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Do you always stick with a game till the bitter end?

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Hello all Wink

This is something I've had on my mind for a while now, and I'm curious about other players opinions on the matter.

To be more precise about the topic question: do you always finish the games you start?
Now I don't mean giving up after an hour or so because the game is bad or not for you (that's just taste).
I mean getting involved, enjoying the game, but then reaching a moment where the fun stops for whatever reason and you just want to move on to something else.

I play essentially RPG's, which aren't the shortest games out there, and gone 25 hours or so I tend to get a bit bored, however much I've enjoyed the game up until that point. (There are exceptions of course and I do finish games)

I'm not seeking an answer, and don't consider it to be a problem in anyway.
I'm simply curious about other player's experiences.

Have a good one Wink

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If I've started a game that I've enjoyed even at some point then I will typically finish it through. There have been times that I won't finish the game just because something else came up such as another game or anything in life where I will put the game down and not return to it. Such an example would be Dragon Age: Origins which I enjoyed and most people agree that it is a good game but after I put it down halfway through I never had the interest to go back and replay it.

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These days I tend to finish games less and less. Real life issues, being more spoiled as a gamer (frustrated with things and having less patience to work things out) and mostly replaying old games. One other thing I find is that I switch between games and find it hard to go back and be as adept with controls after a while, which can put me off. Think I'm getting old lol, I feel like a lot of older games were a bit easier to get past these issues, it was more about remembering tactics than mastering the interface.

Just had a week break from witcher 3 so quality or enjoyment doesn't really effect it. There are plenty of games I gave up on for no good reason at all.

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I used to. But I've realized that I'm just wasting my time if I try to force myself to finish a game, if I don't enjoy it. It's a case to case thing to an extent though. Red Dead Redemption for example was no fun at all. But there was something unique about. I did not enjoy the game as an entertainment product. But as a piece of art, I think it speaks volumes, and its message only really speaks to you if you finish the game.

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I always finish the games I play, but then again, I tend to play games that have a good shot at being enjoyed based on my interests.

One exception is Dishonored. Picked it up on PS+, but I stopped playing it because I had a hard time staying interested. Based on the schedule of games coming out in the relatively near future, it will be a long time until I try to finish the game.

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Depends on the game. Some games I'll finish till the end but I was playing MGS 4 recently and I was finding it so boring, especially near the end. Sure I made it to the final boss, but I didn't enough to finish it

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The bulk of KotOR is a chore to me. The difficulty spikes and repetitive fights wear me the hell down (ie: the game sends craploads of Dark Jedi and Sith Troopers at you from all sides in the Star Forge. With the enemy scaling, the game can become quite the slogfest at that point). And mind you, this is just on normal difficulty.

However... I did finish it, because I wanted to see the conclusion of Revan and Bastila's stories.

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I beat most games i play but there is a bunch i just stopped playing even if i was having alot of enjoyment playing them, like GTA San Andreas or Lost Odyssey, I also never beat BG2 till well years after my first time playing it. Normaly when I don't finish a game its because I get to busy and then when i have some free time I've already gone out and bought a new game to play Razz

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Yes. If I've invested a lot of time in it already I'm not very likely to put it down until it is finished.

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There were two games I played recently that I just gave up: "Jak and Daxter" and "Ico".
Ico I stopped simply because I didn't find it fun. Plus the escort was more of a hassle than it should be.
Jak and Daxter was far worse. I got to the second village before saying "I don't like". I hated the combat, the health system was terrible and Daxter. I just wanted to feed him to the monsters that have the same snout for some reason, because of his commentary. Your friend just died moron, stop making jokes about his breath.

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Normally, thought there are exceptions every once in a while.

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I have the very bad manner to stop some of the Games I play just right before the Ending or the last Chapter for a long time.

I stopped playing Star Ocean 3 right before the last Dungeon (as well as Star Ocean 4) and I stoped at the last 2 Chapters of Resi 6 for example.

Or I just got tired of playing a certain type of Game.
AC 2 + Brotherhood for example I played to the end, but never ended Revelations. Played AC 3 to the end but did not finish AC Black Flag even if it is the better Game of the Two and didn´t even touched AC Rouge.

Most of the time it´s because of something happening at my Job or my private life that prevents me from continueing for a long time and than when I have time again, I just don´t continue.

Other times it´s because I just totally lost my Groove with the game at some point.

But well, at least I end them at some point in my life Very Happy

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I sometimes do that as well Atheru. It took me 5 years to beat Dragon Quest 8, but only 42 hours of play.

If I don't like a game, I stop playing it. I know pretty much right away if that will be the case but I always play at least 3 hours just in case. If I'm not hooked by then, I stop. That said, if a game is okay or better, I'll likely stick with it to the end, though I've been known to take long breaks if I end up playing a game to personal burnout (see above).

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I have trouble finishing most games, honestly. Be it a fighting game's progression of opponents, a Heroes of Might and Magic campaign, an RPG, a shooter, a quest, a flying sim, a platformer...

In a good deal of cases, it is just me plain giving up because I can't progress past a certain point (Earthworm Jim 1, eugh...). But there is just as many cases of me abandoning a playthrough for reasons unrelated to difficulty (Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm campaign got progressively more and more painful to play for me, for example, and so I've dropped it and have yet to pick it up again).

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If the story grabs me enough I will.

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I did this about a year ago with persona 3 I was a couple of in-game days from fighting the final boss with only 2 social links also I had other commitments like final exams so I ended up watching the final boss battle and ending on YouTube. It was quite awesome lol.

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It depends, but normally yes. As i said it does depend on the game, if i know it will take a 100 hours to complete and i can't enjoy it after 10 i will put it down. Normally most singleplayer games are only 10 hours, so i just power through. Some games are just so much of a chore however and i give up.

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If I like it I do, if I don't, I don't (except couple occations I went through certain titles that were given to me like InFamous I didn't enjoy but did it out of appreciation for the purchase.

But whether people know it or not, Time > Money, not an opinion but a fact

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I think I normally tend to do this, even if I absolutely hate the experience. Mainly because I can't live with myself if I bought a game and never finished it. I always feel like I wasted my money. So far as I can remember there is like 4 games I never finished that I bought. one is still sitting on my shelf to this day, with no intention of returning after playing about an hour. That would be a game called Starhawk for PS3. The second is the PC game Battle for Middle Earth. The third is Conflict Vietnam, and the fourth one is Shadow of the Colossus. I know I know that game supposed to be totally amazing. But I just can't do it. I can't. The only other game I owned and never finished was Punch Out for the SNES, because it was too hard lol. For examples of games I played until the end, despite hating it, was the first Ninety Nine Nights. Risen, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Killzone 2, and Demon's Souls. I would rather get ran over by a steamroller than play any of those games again.

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I'm like the energizer bunny. It's only after finishing that I'm able to look back and think, "meh", if it turns out to be an experience I'm comfortable with one time around. If you mean any experience ever, sure, I've dropped out of Final Fantasy Tactics a couple times. It becomes a tedium having to level up each job for each person I want to earn an ability for, or generally have that class as their go-to. I've left my digital copy of Final Fantasy 7 resting for months. I've beat it before. Shadow of the Colossus, beat it before. Some of the monsters are not particularly my fave(meaning they're the exact opposite). It's great the first time around and later on when you get nostalgic, but not something I've enjoyed going through multiple times. Maybe there should have been more to the story, and maybe it could have done with better presentation. But surely that's just this man's opinion.

If I like it though, I'm in it for the long haul. I might drop a few inconsequential things and decide "alright, I'm at that level now" and progress or end the game. Recently I've been trying to finish a couple, and I've only been getting distracted by what else there is to do online: watch Game Grumps, play forum games(currently part of a campaign on a completely different forum), and talk to you wonderful people.

Currently on my to-finish list: Shadowrun Dragonfall, Skyrim Dragonborn, Fallout 2, and the Inquisition DLCs(I guess).

Sorry, I lied, there are two instances I can name: Final Fantasy 6 and Final Fantasy 9. I think I was just distracted by something else, on both counts.

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I try to stick it out through most games. It's rare that I don't actually finish one; what happens more often is that I don't finish my first playthrough. With some games (Skyrim and Dragon Age: Origins come to mind) I got a good part of the way through the game and realized that I had either been playing it with the wrong mindset or made some bad decisions and didn't like where the plot was going or whatever. So I just scrapped that playthrough and started over, this time better able to play the game because I either knew what was going on or had a better idea of the gameplay, etc.

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