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Faces of the Imperium! — Fans and Fanatics of the Lich King

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Well, this wouldn’t end in disaster!

Many regular viewers of the YouTube show of the recently rebranded LoreRunner channel (cause ‘em hipster 40-something neckbeard, mama’s basement dwellers can’t spell or pronounce “Archengeia”) and frequent viewers of the Twitch live streams have at least become comfortable acquaintances or friends with each other. But know of us know what any of us look like. We are all just anonymous and dispassionate colour-coded chat usernames to each other. This is perhaps a more socially engaging way to interact and demystify regular viewers to get to know each other a lot better. This also is probably a bad idea.

An idea that wouldn’t end in disaster, right? Because posting a picture of your face is tantamount to revealing your postal codes, hometown addresses, computer IP addresses, social insurance numbers, blood types and Rheas factor, debit PIN numbers, banking records, your first born child, and a Matrix cable hooked into your brain via spinal cord emptying and spreading any and all of your deep, intimate personal thoughts and memories for all to see like a naked person outside on a frozen river on stage. As we know, stranger danger and conspiracy theories are true, because of all Twitch and YouTube and Forum posters are predators intend on nothing but sending malicious code attacks, phishing scams, and 40-year-old Mama’s basement geeks with asthma and Bubbles thick glasses masquerading as sweet, innocent 13-year-old girls. Everyone but YOU (yes, you reading this) is predator intend on defrauding you and stalking you! It’s not paranoia if you know their after you, right?

That last bit was intended ironically by the way. I’m being factious if your not sure about that last paragraph. Though, because some viewers and fans do have that level of social anxiety, I can understand them staying FAR away from this post. Internet privacy and all. Practice safe internet habits.

It was suggested by TheLastSamurai14, Deutschkind, and IlyriaPrime to give face to fans of the Imperium. I frequently asked if they’re any girls/women (I don’t know. Please don’t hurt me Tumblr SJWs and/or Sarkeesian feminists) in chat. Turns out, nope! Outside 3 regular viewers, Archengeia’s/LoreRunner’s Twitch live stream chat is a sausage fest gayer than Top Gun’s beach volleyball Very Happy (I suck at this joke stuff. At this rate He’s going to ban me). Another reason was I’ve been boating about a super-difficult challenge dubbed my “Crazy Sephiroth Fight” in the first Kingdom Hearts game and stream it live for your enjoyment and entertainment and my humiliation and embarrassment. But one logistical consideration I realized was should I stream my face on camera or not. Archengeia told me you get used to it after awhile. But like the game of guessing Arch’s real name and age (like the Captain’s hometown in “Saving Private Ryan”) it’s one thing to know I’m a 22-year-old aboriginal/Native American fine, upstanding young man. It’s another to actually dissolve the mystery and show my face to you guys.

So here it goes! For the Imperium and for Friendship (I’m a Brony, sue me) here it goes!

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Me? Evil Bastard #6356561684651651. Would much rather live in either a AU of the Star Wars universe or a AU of Bleach instead of our mundane world. Would love to have a Zanpakuto or Lightsaber (along with the powers related to such amazing weapons). Hates SJWs and Feminists that have too much time on their hands. Guns are fun. Likes to point out bulls***. Ain't got time for all that romance nonsense. Likes pimpslapping the s*** out of people. Likes to wear full face masks. Wishes Bleach ended after Aizen. Likes swords. Tries horribly to have people design lightsabers.

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Ladys and gentlemen it is now time for the grand reveal of everybody's favorite Molag Bal enthusiast and possible Cthulhu cultist.

Drum roll please...

http://imgur.com/dfDBJGB <- This link is now broken I will fix this at some point... probably.

So now the next time you wonder what it is that hides behind that mint green name in twitch chat just remember its one dude with excellent taste in things to put on his wall.

Last edited by IlyriaPrime on Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:40 am; edited 1 time in total

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Sorry about the wait. I feel so vain going through acceptable photos of me. God, I never realized how vain I am. I didn't intend IlyriaPrime to be the first, by here I am. Behold, the Face of ShadowLink108

22-year-old Canadian with interest in astronomy and astrophysics. I huge fan of Studio Ghibli animated films, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Rooster Teeth’s RWBY. A life long fan of The Legend of Zelda video game series and Nintendo games in general. Tall and massive (6’ 2” - 280 lbs, XL shirt) with sharp intellect and coarse sense of humour (Frankie Boyle, George Carlin). The Imperium’s premiere astrophysicist and science advisor to the Lich King Himself. Long time viewer of Archengeia ever since the Mass Effect 2 debacle! Mugu mugu Very Happy

Last edited by ShadowLink108 on Sun May 31, 2015 11:47 pm; edited 1 time in total

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The enigmatic face of me, ZedSlayer

Me and my best buddy Very Happy

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Well, I guess if you've watched Primus you know.

View user profile http://thethirdgames.com
Who is that masked Gnoll?! Only The Shadow knows!

The Lorerunner
View user profile http://lorerunner.com/


If you're wondering where I got the name, It came from the xbox live gamertag generator.  I thought that it was different/funny, so I "stuck" with it.  Cool

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Behold! Your resident Kingdom Hearts loremaster (well, one of them, anyway...) has revealed his true form! Sadly, my Oblivion replica isn't here yet, so I couldn't pose with that.

Anyway, aside from Kingdom Hearts, I also like a whole heaping pile of other works of fiction, including but not limited to: Square Enix's body of work in general (especially Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger), Dark Souls, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Starcraft, and Half-Life. I'm a 21 (almost 22) year old resident of Utah, and I have an insane interest in IT, to the point where I'm considering starting up my own computer repair shop in my hometown. Unfortunately, there's about 3 other stores to compete with, so I'll definitely have to work my way up there, and business will be tough in the beginning...

As far as my status as one of Arch's viewers goes, I've been a fan of Arch ever since I discovered his FF and KH ruminations, and have since branched out from there. Relative to his releases, I started watching when the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days rumination went live, and my first appearance on stream was during the Final Fantasy lorerun marathon. Currently, I'm going through Voyager alongside his ruminations. I even played the Oreo game during the episode "Threshold" in regards to the phrases "infinite speed" and "infinite velocity". Luckily, I don't have diabeetus from that incident. Lastly, I plan on donating a hefty sum to Arch soon after the KotOR lorerun. Between you and me, I always hated him, and always wanted to kill him from the moment I saw him, so I figure a donation-induced heart attack is a rather effective way of going about it.  Laughing

But yeah, that's me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed my egotistical rambling, and as for me, I'll continue to be your friend and a loyal viewer of our beloved Lich King!

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