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So, Should I Delay The Starcraft Lorerun Until Legacy Of The Void Is Out?

Delay vs. Don't Delay

81% 81% [ 21 ]
19% 19% [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 26

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The title says it all. Simple yes or no... if we do NOT delay I'll probably delay a little bit to try and get the Whispers missions in and start the Starcraft Lorerun in July.

The Lorerunner
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before i put in my vote I wonder would another lorerun come in july in its place and if so what lore run would that be? Razz

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Uh if I were to shove another Lorerun UP it would depend on some RL stuff, but would probably be the KH one.

The Lorerunner
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I would say better to do it all at once. Lets see what the people want shall we...

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I voted for the delay hoping RL works out and we can see a KH lorerun would love that Smile

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I agree that doing it all once Legacy is out would be ideal. Just get an amazing lore run done once SC2 is complete.

View user profile http://www.anime-evo.net
Doing the final section of the lorerun blind would add a unique little spin on the format.

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Not interested in kh, did I miss kotor? I vote for after legacy of the void. I think that'd be amazing but it's up to you. How do you think it'd work best? If you'd prefer to get this already digested stuff out of the way then I'm sure we'd all enjoy a legacy of the void extra sometime.

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You didn't miss KOTOR. It starts on the 27th. That date is finalized, though, so there's not much reason to talk about it when discussing the scheduling of future loreruns. That's why nobody's brought it up.

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Thanks. And I don't really use social media otherwise I'd do the same Wink I'll mark it down, can't miss that one.

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