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Fallout 4 Theories and Speculation Thread

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1 Fallout 4 Theories and Speculation Thread on Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:56 pm

Hello everyone,
I am a huge fan of Fallout series and was incredibly excited to see the Bethesda conference at E3, and thought, if not everything, the fallout part was amazing. Right now I can't be more excited for Fallout 4 and if anything wanted to share my enthusiasm and some theories I had, with as many people as possible. And even more I'd love to hear all your theories...
What's up with the brotherhood?
I know that potentially there is so much going on so why focus on a little part of the gameplay demo, but while I was doing some chores few things struck me.
First from what we know brotherhood , as much as many are tired of them, is the perfect faction to appear in Boston because of the institute and the conflict which can arise there. Could there be a three way conflict brewing between the railroad, the institute, the brotherhood. All of them will probably end up on opposing sides when it comes to synths (people to railroad, slaves to the institute, resource to the brotherhood). We will probably get a chance to join the brotherhood as evident by calling up a vertibird In the demo, or we will be fighting against them as once again evident by multiple shots of fighting the brotherhood and more importantly an airship on fire crashing with brotherhood insignia and a sign PRYDWEN( reference to lions pride?).
The question which bothers me, is if the game is set 200 years after the Great War, which brotherhood is it?
Is it fallout 3 brotherhood, but then the game can't be set in 2277 and I would guess the game is set in 2290s. Or could it be the only other brotherhood which had airships - Midwestern brotherhood from Chicago?
I also hope that we get to see the ghoul guy from point lookout coming back.
What do you think? What are your theories and expectations from the story and lore? What are your thoughts on voiced Protagonist?

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2 Re: Fallout 4 Theories and Speculation Thread on Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:56 pm

I really hope it's the Fallout 3 Brotherhood (Lyon's pride) faction in Boston. What I keep thinking about though is the whole building your own settlements or bases thing. Having caravans supply them and all that...It makes me think, how far will they take that idea? Like, since I'll need security for my places, can I have my own super mutant army? What if I made a trench around my locations filled with feral ghouls? Maybe all this means I can be my own faction, with a flag (symbol), communities, and army. That would possibly put me at odds with the Brotherhood, Institute, or Railroad and create wars. Maybe my towns' mayors or sheriffs could grow in political power throughout the area, in other towns. Or maybe my army becomes the most powerful force in the wastes yet I have no political power, I could become the army to one of the other factions. Or be a mercenary group that accepts a faction's highest bid as a way to join them. My communities could become the government of the land, effecting all aspects of the lore and setting.

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3 Re: Fallout 4 Theories and Speculation Thread on Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:46 am

It's probably Old Brotherhood.. AKA the tech stealing thieves who gun anyone down with significant tech. Or.. since we can get in a suit.. it's safe to say maybe the Raiders broke into a military installation and nabbed a few. Also.. that settlement system looks AMAZING.

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4 Re: Fallout 4 Theories and Speculation Thread on Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:27 pm

Isn't it the Midwestern brotherhood?

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