit of good luck with the bad, however, is that in their thinned out state, the Reapers can't easily mass their forces for a concentrated assault on the Citadel, while the Council Races can more readily mass a joint fleet (complete with precise exit jump vectors in order to quickly position their ships) and ambush a Reaper force that makes a successful jump.

The Citadel can also program the Relays to go cold and stop receiving orders for a set amount of time - though that hasn't been tested yet. The primary deterrent is a failsafe EDI created that will send the Relay into Critical Mass and detonate should the situation become dire. The function has actually been readied a few times when it seemed the Citadel was about to lose a Relay, but the threat alone seemed to have been enough to get the Reapers to back off, and they've either resorted to their own FTL for travel or otherwise been much more reserved in their attempts to hijack a Relay.

Needless to say, it is a much dreaded measure to consider actually taking, and there is worry that the Reapers will eventually decide to call the Citadel's bluff.

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86 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:52 pm

my thing if i want to fix three i have to fix the other 2 as well to have all the sense

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87 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:38 pm

Most of the game's structure stays - at least Rannoch and Tuchanka. Cerberus isn't constantly trying to undermine Shepard's every move, and open hostility is only reached later in the game. Their opposition is more localized, and they only enter armed conflict when unavoidable. Cerberus also uses small squads of high-performance operatives (probably characters in their own right), rather than armies of cannon-fodder.

Kai Leng is as he was written by Drew Karpyshyn, rather than the vomit Mac Walters made him out to be. He's loyal to the Illusive Man, but has his own ideas abut how to deal with the Reapers, that causes some friction between them. The Illusive Man is more open to the idea that he may be Indoctrinated, and his approach is more cautious, but outside factors often force his hand.

Also, Gillian Grayson features in the game - because she's one of the story's main characters, and screw Deception. The Normandy Crew finds her in stasis or coma or captured in a Cerberus facility and rescue her. The paragon option of what do do with her is return her to a safe place, like the Citadel, but Gillian will refuse to stay put, leading the party to find her again out in the field. She's young, and clearly not a soldier, but driven and stubborn, and a Biotic wrecking ball of doom. She has a score to settle with Cerberus - especially Kai Leng and TIM.

As the War wears on, the Citadel races are able to put up a brutal struggle against the Reapers, largely thanks to being able to maintain control of the Mass Relay Network and using it to their advantage.

About one third into the game, Shepard is apprised by the Council of a top-secret project dug up from old Asari archives that may present a chance to end the Reaper threat. A doomsday weapon from the Prothean Era that had been brought up to counter some massive threat, up until now unknown or dismissed. It has been code-named the Crucible, and vast amounts of resources are being diverted from the war effort to build it. Shepard has the choice to voice her support for the project, or defend that their Fleets and troops should be given resource priority.

The final Cerberus mission involves the Illusive Man's base being raided by Reaper Forces, and Shepard's squad rushing to recover the data on the Catalyst before the Reapers do. Depending on player action throughout the series, the Cerberus forces will either be hostile or friendly toward the player.

Kai Leng is revealed to be Indoctrinated, forcing TIM into a corner and resorting to Reaper Tech himself. The Normandy crew escapes with the location of the Catalyst, but it's too late. The Reapers have broken through to the Widow Nebula (either FTL, indoctrination or just sheer attrition) and it's just a matter of time until the Citadel is completely overrun and the Relay Network seized.

Shepard is contacted (by Miranda, TIM, whoever may be applicable) about a possible way to turn the tables. With their forces still tied down in conflicts all over the galaxy, the Reaper presence in the Widow Nebula is relatively small. A Surprise attack from all the ships the galactic species can muster may put forth enough momentum to allow the Crucible to dock with the Citadel and fire.

The Relay Network won't hold long enough to mass a proper attack force, but there is a way to bypass the bulk of the Reaper Forces and sneak right next to the control room: Ever since Ilos, Cerberus had been trying to build their own conduit into the Citadel, for reasons best not gone into. The prototype is currently kept underground, under London. The Reapers have yet to discover it's location. If the Network can be reactivated long enough to jump the Sword and Shield Fleets through, they might stand a chance of activating the Crucible.

The Citadel Forces vow to hold the Network for as long as they breathe, to give Shepard and all available ships enough time to rush to Earth and break through the Reaper presence there. The Normandy blasts off for the nearest Relay.

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88 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:45 pm

Due to the Earth's rotation and general stellar body movement, there is a specific time window during which the Conduit will be viable for a jump.

Depending on Shepard's actions, different races will spare a varying number of ships for the Earth assault (forces that won't be defending their homeworlds once the Relay Network shuts down).

At the appointed time, the galactic forces storm the Reaper ranks in orbit over London. Battle will go according to Shepard's actions throughout the game. Either way, Normandy touches down and Shepard's party joins the ground assault. Battle varies once again according to player action. Old characters join the fray during the final push, gathering in one final run for the entrance to the facility as Harbinger touches down and starts raining down Red Reaper Laser of Death.

Shepard's squad commands alter to direct the whole attack force, as the Normandy squares off against Harbinger, running interference in order to allow you to break through. Shepard can use a laser designator to guide Normandy's fire to specific weak points on Harbinger whenever an opening presents itself.

The party finally makes it to the facility, now dodging red death laser cutting blind from the ceiling. The roof eventually collapses, showing Harbinger towering above as Shepard makes one final sprint toward the conduit, while Harbinger is bombarded with everything the Earth forces have as it furiously spews red death from above down onto Shepard's position.

The party makes it to the Conduit and are warped to the Citadel. There's a short-lived quiet before they're plunged right back into battle as they push toward the control room. Squadmates stay behind one by one in order to cover Shepard's advance. Gillian is among the last as she squares off against Kai Leng, leaving Shepard one final push as her injuries pile on, leaving her to reach her goal a bleeding broken mess.

A final wave moves to finish her off, but are swept aside by TIM, nearly consumed by his assimilated Reaper Tech. Shepard can barely move, but TIM uses his tech to reactivate the Mass Relay Network. All across the galaxy, the Relays spring back to life. Fleets defending their homeworlds jump to FTL, to seize the window of opportunity for the counterattack. The Widow Relay starts spooling.

The Citadel itself opens it's arms, starting to rotate it's inner rings and igniting the dark energy reaction to activate it's Relay. Reapers mobilize, but are caught in a pincer attack by the fleets jumping in from both Relays, throwing them off balance while the Shield Fleet covers the Crucible as it docks with the Citadel.

Inside, the control room begins to warp and buckle, as the Crucible moves too close to the structure to maintain structural integrity. TIM reveals that he means to use the Crucible to seize control over the Reapers. Gillian makes it to the room and stands off against the Illusive Man, but he uses his abilities to fry her implant, sending her to the ground gasping and convulsing.

The structure around them continues to crumble, swallowing Gillian or venting her into space. The mayhem gradually seems less chaotic and more orderly, until the room itself forms into something reminiscent of the Catalyst Beam Room.

A being seemingly made of energy eventually greets Shepard and TIM. Explaining itself to be the Catalyst, the master of the Reapers, etc. It may appear as several people personally important to Shepard (possibly alternating between them), from dead squadmates, to important characters, or her mom.

Shepard is enraged and struggles to her feet. TIM remains calm while the Catalyst talks about finding a new solution, destroying, controlling. That gets TIM's attention, and he moves over to the big creepy Control Ending Machine. Shepard can try to shoot him, but the rounds bounce off some shield. TIM makes contact, and blue sparks start flying all over.

The Crucible arms, and a blue light starts glowing. Seems to be going according to TIM's plan at first, but something starts feeling wrong. TIM starts looking distressed.

The Catalyst calmly explains that it had been observing the Organics' efforts to forestall their fate at the Reapers' hands, and decided to let it play out while it considered a new solution.

Outside, the crucible's blue light starts shifting to Synthesis green. The Catalyst starts talking about this new solution that involves merging the framework of organic an synthetic life, blah blah blah. Outside, the green light starts expanding. TIM is unable to stop the process, or save himself, as his body starts disintegrating to feed the process.

As Shepard grows desperate, she hears/senses something (TIM's voice?) guide her toward a point in the structure. The player regains control and can move over to the objective, and shoot the Destroy Ending power conduit, causing it to explode and start a chain reaction.

Outside, the perfect slow expanding energy sphere of the crucible starts becoming unstable, until it breaks down and blasts into a shattered mess of massive beams spewing out from the central structure. Ships and Reapers caught in a direct hit are disintegrated. Entities grazed by it undergo an agonizing metamorphosis, causing green glowing lines to appear flowing on their skin, as their eyes glow an eerie pale blue. Sovereign class Reapers caught by this effect start to convulse. Reaper troops experience effects ranging from distress to outright panicked hysterics.

In the Catalyst room, the Catalyst pontificates on how lamentable this setback is, and how it is now up to Shepard to take the process to it's completion, and how organics and synthetics and cybernetics and blah blah blah. Shepard has the option to tell it to screw off, at which point the catalyst will go "SO BE IT, the cycle continues", causing the central beam to shut down. Shepard looks up in despair at the battle scene raging outside.

The Reapers become less lethargic, and start bearing down on the organics' ships like they finally mean business. The Alliance and Council, Quarian and Geth ships begin to fall in short order.

As a Sovereign-Class bears down on Hackett's flagship and fires it's main gun, a Synthesized Destroyer-Class flies right into the firing line and takes the hit for the Dreadnought.

All throughout the battlefield, Synthesized Reapers switch enemies and begin attacking their former brethren. Inside, Shepard is awestruck, as the Catalyst pontificates on how vexing it all is, blah. Shepard has the option to shoot at the Catalyst, but it's pointless. Reaper troops appear from within the structure in short order, less to fight the Commander than to outright execute her.

Just as they're about to finish her off, however, a massive Biotic Blink blasts into the space between Shepard and the Reaper troops, with enough force to cause the catwalk underneath to buckle. The energy and aura glows a tone of aqua, rather than the deep blue of of standard Biotics. Gillian Grayson stumbles into the ground, with pale green synthesis lines coursing all over her skin.

The Reapers hold their fire for a moment, as even the Catalyst is at a loss for words. Gillian looks to be on the brink of panic, looking at her hands, arms and body, disoriented and increasingly overwhelmed by what happened to her. Shepard rushes to try and pull her together, just before the Reapers open fire -- too late, as a Biotic Barrier repels every shot harmlessly off the two Humans.

Shepard continues to support Gillian as she still can't get her bearings, until the constant Reaper fire becomes too aggravating and she cries out in a Biotic burst, stunning every Trooper in the room.

Gameplay ensues, as the player must clear the area of enemies while issuing squad commands to Gillian, who will proceed to tear apart her target or protect Shepard, depending on the input.

The Catalyst will eventually stop manifesting, but Gillian is able to sense it's location, tearing a path through the structure in order to allow Shepard to reach it.

More gameplay ensues, in which Shepard must now fend for herself alone while Gillian uses all her energy to keep the structure from collapsing, though she is soon joined by the rest of the party, who heal her back to standard and begin to turn the battle. The squad make their way to the Catalyst's body. Final boss fight ensues.

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89 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:35 pm

Outside, the two sides viciously throw everything they have against one another. Council races, Quarian, Geth, freed Reapers and the Catalysts's forces tear each other apart, lighting the sky on fire.

Inside, the battle against the Catalyst is hard fought. Once it finally falls, the structure begins to collapse. Gameplay ensues, where Shepard and the squad must escape the collapsing structure. Throughout the run, each Squadmate gets their chance to shine in some way (yes, it comes from there), while Shepard periodically calls for help on every frequency. At long last, Joker's voice comes in through the comm, setting an extraction point as the Catalyst structure collapses all around the squad.

Normandy picks up the party, and flies away from the crumbling Crucible.


This is a hard part to write for, because so much of it depends on player choice throughout the series. It's where the story can finally open up and go 16 wildly different ways.

Besides being ravaged by brutal war, the various galactic civilizations now have to contend with the various freed Reaper races. Sovereign and Destroyer class Reapers have been mostly reclusive, content to stay out of the way of all the other races. Some, however have tried to make contact with other species, mostly Geth. Those who have tried to contact Organics, have gone as far as to physically destroy their own ability to Indoctrinate, so as to alleviate fear from other species of falling prey to it. The reactions they've obtained have ranged from suspicion to hostility, but the species showing them the most outright bitter hatred have been the Reaper ground forces, almost all of whom feeling they've had their former lives destroyed by one group, to find themselves unable to return to homes they've been made to destroy with their own hands, and having therefore to face the hatred of their former organic brethren.

The suicide rate among Husks has been the highest. Brutes are faced with massive identity crisis, which seems small in face of the slew of rejection syndromes they're forced to endure, due to their mixed dextri-levo DNA structure. Marauders have been the most stoic, in keeping with their Turian nature. It is mostly them that restrain other Reaper troopers who take to violence, namely Cannibals, who seem the quickest to anger. Banshee are the quietest, often secluding themselves to quiet depression - often despair.

Despite this, and all the wounds inflicted on the organic races, there have been pockets of society to show compassion for the Reaper ground forces. The efforts to aid in their recovery have been slow and laborious, but persistent, especially from Turian and Asari cultures.

Synthesized Organics have met with suspicion and distrust, and sometimes resentment from the Reaper ground forces, who feel like they got the best of both worlds, with none of the horrid disfigured agony they themselves must face. They have nonetheless been one of the principal species to try and aid in their brethren's recovery.

All in all, however, in great part for having all fought side by side in the end, there has also been a sentiment of acceptance, and an effort toward understanding each others' struggles.

Galactic civilization has inherited a great many problems, on top of the devastation, but it is slowly recovering.

Some of the Free Reapers, having found no place among organics, have tapped into the secrets of Reaper FTL technology in conjunction with the Mass Relay Network, and followed in the footsteps of the Andromeda Initiative, trying to find a new life in a place where their neighbors won't bear the scars of the Reaper War; many of these having friends of family on their way to another galaxy, in hope that one day they'll be able to see them again.

Others however, have elected to stay, and try to find their place in a galaxy still smoldering in their wake, and maybe help it heal.

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90 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:42 pm

and stuff i forgot

A thing about Legion - In a conversation, most people wait a reasonable length of time after you finish speaking before they reply. Legion replies to you THE EXACT MILLISECOND you finish speaking. He very rarely makes a mistake on it, and quickly learns to tell the difference between a pause and an end. He also immediately stops talking the moment he sees your mouth start to move.

I have this thing about character interaction between Gillian Grayson and the Migrant Fleet dring the Rannoch mission, but the main thing i'd change about that segment relates to Legion and the Reaper battle.

The moment the Normandy blasts the transmitter and it turns out to be a Destroyer, the Geth Fleet goes down, and the Quarian Fleet in is set upon by Reaper forces jumping in from FTL.

Legion wants to make way to a part of the complex where he can bring the Geth Fleet back online. Conflict ensues between Tali and Legion as the Destroyer tries to take out their speeding ground vehicle, while the Normandy runs interference. Doesn't last long, as a decision needs to be reached quickly on whether or not to trust the Geth fleet to side with the Quarians. Shepard can stop Legion or let him proceed, but the ground battle segment takes place next, as Shepard uses the laser designator to guide the Normandy's fire (not the whole fleet; that's ridiculous) on the Destroyer.

The Destroyer will alternate targets between Shepard and Legion. If Shepard is hit, Game Over, but if Legion is hit, the Geth Fleet never comes back online and the game proceeds with that consequence.

If it's such a vital plot point that Legion dies, he sacrifices himself at the end of the battle, remaining in place to bring the Geth Fleet online as the Destroyer bears down on him. The Destroyer's last shot vaporizes Legion, just as he accomplishes his objective and the Geth Fleet joins the battle against the Reapers, and the Normandy brings down the Destroyer.

Whether the Quarians and the Geth can coexist is decided in the aftermath, due to the variables up to that point and player action.

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91 Re: Mass Effect 3, Your Edition on Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:40 pm

Ok... first things first;

The ending of ME2 was kind of bad... like new Twinkie bad.

I wouldn't change any of ME2 until the final confrontation with the Human Reaper.

The party would get into the central chamber, and instead of fighting Reaper Kong, they'd find a brain in a jar. A really, really big brain in an even bigger jar. That's what the Reapers are... brains in jars. With big guns.

The brain has the ability to speak just as the Reapers do, except this brain is made up of millions of individuals who have been amalgamated into the structure. And this brain can't agree with itself. Why? Because it's made of Humans.

As Humans, we rarely agree on anything. It's why the Turians don't trust us, it's why the Asari are exasperated with us, it's why the Salarians are fascinated by us and why the  Batarians are paranoid of us. We are different.

The Reapers have been working for years, possibly decades to make a Human Reaper using their pawns. As Shepard and company speak to this brain, they learn that this is only the most recent try. There have been four or five other attempts. Entire colonies harvested only to have the resultant product tear itself apart.

This is why they want Shepard. They don't want to make a Reaper out of Shepard. They want to amalgamate Shepard into this brain to be the dominant personality within it. As it stands, no personality is dominant within the brain, and so all are trying to take control, speaking in different voices with different ideas. But they all agree on one thing; they want the agony to stop.

The Human Reaper begs Shepard to end their suffering. The Illusive Man wants the base for himself, to continue the construction of the Human Reaper by incorporating a personality of his choosing to take control.

Have mercy and destroy the brain, thus pissing TIM off. Or, give TIM control of the base and have him construct a Cerberus Reaper.

I'd choose destroy.

The events of Arrival would happen the same as they did.

Part I

But ME3 would begin on the Normandy. It'd be the middle of the 'night', Shepard in bed either alone or with their LI. The encrypted console on Shepard's desk would go off, waking everyone in the room.

Shepard would find him/herself face to face with Anderson. Except this time, he's in his Alliance blues. His ceremonial uniform. He would inform Shepard that the Batarians have filed charges against Shepard of War Crimes and Genocide. The Alliance have capitulated to the charges to avoid an armed conflict with the Batarians.

Anderson has been given three ships and tasked with escorting Shepard and the Normandy to Arcturus, the seat of the Alliance. Anderson informs Shepard that he will make sure the three ships will take the 'scenic' route, giving Shepard two hours to prepare.

How ever many people survived the Suicide Mission in ME2 determines the dialog and choices before Anderson arrives. If none of the crew survived, then the player would spend two in game hours walking around an empty ship. It would be pretty soul crushing. If only half the crew survived, then the player would have to work twice as hard to try to fight the Reapers. If all of the crew survived, this would be optimal, and insure access to the best ending.

Shepard would call a meeting in the comm room and inform the crew that she has been charged with war crimes and will be arrested and escorted to Arcturus. The crew would react according to how Shepard has treated them during the course of ME2.

If Shepard treated everyone with respect, then all would express disbelief and outrage.

If Shepard treated everyone badly, then there'd be mostly silence with a few snide comments from a few of the crew members about why it took the Alliance so long to lock him/her up.

Mix and match for interesting results.

Shepard then gives each their orders.

Jacob would be ordered to get the plans for every gun they've picked up into the hands of the Alliance and every gun maker in the galaxy, especially the Collector Rifle.

Miranda would be tasked with getting in touch with every contact she has within Cerberus to see what TIM is doing in case he starts making trouble.

Donelly and Daniels would be tasked with drawing up plans for every upgrade done to the Normandy, including the Thanix Cannon and how to stabilize the power draw into the hands of the Alliance and every ship builder. the more upgrades the better.

The entirety of the crew would also be instructed to keep the truth about EDI quiet and to ensure that Joker stays with the ship.

Tali would be tasked with getting the Admiralty's head out of it's ass and to get them ready for the Reapers.

Garrus would be tasked with getting the Turian Hierarchy ready by any means necessary.

Thane would be instructed to get to the Citadel and get in contact with his informants. They would be charged with watching everyone on the Citadel. If anyone begins to show signs of Indoctrination, Shepard would want Thane to take them out.

By this time, both Zaeed and Samara/Morinth would have left the Normandy as their jobs have been completed. Mordin would have left the ship at the same time to try to pursue a better way to deal with the Genophage with his student. And Jack would have done what Jack does best, depending on how you treated her.

After, Shepard would either spend a moment reflecting alone, or speak to their LI in private.

After a few minutes, real time, Miranda would ask for Shepard to come into her quarters.

Depending on how you treated Miranda would determine how she would relay the information.

Treating Miranda badly would result in Miranda simplifying the information to ensure she does not have to speak with Shepard any longer than necessary.

Treating Miranda well would result in a much more detailed explanation of what she had found.

What she would find is TIM's first real experiment in Indoctrination. The Alliance knew of about thirty labs and bases that were run by Cerberus. When radio chatter ceased from these locations, the Alliance sent strike teams to each one. Every single person was dead within each base, down to the cleaning and cooking personnel. No sign of a fight. Every single person was dead from a single gun shot to the head. None of her other contacts had gotten hold of her within that time.

Shepard would then walk up to the cockpit and spend a few minutes with Joker. Joker, depending on how Shepard treated him, would either tease Shepard or only exchange a few words.

The three ships that Anderson commands would then contact the Normandy and notify them to prepare to be docked. Shepard would go to the CIC and wait for Anderson to relieve them of command.

After ward, depending on if the crew survives and how Shepard acted, the Cerberus crew would either stand and tear their Cerberus patches from their uniforms in solidarity with Shepard. Conversely, if Shepard had not done what Gardner had asked to make the crew comfortable, the crew would keep their backs to Shepard as Shepard was led off of the Normandy and put into the brig of the head escort ship.

Once in the brig, Shepard would, depending on their origin, meet up with Admiral Hackett and Admiral Shepard. Shepard would exchange a few words with Hackett, where he tells Shepard that the Alliance knows that the Batarians have no real evidence to convict Shepard, however what they do have is enough outrage from the Hegemony to force the Council to step back and allow them to take Shepard to trial.

When Hackett leaves, Shepard will either be left to reflect alone, or speak with their mother, Admiral Shepard. This would have been the first time that Shepard's mother had seen her child since before the tragedy at Alchera. And the appearance of Shepard depending on if they had taken Chakwas' offer to clean up their scars, would likely shock the Admiral.

The four ships would arrive on Arcturus and Shepard would be led away from their crew. The crew would be led to a different area to be debriefed and the non-human members returned to their respective governments. The human crew would be detained and lightly interrogated as a show to the Batarians that the Alliance was taking their allegations seriously.

Shepard's cell would be in a sparely populated area build specially for politically important prisoners, with no contact with any one other than the four guards, randomly chosen, guarding her door.

That's all I have the energy for right now. It's a bit bare bones, I know. But It would take a long time for me to get down everything I am imagining.

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