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Useful information for Arch and the Minions during the KOTOR lorerun

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This thread is for any information that would help arch maximize the production of KOTOR lore, I will only be adding stuff for K1 because I don't know K2 well enough. Feel free to add anything useful.

At the start of the lorerun Arch will be having a vote for the non-Jedi class. I strongly recommend that you pick Scoundrel, because it has Persuade as a class skill which will allow arch greater flexibility in many situations.

To do the entire HK-47 repair sequence requires a total Repair skill of 17 (yikes!).
Calrissian's Utility Belt will give a +3 Repair.
Master Valor gives +5 to INT, which if base INT is 11 works out to a +3 INT bonus to Repair.
Using both of these reduces the required Repair to 11 points, easily achievable if focused on (ps: Scoundrel has Repair as a class skill).

Korriban Mandy:
To rescue the Mandalorian prisoner of Korriban (LS) requires a minimum Computer Skill of 7, but it has a higher chance of working the more points the player has.
Calrissian's Utility Belt will give a +3 Computer Use.
Interface Visor gives +4 Computer Use.
Advanced Agent Interface gives +7 Computer Use (replaces Interface Visor, only available after the Leviathan).
Infiltrator Gloves give +4 Computer Use.
And the Master Valor bonuses apply here as well. (ps, Scoundrel has Computer Use as a class skill also  Twisted Evil )

Redeeming Yuthura Ban:
To do this required that you talk to her about herself enough times so that she calls you her friend. Recommended is to go do some stuff, talk to her, do stuff, talk, stuff, etc. Yes, you can still do the double or triple backstab and redeem her.

In the tomb of Naga Sadow first side with Yuthura and kill Uthar, then fight Yuthura when the sudden but inevitable betrayal happens, and then the dialog choices are pretty obvious.

Alignment related stuff:
If lightside you can use:

Qel-Droma Robes, +2 WIS.

Circlet of Saresh, +5 WIS.

Solari Crystal, +3 attack, +3 piercing, +1-8 damage vs dark side.
When combined with Mantle Of The Force this turns into +4 attack, +1-8 damage, +2-12 vs dark side.

No matter what your alignment the Force Lightning tree is very, very useful. In addition, don't you think that Saul Karath and Malak deserve to be blasted with lightning?

Calrissian's Utility Belt is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can buy, it is available from the Aratech merchant in the docking bay on Dantooine. It is usually a good idea to keep this in inventory and put it on whoever needs to use it on a case by case basis (same with the interface visor)
3000 credits.
Computer Use, Demolitions, Repair, Security all +3

When leaving Dantooine for the first time it saves time to go straight to the Yavin Station and sell all of the crap equipment (he pays more than anyone else), and possibly buy some nice stuff (like the Assault Blade). Then go back to Dantooine and deal with the stowaway and buy the utility belt.

This will leave you with a cleaner inventory, lots of cash, and more of the gear you want.

I'll add more as I think of it...

Last edited by FooQuuxman on Sun Jun 14, 2015 2:18 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Added Gear and Misc.)

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When oh when oh when is the run? I need this in my life.

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FlowerPowerShogun wrote:When oh when oh when is the run? I need this in my life.

Get thee to a youtube!:

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As far as KOTOR II goes, all DEX-based builds are noticeably more kick-ass than in the first game, thus, considering the number of options you'd need INT, WIS, Awareness, Repair, etc, etc checks, I'd recommend the middle choice - you'll get the most available skillpoints that way. The stealth feats it gets are more or less useless, but everything else (besides maybe saber and force forms) is about the best it can get.

Third tier of Force Lightning is, as usual, universally useful once you can get your hands on it. Healing is another absolute must. Choke, Stun Droid, Scream, Push and other such stuff can add some more fun to the slaughter useful utility, which you'll have enough feat picks and mana total to play around with.

First planet to go to probably should be Nar Shadaa. Some bits of it may be more difficult to get through that way, but that's the fastest way to get HK-47, if I remember right.

Dxun has an interesting scene in its first stretch (helping the Mandalorian camp with things, specifically searching for the missing recruit) for Bao-Dur. I suggest you don't miss it.

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Don't forget there's that secret Donation War too, buwa ha ha.

The Lorerunner
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I'd watch out on Nar Shaddaa. There is a certain game breaking glitch that I had to work around. Nothing too hard to get past, but annoying nonetheless. I recommend getting the latest version of the restoration mod to avoid this problem.

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KOTOR Item list with tutorial on how to enable console:
KOTOR 2 Item list :
Note that the KOTOR 2 Console is invisible.. so you're going to want the list open somehow while typing.. or write what you want down.
Also.. a certain mod that makes everything better for KOTOR.. Revan's actual armored robes mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/23/? Yes the cloak physics don't work all that great.. but it's Revan's actual armor. Could have a discussion on how Sith are supposed to look like and all that.
For KOTOR2 ONLY: INGAME datapad that can change most things like skills, LS or DS points, add credits, and spawn items... READ UP ON USE: http://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/22/?

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Kareth has an energy shield and Malak has Force Resistance. I didn't find Lightning too useful against the bosses of the game.

But yeah, Force Storm is a life-saver when you're being assaulted by grouped enemies.

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I'm usually not the one to recommend using cheats even on loreruns, but Kotor II has so much extra dialogue that I think it would be a good idea to raise all the attributes and skills right from the start.

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FooQuuxman wrote:I strongly recommend that you pick Scoundrel, because it has Persuade as a class skill which will allow arch greater flexibility in many situations.

For what it's worth, Persuade is a class skill for all PC Jedi classes. If you're willing to reload a few saves for a couple of persuade rolls on Taris (and possibly wait until you have Bastila in the party to get that slimeball Holdan to stand down without bribing him), you can pick whatever starting class you want, avoid putting points into Persuade until you become a Jedi, and still get the important Taris decisions in your favor. Personally, I tend to go 14 INT Soldier, put as many points as the game will let me into Treat Injury, save the rest until I become a Jedi, and then dump all the saved points into Persuade.

Frankly, if we're shooting for the HK-47 repairs, it's probably more important to pick a class with Repair as a class skill - which limits us to Scout and Jedi Consular (Scoundrel does NOT have Repair as a class skill).

Anyway, one of the more important things I think we should consider is what order to do the main planets in. The placement of Korriban in particular changes the game in subtle but important ways depending on when in the story you complete it:

* For obvious reasons, Bastila can't set foot on Korriban - but (without wishing to spoil for anyone who hasn't played KOTOR) that's not really a problem for the last major planet. So if you want Bastila in your party as often as possible, the other three planets should be done first.

* If Korriban is completed first, second, or third, and Yuthura Ban is redeemed, she'll go to the Jedi Temple on Dantooine. If Korriban is completed first or second, you can even revisit Dantooine and talk to her in the Temple courtyard. Interesting conversation, too. But if you complete Korriban last, she'll basically go on her own path, and you won't see her again - which may in fact be the better option, because (again, without wishing to spoil) Dantooine might not be an ideal place for her to go if you really care about her future.

* HK-47 and Jolee have some fantastic dialogue on Korriban, both of whom you need to visit other planets to get. (The HK/Jolee combo have a terrific back and forth when talking to the Sith at the Academy entrance who tricked three initiates into standing outside forever, and Jolee has a brilliant line if you pass him off as a slave when meeting Uthar). On a related note, Juhani has an interesting history with an archaeologist working in the Korriban canyon - Dak, I think his name is? Worth bringing her along for that, and talking to her afterwards.

* Doing Korriban last unlocks a slew of extra dialogue about Revan (no spoilers); a lot of it is stupid evil, but some is neutral and even light. The neutral/light stuff in particular gives some interesting background story details.

* There are no fewer than three Terantateks (super-tanky Force-resistant monsters) on Korriban - two of which you have to fight simultaneously and without party members. It's a stupid hard fight if you try it at too low a level (or if you're a Force-focused build).

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Thanks foo. I find it hard to follow but it's entirely my fault. I think Arche puts the info out there on every format possible except pigeon mail.

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Other things to keep in mind:

* Repeatedly beating certain opponents in Pazaak will give you rewards. Suvam Tan, the Rodian super-vendor on Yavin IV, is by far the most important character to do this to, as your reward is a whopping 20% discount on his extremely expensive wares. However: to get this discount, you must defeat him 10 times... in a row. And he is a *very* difficult opponent. It can be done if you have a side deck of all low-to-mid-number +/- combo cards, and you save your game after every win and reload if you lose. Even then, it might be worth doing off-stream. But that 20% discount is so worth it that frankly I would recommend against buying anything from him before you get it.

* Every non-droid companion has a personal quest triggered by a character that you meet in a port after landing on any of the four main planets or Dantooine. Juhani's questgiver (a ludicrously evil Twilek named Xor) has to appear twice for her quest to complete. Unfortunately, the dude has a bug. See, when you go to Korriban after the Leviathan, someone else will approach you in port and open up another super-vendor for you. If you trigger the Korriban vendor at the same time as you trigger or would have triggered Xor, Xor won't appear a second time, ever - which means Juhani will be stuck in the middle of her personal quest for the rest of the game, and you can never advance her dialogue any further. This is a fairly commonly encountered bug, because 1) Korriban is usually played last, and 2) Xor doesn't trigger until Juhani is pretty high-level. So: If Juhani's personal quest hasn't triggered before going to Korriban post-Leviathan for the first time, make sure you've advanced Juhani's dialogue as far as possible, then skip around the other available ports until Xor has appeared TWICE, before visiting Korriban at all.

* In addition to the repair boosts listed by Foo, you can also use the Advanced Agent Interface headgear from Suvam Tan for another whopping +7 to Repair. Between that, Calrissian's Utility Belt, and Master Valor, you only need 9 INT/5 Repair, 11 INT/4 Repair, 13 INT/3 Repair, 15 INT/2 Repair, 17 INT/1 Repair, or 19 INT to do all four HK repairs.

* Save your game before exiting the estate on Dantooine if you want the two families to reconcile; even with max Persuade at level 11-12, you are not guaranteed success on the important Persuade roll, and the conversation auto-starts once you step outside.

* By giving the Krayt Dragon Pearl to the Tusken Chief, you can hear a bit about how Tatooine became a desert world. May or may not be worth the trade, as the KDP is a pretty nice lightsaber crystal in its own right.

* It is possible, though difficult, to gain enough "prestige" with Uthar to beat Korriban without getting Dark Side points:
- Marka Ragnos's tomb: Shut down the assassin droid's systems in the correct order (be sure to wear a sound dampener before talking to it!) and allow it to leave the planet
- Tulak Hord's tomb: Answer the old Sith Master who captures you incorrectly, so he tortures you instead of the other initiate
- Ajunta Pall's tomb: Use the notched sword, optionally redeem Ajunta Pall's spirit. When the other initiate confronts you outside the tomb, give him one of the other swords.
- Shyrack Caves: Let the students go, tell Uthar you killed them.
- Holocron: One of the initiates wants your help in retrieving a holocron. Help her, then refuse to allow her to take the holocron to Uthar herself. Uthar will give you extra prestige for this if you tell him of her fate.

* The gear from the GenoHaradan questline is kinda worth it even if you're trying to avoid DS points. Same for Bendak on Taris.

* Speaking of Taris, you get enough serum to cure (most of) the infected in the quarantine and still have some to give to the doctor on the surface to make a vaccine. Extra LS points hooray!

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Party Member Interactions:

Carth - Mission: 2
Carth - Bastila: 2, one only before Dantooine
Carth - Jolee: 1
Carth - Canderous: 1
Mission - Bastila: 1
Mission - Zalbaar: 2
Bastila - Canderous: 1
Bastila - Jolee: 1

Many of these are vital in terms of characterization or lore. There may be one or two that I am forgetting, and as far as I know HK-47, T3-M4, and Juhani have none.

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Oh, almost forgot re: gender selection:

* I've been hearing that Arch will be trying to use a mod to allow the Bastila romance with a female PC in KOTOR I. If that works, terrific! If not, I strongly recommend playing male, only because the Bastila romance is so so SO much more rewarding than the Carth romance.

* IMHO, KOTOR II is better when using a male PC as well for two very large reasons. One, you get the Handmaiden as a companion rather than the Disciple, who is a very interesting character (even when not compared to the Disciple, who is boring as all hell) and has some tantalizing, very subtly implied history with Kreia. Two, a male PC has a more complicated personal history with Atris, including (at least according to my own reading between the lines) a mutually unrequited romance from the time of the war.

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Don't worry, friends. I've already got it covered. I've been replaying the game to make sure my old, trusty Scoundrel build will get the job done (and also remember what's viable and what is not). Unfortunately, contrary to the starting post, repair and computer use are cross-class skills for the Scoundrel. And it's a wild card whether or not you're capable of repairing HK-47 (-if- you intend to go Jedi Guardian, which makes the combat very easy for everything, because Arch has a particular disdain for KotOR's combat). I wasn't able to get the fourth upgrade, so that means either editing the skills.2da or using the KSE.

The Bastila Romance mod stops working from the Star Forge onward (the game's dialogue turns into vanilla's). The Xor bug... I've never had it, personally. Just wait a bit and Xor will appear normally on Korriban. In order to also complete it, once you are done with Korriban and you're outside Dreshdae at the entrance of the Academy, return to the Ebon Hawk via the map function, not on foot. It'll work.

You really don't need the Genohoradan stuff, because almost (if not all) of their equipment is not upgradeable. And the equipment that you can't upgrade sucks in both KotOR games, most of the time (you can make something far deadlier with nifty upgrades). Terentateks are no issue on Korriban, there is a way that allows you to attract only one, then go to the back of the room and kill it no problem.

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