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1 YuGiOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:16 am

Beware Wall of Text
TLDR: I want to start an anime YuGiOh RP

I hope this will be a great learning experience for everyone involved. For experienced players, returning ones, and those new to the game as well. This is supposed to be a fun and cheesy (Though it doesn't have to be) roleplay experience for everyone involved.

So I've had this idea for a while now and started my own site for this before, but it failed. Horrible. My idea is too create a YuGiOh roleplay. Now it wont be like a tabletop roleplay. God no. It will play more like a forum based roleplay. One or two paragraph responses to other characters reactions, setting, machinations and whatnot.

In regards to it being a forum based roleplay everyone would be a GM in their own right. This gives them the opportunity to create their own stories and scenarios without my help. I'll still be the world GM meaning that I would still be setting up the events like tournaments. My actual power would be extremely limited mind you.

Ground Rules:
-You can have multiple characters for multiple fun.
-Each character can only have one playable deck.
-We are using 2015 TCG rules/Erratta. (I.E. Battle City. Two field spell card zones)
-I have to approve the deck and all changes to it. (This means I have control of the banlist)
-Wager matches/Ante Duels in casual play have to be accepted by both parties prior to the duel beginning. This is not the case in tournaments and shadow duels
-No Canon characters. Nor can they be related to them, or be friends.
-More rules can be created later by my discretion
-I will roleplay main characters so they are not abused!!!!!

We will vote on the era on where the setting will take place. This will not have a bearing on what type of cards you can play.
The Original YuGiOh (Battle City Arc- Domino City)
YuGiOh GX (Duel Academy)
YuGiOh 5ds (Neo Domino City)
YuGiOh ZeXal (Heartland)
YuGiOH Arc V (Random tournament)

This will be up for vote.

Duels will be conducted on the manuel [url=duelingnetwork.com]duelingnetwork.com[/url] or on the automatic http://www.ygopro.co/ (download on windows). You will not need my help to conduct a duel, nor does it need to be recorded. A brief summary and outcome is required. If it was a wager match the card taken has to be recorded. Characters can witness the duel if present.

Types of Roleplays:
Open: Anyone can join until closed
Closed: No one else can join unless asked
Ask: no one can join unless asked
Event: (Normally i host these though others can) Only invited members can join. Reserved for tournaments or shadow duels.

Shadow Duels:
-The loser goes to the hospital for one real life week or several in game days
-The victor gains 1 of the losers cards. This will be recorded
-If caught instigating a shadow duel there will be repercussions

Money serves no real purpose, save for buying cards. All transactions must go through me, and be recorded for future reference. Winning a duel grants 1000 currency and losing will grant none. All characters will be given 1000 currency at the start regardless of story. Post on the transaction board asking for what card you'd like to buy. I will give you a price and ask if you'd like to purchase. Accept or decline putting it in your card trunk or deck.

I really want to avoid trading. Trading must be done at the trading OOC and done during the roleplay. You can trade currency or other cards. I'd suggest listing what cards you're willing to trade and work it out from there. I do not have to moderate this. Warning. Sense this is done during RP once you leave the thread there is no chance of going back on a trade unless you find the person again.

Trunk/Deck: You will moderate your own deck/trunk area. I will be keeping an eye on this for cheaters if something smells foul. You can list the cards in your deck or take a screenshot using duelingnetwork and posting it on the forum. If you have trouble creating a deck I will provide one for you.

Example of Trading:

A Simple Trade [OPEN]

SterlingZ: Anphony was sitting inside of the card shop sitting down at a nearby table with the sun shining on him from the nearby skylight. He had his trade binder on his table ready to trade.

-stardust dragon
-blue eyes white dragon
-call of the haunted
-Shining flair wingman)

Lorerunner: Palps had just entered the card shop looking around for potential traders. He spotted a dark haired teen sitting down in the light with his trade binder. He walks up to him slamming down his trade binder giving it to Anphony. "Trade!" He exclaimed, taking his binder.

-Proof of Powerlessness
-Meteor B. Dragon
-Mirror Force
-Fairy Box)

SterlingZ: "Well, all right. If you say so." Anphony said, taking Palps binder as well taking a quick gander. The mirror force instantly caught his eye. "I see your mirror force" Anphony stated.

Lorerunner: "Hmm. Well I see your blue eyes white dragon! Will you trade for that?"

SterlingZ: "No way!" Anphony screamed "We all know a blue eyes is worth three mirror forces. Will you take my call of the haunted?"

Lorerunner: "Call of the haunted for mirror force?" Palps said thinking, Mirror force was twice as valuable, but nothing in his binder had nothing to circumvent this. "Give me 2000 DP (currency) along with the call and we have a deal."

SterlingZ: "Hmm. A hefty sum, but that seems fair." Anphony gave him the 2000DP and the call of the haunted and walked away with his shiny new card.

/anphony leaves the thread

Example of a duel:

Graveyard Duel [ASK]

Lorerunner: Palps had ran out of the card shop looking for the man he had just traded with. He had the rare blue eyes white dragon card sitting in his trade binder. Who knows what other rare cards he might have! He spotted him going down a nearby dark alley. Unbeknownst to him, Palps was a Rare Hunter! He followed him and quickly caught up to him.

SterlingZ: Anphony couldn't help but to feel a bit dissatisfied with his resent trade, but got what he wanted in the end. He had cut down a nearby alley to take a shortcut to his grandmothers house. He was half way there until the guy from the card shop had caught up to him. "What, now?"

Lorerunner: "I want you to show me the power of your dueling deck!" Palps said laughing his ass off.

(OOC: Initiates shadow duel)

SterlingZ: "Oh really?" Anphony said as he turned around. "I never decline a duel!"

(OOC: Accepts Shadow Duel)

Lorerunner: "Well then. Lets take a turn to the graveyard so we could settle this in my home turf."

SterlingZ: "Very well then. I'll duel you anywhere!" They both go to the local cemetery where they both pull out their duel disk.

Lorerunner: Palps pull back his shirt to reveal a dark purple robe. "No you've done it, boy."

SterlingZ: "What!!!!" Anphony said, appalled "How could I be so naive?"

Lorerunner: Palps used his magic to turn the dueling field into a shadow game killing the nearby grass.

(They both duel. Palps summons his rare red-eyes zombie dragon to decimate his opponents life points. Anphony summons his obelisk the tormentor, but falls into a trap when its destroyed by his mirror force. Red-eyes zombie dragon attack, reducing his opponents life points for game.)

SterlingZ: Anphony is incapacitated by the undead dragon's attack, falling on the ground beneath him.

Lorerunner: Palps walks over to Anphony's body and takes his rarest card leaving the scene before anyone spots him.

(Palps wins, receiving Obelisk the Tormentor. Gains 1000DP)

I will expand if this gets more interest. If it does I will expand on character sheets and main plot.

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2 Re: YuGiOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:53 pm

Lorerunner doesn't like Yu-Gi-Oh. He said so in his ME playthrough. Smile

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3 Re: YuGiOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:08 pm

Anybody play the yu-go-oh game on the ps2? Pretty fun. Haven't seen the anime.

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4 Re: YuGiOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:24 pm

FlowerPowerShogun wrote:Anybody play the yu-go-oh game on the ps2? Pretty fun. Haven't seen the anime.

Was it the tag force games? If so the Tag Force games are highly based on the anime. This will be less focused on the anime.

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5 Re: YuGiOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:43 pm

No it was a card collecting and turn based battling game. On several coordinate style maps. Battle of the roses I think it was called.

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6 Re: YuGiOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:38 pm

I used to love Yu-Gi-Oh, to the point where I even played on tournaments. But that was a long time ago, and I don't really feel like getting up-to-date with the game again. And I think this roleplay would be too much work for me, sorry.

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7 Re: YuGiOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:05 pm

If we set up the RP in the first two series I would set it up in a way where newer cards would have minimal impact. I'd even ease new ones into the story without it being to cumbersome.

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