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26 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:03 pm


End result of the Scoundrel-Guardian build. Everything was done legitimately without the console or the KSE (-except- the repair skill and Affect Mind, which you can't get to 17 in order to fix HK-47 fully, unfortunately). Two levels were gained by grinding on Tatooine, though (Hulak Wraids drop off 550 exp if you go to Tatooine as your first planet, and it decreases by 50 points per level up. Because they respawn and always are 4 in number, you can pretty much grind up a couple of levels with enough patience to hit that transit button many, many times...), but it's so worth it.

The equipment, attributes, Master Speed, Sneak Attack IV, Force Wave and Master Valor combine to create a monstrous amount of damage, capable of killing most enemies in one hit, provided you utilise Master Flurry.

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27 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:51 pm

Allow me

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28 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:08 am

The Lorerunner
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29 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Sat Jun 27, 2015 1:16 am

The HOYPE Train shall arrive in 9 hours.. 45 minutes..

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30 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:19 am

It is only a matter of time...

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31 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:42 am

Playing Dark Side in either KotOR game is unrewarding.

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32 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:49 am

Jango32 wrote:Playing Dark Side in either KotOR game is unrewarding.
depends...things like being nice to sandpeople is unrewarding, but the math games are fun first time, for me it just playing like you feel it is exactly how kotor makes most fun, also screw you kreia just shut up...is there a stfukreia mod?

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33 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:06 am

For the record I haven't had the luxury or good fortunate to play any of the KotOR games. I just posted the video because was really nicely done and hype music! Speaking of hype...

The morning is here EST hours away from the Lorerun. If this song doesn't get anyone HYPED I don't know what will!? Pack your lunches beings of the universe, we're going on a journey!

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34 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Sat Jun 27, 2015 7:29 am

Unrewarding? Wut? Learning the origins of Tatooine is always interesting and indicative of the Rakata's past. Being Dark Sided just isn't worth it in KotOR 1 from a gameplay perspective, and you also immediately "handle" quests the moment you receive them, if you get my meaning. In KotOR 2, playing Dark Sided isn't worth it from a narrative point of view (gathering the Jedi Masters on Dantooine to do some lengthy discussions is better, to give you an example). Kreia's the best part about KotOR 2, IMO.

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35 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:52 pm

I felt that dark side strayed to much into dark=evil and not just dark=different. This is with the understanding that dark can lead to evil but I always thought that extreme light could as well. I suppose the analogy is the person who takes power because she wants to rule and wants the power to rule vs. the person who takes power with the intention to rule well and do things in the public interest but goes to far.

Arch maintains that power does not corrupt but enables. I see his point but there is a sense where a good person can use power to a good end and fall. The example I will give, and this takes some nuance that may not be possible in a forum, is Sauron from LOTR. He wants things to be in order, he wants to impose order, that desire in itself is not evil. He goes about it through evil means. Now the story is much more in depth than that but it is close to my meaning.

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36 Re: KoTOR Lorerun HOYPE on Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:47 am

Right, I was looking at the livestream which I missed and I need to talk about some things... specifically level ups.

The whole reason why you -want- to be a Scoundrel and level up your class prior to becoming a Jedi is because of getting the improved Scoundrel's Luck, and more importantly, upgrading your Sneak Attack until Level 7, when you get Sneak Attack IV. If you become a Jedi class -before- you do any levels as the Scoundrel, -you are going to miss out on every single one of the Scoundrel's benefits, including the amount of skills he gets-. If you want to become a Consular, this is how the skills are calculated: (2 + INT MOD) / 2, which is really shite. If you want to become a Sentinel or Guardian, both have the same amount of skills: (4 + INT MOD) / 2. So not only are you wasting valuable points that you won't get back (keep in mind, it's INT MOD, not the total amount of INT, so with 16 INT, your mod is 3), but you are missing out on Sneak Attack, which is arguably the second most important reason why you should choose this class (the first being that Persuade is a class-skill).

Also, 16 or 18 INT is a waste, IMO, because of how skills are broken down: for the Scoundrel, this is the progression (8  + INT MOD) / 2  per level up. 14 int provides a +2 mod, which means 5 skills per level up. 16 int provides a +3 mod, which is still 5 skills per level up. -18 int- gives 6 skills per level, but it is really not that necessary to have just the one additional skill point, especially because you should do the following things: Awareness is useless for the main character because it's a collective, party skill. Have, I don't know, for example Juhani with a high Awareness and the entire party benefits from it. Stealth is useless in K1 (not so much in K2). Demolitions are also useless, because you have free heals once you are a Jedi (Force Cure/Heal) and also the "transit back to Ebon Hawk/Hideout" function throughout the entire game, with a couple of exceptions. So you can just walk into mines without any issue. And if you still want a Demolitions expert, make T3 one or Mission. It's a huge waste when it comes to the main character. Security in K1 does not matter, because it does not do any of the following: it doesn't come up in any conversation as a skill check (K2 does, on the other hand), there are no breakable items if you bash containers (K2 has) and there is no EXP gain for using security or demolitions on mines (K2 has). Thus, security is useless. The conclusion is that you -have to invest in persuade- every time there is a level up, because persuade rolls are calculated like this: your persuade skill+any modifier / (level+5). You also want to invest in repair for HK and -possibly- in Computer Use, albeit it's not necessary because of the items in the game (numerous ones at that) that increase your Computer Use naturally to by, say, 10 points. Key thing: you can save skill points for future levels, the remaining points you have left to distribute carry over. So there's no reason to investing those points into useless things, such as Awareness or Security for the main character.  

"What about the benefits of becoming a Jedi class before that?!" There are none to be had, except if you are going with Consular. But with this build (10 WIS and 8 or 9 CHR), going Consular is quite a suicide mission. Which leaves us with only one valuable class: Guardian. Sentinel doesn't count because its main attraction, supposedly the best skills ratio, is the same as the Guardian's. And you don't need the immunity feats because you get items that provide more or less the same benefits, aside from stat increases. And to make Jedi Guardian a beast, you want to have your Sneak Attack on, so you can do this broken combo: use default attack at a distance of, at least, 5 or 6 metres, which will initiate your ridiculously powerful, class-only special Force Jump feat/attack (basically a ton of natural damage). Because of the way sneak attack works, the enemy NPC was not in combat prior to that, so your 4-24 (or higher, can't remember) sneak attack damage, which cannot be blocked, kicks in and you have either got that enemy NPC to like 5 health out of 100+, or you instantly killed him.

And by going down the Force Push->Whirlwind->Wave tree (which is a "universal" power, hence no penalties if you are either DS/LS, can't say the same about Stasis Field and Insanity), you basically acquire an Area of Effect (Wave) Force power that stuns all near-by enemies and also does damage. Which, combined with Force Speed (you need this for every run, seriously) and Master Flurry (keep in mind, the flurry tree keeps reducing the penalty and also increases beneficial things) and Sneak Attack (that is now going to meet all its conditions in order to trigger, due to the room being stunned), will make it so it takes less than 10 to 15 seconds to clear entire corridors/rooms.

"But you just gave us such crappy attributes for Force related abilities, that they won't work!" That's why, contrary to popular belief, the buff Force Powers are more important than attack FPs. Thus, you give all your Jedi party members, first and foremost, powers that buff the party, such as energy resistance and Valor. Master Valor increases all of your attributes by +5 points, all your saves by +5 and makes you immune to poison (not that it matters, Force Heal gets rid of poison). Add in the Circlet of Saresh, and you have a +22 Wisdom (it's important that once you hit 16 STR and 16 DEX, to switch to upping the Wisdom) and +13 or +14 Charisma, which makes it so you can do both melee and Force Powers. (for the final area of the game when you are alone, you need to have Master Valor yourself as your final Force Power tree). With the Qel-Droma robes, we get a +2 to WIS, which raises us to a +7 modifier for Wisdom. This is all for a Jedi Guardian. You have just broken the game at this point and combat is a joke.

This is why, IMO, wasting the Scoundrel's valuable benefits by not leveling up the class is a very big mistake.

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