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Your Hopes and Wishes for the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

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For the remake I'd like:

1. Updated proper translation (I don't need full voice acting - to be honest I barely realised how bad the translation was first time through, it was only the second time when I was going more slowly I saw it - but clarity on the clone issue and other points, though they've been answered since, would be welcome).
2. Sticking to the story/characterisation. I'm worried that mopey Cloud in the film will be brought in instead of the confused but angry/defiant/changeable Cloud we got in the original starting section (he was more balanced later). Crisis Core was fun, but I tend to think that the compilation detracted from some main characters' arcs/characterisations. In Cloud's case his character was re-written...
2(a). As an aside I think Cloud's, Aries(th)'s and Tifa's facial expressions will need particular attention to give the story good subtlety. Tifa's decision to stay with Cloud at a certain point is still an affecting moment for me, more so than a more famous moment, and her story probably needs to be told through good directing/facial expressions.
3. Keep the battle system largely intact (minor changes ok)! This was one of the most enjoyable FFs for me to level up in, so I'm attached to the battle system.
4. Extra story content. Preferably content that fleshes out character as the compilation already deals with the setting pre/post FFVII.
5. Story/Ambiguity balance. For me FFVII was great at this, with FFIX on the very edge (that FF XIII required reading materials to understand, rather than telling the story and sparking an interest in outside material was its biggest flaw in my opinion). I find it hard to trust SE with story telling when it doesn't seem to know where "show and fill in the blanks" falls into "please read our companion guide for the plot" form of story telling...

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So, I know that we've all been putting forth a ton of really positive and awesome ideas/hopes for the remake, but after having about a week and a half to think about things I now have one question on my mind. What if this remake is a total disaster? How bad do you guys think Square will suffer if they don't deliver quality content for this remake? Do you think people will completely lose faith in them similar to Capcom or will their other franchises still keep them going? I definitely don't want this to happen considering Final Fantasy is one of my favorite gaming series of all time, but as Arch pointed out in his video (his commentary on Square's E3 press conference), there are quite a few things that could go wrong with this remake. And again, I don't want to sound pessimistic. I'm just trying to be realistic considering Square's recent history.

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I see absolutely zero reason to be even a little hopeful for the FF7 remake. Principally for the same reasons I'm sure we can all guess:

1. Square-Enix has yet to produce even ONE game of comparable quality to any of the big properties they inherited from Square or Enix. They've turned the Final Fantasy series into a joke, and the Dragon Quest series into MMOs and cheap spin-offs.

2. All of their other Final Fantasy "revival" stuff was terrible. Poorly written plots, inane characters, cringe-worth dialog, incredibly off-putting tonal dissonance with the source material... yeah. I fully expect the remake to be as humorless and dreary as Advent Children, to be populated with new Bishie characters (like Genesis and Angeal from Crisis Core), to have profoundly stupid and poorly-thought-out sequel-bait (like the FFX HD port nonsense), and to have a really boring, shallow, and generally terrible combat system like... pretty much every Final Fantasy game after 12.

I mean, sure, it's possible the game won't suck. But I'd say that's unlikely to the point of impossibility.

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Personally, I like the Compilation of FF 7 (Particularly Crisis Core). Yeah, I'll admit that the sequels seem a bit forced, but I thought that the prequels were great since they did a great job expanding upon the setting, characters, and story. However, what do you mean by the FF revival games? FF 13? Also, there has been one great retro game that Square has released recently and that is Bravely Default. I'd highly recommend that you play it considering it definitely has an old school FF vibe to it (particularly FF 5 because of its use of the job system).

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lol, I'm sooooo close to beating Bravely Default. 108 hours into the game... slogged through chapters 5-8 last week. Only have the last optional Eternia boss rondo left.

But, yeah, Square-Enix has produced some good new IPs... but they have NOT done even half so well with their old IPs.

And I guess that was a typo. I mean "FF7 Revival," you know--Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children, that one anime OVA with Zach, and the 2 or 3 mobile games. None of them really seem faithful to the source material to me--everything is too dark, too gloomy, too humorless, to mopey, and the new story elements are just too nonsensical. I mean, they're decent games and all, but they just don't fit in with the quirkier tone of FF7 proper.

And, of course, it's pretty much FF13 and its spin-offs (as well as the XV demo) that makes doubt SE will be able to keep their hands off the ATB battle system.

I know I'm being really cynical here, but it's... I'm a Dragon Quest fan. They have never given me any reason NOT to hate their guts. Sure, I could be wrong, all my worries for naught... but I'm a Dragon Quest fan. Square-Enix always seems to make terrible decisions from my perspective.

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Ah, I see. Yeah, that's a good point to be made about the FF 7 stuff. However, I suppose I'm just biased because I've had some very fun memories playing/watching the extended FF 7 material. Also, I've never played any of the Dragon Quest games. When I was younger I was all about FF so I never really branched out into other series unless I thought that they were really unique (DMC, MGS, etc). I'm not saying that Dragon Quest isn't unique, but it just seemed too similar to FF for me at the time. But yeah, I can definitely understand why you'd be mad at Square. They really haven't done anything substantial with Dragon Quest for the longest time.

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You should definitely give Dragon Quest a shot. Final Fantasy tends to feel more like, well, science-fiction or fantasy. But Dragon Quest has always done a really great job of crafting "fairy tale" style stories.

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Interesting. Which game in the series would you recommend that I play first?

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Not Dragon Quest IX. It's more MMO than game. Dragon Quest IV is super-popular, but the remake (which is the NDS/iOS/Android version) was only partly translated (Square-Enix didn't bother to translate any of the party dialog).

Dragon Quest VIII is an ideal starting point as it's the most modern game--gorgeous cel-shading graphics, a beautiful open world, and a fantastic orchestral score. Pretty much everyone I know who's played it considers it either one of the or THE best JRPGs of all time. You can't go wrong with it.

Of course, there are rumors swirling that both the Dragon Quest VII remake and Dragon Quest VIII port on 3DS will be localized overseas, so it may be better to start with one of the earlier games.

The "big three" are the Zenithian Trilogy (don't worry, they're only loosely related--like Final Fantasy back in the day, each Dragon Quest game stands alone). The trilogy consists of DQ4, DQ5 and DQ6.

So the ideal starting place might be Dragon Quest V or Dragon Quest VI. Most people consider DQ5 to be one of the best games in the series (alongside DQ8), but I, personally, prefer Dragon Quest VI. I really, really, REALLy love the central conceit of the premise. It's just... really cool and really well-executed. So I would recommend Dragon Quest VI (the NDS remake, of course).

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I personally just can't get over the enemy design in Dragon Quest. I tried to play 8 this year, but I just couldn't. Well, I got stuck as well, as in I didn't know where to go and I didn't bother looking it up. I feel like I didn't give the game a fair chance in the 3 or 4 hours that I've played it, but something tells me I wouldn't like it even if I did.

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Interesting. I will try to pick up a copy of either Dragon Quest 5 or 6 on the DS then since they'll probably be the easiest for me to get my hands on. However, it'll probably be a while until I get to them since I'm playing a ton of games at the moment. I'm currently playing DA: Inquisition, Xenogears, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (even though I've played the original, this remake has somehow sucked me in lol), and Batman Arkham Knight (I probably play this the least though considering I don't like the batmobile). And then there's of course the random urges to play games that I've already played just for fun haha.

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What worries me is that they may remove the overworld map. I just can't see them having such a high graphical game when you're in cities and cutscenes and then you jump to an overworld map with less details. It would kinda whiplash players.

I hope that they do not decide on doing a linear path with little deviation.

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Arsene Lupin wrote: Dragon Quest IV is super-popular, but the remake (which is the NDS/iOS/Android version) was only partly translated (Square-Enix didn't bother to translate any of the party dialog).

actually the ios version of 4 has the party chat translated.

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I would be cool with FFvXIII combat ideas implemented into the remake, especially given Nomura's original concept's connection with Advent Children. That said, I hope they keep in some of the sillier moments in the story to help offset how dark the game is. I honestly think it's in good hands with Nomura, so as long as external elements (i.e. higher-ups) don't get involved, we'll have a pretty good game.

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