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Getting KOTOR1 and 2 working..

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1 Getting KOTOR1 and 2 working.. on Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:55 am

Keep in mind I use the Steam copies..
NEVER ALT TAB these games.. they will crash
Run KOTOR 1 and 2 once to allow everything to show up properly.. if you can.
1. Disable Steam Overlay.. it screws with teh old games
2. Find swconfig.exe wherever you got your game files situated and enable Hardware mouse... and select Disable Movies..
3. Locate the swkotor.exe.. and select properties.. and set compatibility to Windows XP service pack 2, and ensure that it runs it as Admin.
4. Disable V-Sync
(Go into .ini file for the rest of these steps) Mine was labeled swkotor and was a config file, it should open a notepad full of stuff.
5. Disable Fullscreen by locating Graphics options and setting it to Fullscreen=0 DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE RESOLUTION! IT WILL GET MAD!
6. Add the following under Graphics Options: AllowWindowedMode=1
7. Under Graphics options: Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1
8. Under Graphics options: Frame Buffer=0
9. If cannot get game to initially load.. rename these files..
10. Disable Grass effects.
In theory.. these fixes are the exact same for KOTOR 2.. so boom.

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