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Daughters of Darkness(a Child of Light fanfic)

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I started a Child of Light story called Daughters of Darkness which takes place ten years after the game. In a non-spoiler, two people who died escape from Hell with the help of Death so they can help them kill the queen. When things go wrong, a group of demons who went after them get stranded and now must help them get home and stop several plots to kill the queen. And a story of realization and redemption begins.

I don't know if I'll finish it as I'm not a writer and it's pretty long, but I am willing to talk about it in case someone wants to help. This use to be a Friendship is Magic but I switched it because I thought the world  of Lemuria is much more suited for my OCs and the story I wanted to tell feels more welcomed there than in the world of ponies. Most the arcs remain like the changeling who kidnaps woman and gay men or are going to be edited like the serial killer with an obsession with the dead.

I'm willing to talk about the story in detail if people want as, even if I don't finish it, I'll at least want to talk about it. Just remember that I'll be talking about spoilers for both the game and story if you let me.


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Since people are actually posting stories here, I might as well post it here too. I only post it here however once an arc is finished, just to keep it tidy. Plus I can add music.
WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Only read if you played the game, have no interest in playing or don't care about spoilers
Edit: http://todpole.deviantart.com/gallery/6200582/Portal-to-Hell
----= Next scene
///= Music stops


Hello everyone. I'm going to tell you tale of redemption, regret and maybe lots of horrible violence.

Not too long ago, the kingdom of Lemuria had a Dark Queen called Umbra of Cymbel. She was a horrible woman who cared very little of the local races and just wanted to stomp them out like rats. During her short reign, many homes were wiped out and many more were on the verge of destruction. She also had two beautiful daughters: Crepusculum was a vain girl who had a high standard for everything around her, even her reflection and Nox; a girl with such an innocent appearance that perfectly hid her deceitful behavior.

However, one of the bugs they tried to squash was a cockroach. A cockroach called Aurora, was betrayed by these women she thought they were family and with a band of colorful characters, avenge their victims and brought an age of recovery for the kingdom as everyone got involved in repairing it.

But this story isn't about the recovery or the humans or Aurora and her friends (Well maybe.), but about the daughters, as even in death, have been given a second chance from an unexpected source.
In the hellish plains of Tartarus, there stood one of the universe's most heavily secure prisons, Limbo penitentiary. Inside, a group of the recently deceased were being lined up against a wall in a dimly lit room, but a few were being a struggle.

"Get your filthy hands off me!" The former Queen of the night threaten a guard as he shoved her and her daughters against the wall. "Do you have any idea who I am? Any idea who we are?!" The guard just ignored her and just kept an eye on them. After awhile, when all the villains were organized, a door in the far end of the room opened and out came an orange bull-like brute with a blue eye, wearing a black police uniform and leather gloves and boots and an eye-patch covering his missing right eye.

"Greeting, inmates. If you're here, then you must have done something that wasn't…moral. Like say rob a bank or killed your lover for the money or wipe out an entire species. You might have gotten away with those deeds in life, but here, everybody has to pay for their crimes." He then gesture to an obese blue man and a light green hunchback as they escorted several inmates out of the room while keeping the rest at bay. "The rest of you are for the rest of you days, going to be our little punching bags."

"You can't do this! I'm the queen of Lemuria and me and my daughters don't belong in this hole with the rest of you worms." Umbra declared with said daughters standing beside her. This drew the brute's attention as he stare her down as she stood her ground.

"Queen." He deadpanned. "All I see is a racist murderer who doesn't understand how a kingdom works."

"Yes she does." Crepusculum defended. "She's the rightful heir so she gets to do what she wants."

"And those creatures had no right to be in our kingdom." Nox continued.

"Is that what you think." The brute said. "Well here's what I think of you." And he took Umbra by the hand and began to shake it. This was confusing until a crushing sound was heard and Umbra started to scream in pain. As her daughters tried to help her, they receive a punch in the face each and the trio was left on the ground in pain. "Let this be a lesson to all of you!" He shouted to the crowd. "In my prison, if you so much as do one tiny thing out of line, you'll get punished! And we're allowed to kick the organs out of you. Know why? Cause we hurt people who deserve it. Alright boys take them away."

While most of the villains were escorted or in some cases dragged out of the room through one path, Umbra and her daughters were taken another way which to an almost empty room with just a table and some stools with four different monster on one side. One of them at the edge, a brown, floating ball with two white horns on top, two stubby arms, a massive mouth and a big yellow eye kept glaring at Umbra in particular as she and her daughters stood by the door.

"Don't be shy. Take a seat." The 'woman' in middle said and the family took the seats in front of them. "We just want to ask you questions about yourself. Just so we know you're getting the right punishment." This caused the girls to gulp. "First question: What happened to your husband?"

"I actually had three husbands, two of them died from automobiles when I was pregnant with each of my daughters while my last one fell ill when his daughter died." Umbra lied. As the demons wrote down notes another had a question.

"What was your mother like?" he asked.

"She was great. She thought me everything I knew about being a queen and how to treat my people."

"That makes way too much sense." The ball mumbled.

"'What was that?"

"Oh, nothing. Please, continue with you obvious lies and warped interpretations."

"Makron, quiet." The head demon snapped. "For the daughters: Is there anything you wanted but your mother wouldn't let you have?"

"No. I had everything I would ever want." Nox told them but Crepusculum looked down, afraid to answer.

"I… Always want a dog. But my mother said I couldn't have one because they are terrible cretins that are more trouble than they're worth." Crepusculum confessed. This really caught the attention of that Makron thing.

"Excuse me, doctors but can I perform a small experiment on the two young women." Makron offered with the doctors whispering amongst themselves before nodding in agreement. Makron took out a bag and was looking through it. "So you like dogs, right?" Crepusculum nodded. "Well, how about you pet a puppy?" he said as he took out a small puppy which caused her to blush. "But if you don't want that, I got a kitten and a bunny too." And as he said, he took out a kitten and a bunny. "Don't you to hug them. Rub their fur. Little kisses on their noses." Crepusculum was struggling to resist the cuteness with Nox holding her arm in to keep her back. "What's wrong? Don't you like dogs? You said wanted one. Are they all just adorable? " She was sweating now. Her mother was watching and she knows how angry she'll get if she so much as touch one. But those eyes were so cute. And the way he's wagging his tail. And kitten and bunny playing with him was just so cute. She couldn't take it anymore. She had to pet it.

"Crepusculum! No! What would Mother think?!" Nox argued as she tried to hold her sister back.

"That's all I needed to hear." Makron then put the animals back into his bag. "I confirmed my hypothesis." And the doctors began to talk amongst themselves and exchange notes. Crepusculum looked ashamed, Nox was holding her sister's hand in comfort and Umbra just glared in disapproval.

"We have come to a decision." The head doctor announced and pressed a button on the table. "Crepusculum and Nox Cymbel. Due to your influences, you deemed forgivable enough to be a circle 2."

"That's good, right?" Umbra asked.

"For your daughters, it's the best they'll ever get. They'll even get a window." Makron answered as he floated towards her. "And I have a special gift." And he punched her in the face. "You disgust me you wife of a jew. You better stay away from those girls from now on." As Umbra recovered from the shock, she was grabbed by the arms by some guards and was dragged away, kicking and screaming at the man who hit her. The sisters were speechless of what they witness. "Don't worry. The woman won't ruin you anymore." And he and the doctors walked out as the girls were taken to their cell.

The cells were spacious enough. Two beds with only pillow and a barred window and the cell was locked by a glass door. Nox was lying down on her bed as Crepusculum paced around the room with a few bruises on her arms. Then in a fit of frustration, tried to pry the bars of the window.

"Calm down, Crepusculum. Your tantrums aren't going to help us." Nox reasoned.

"What am I suppose to do? Just stand here and do nothing." She snapped.

"And do what? Even if we escape, where do we go?" Nox was refereeing the view from the window which was red skies and snow covered volcanoes in the horizon and the prison was surrounded by a vast forest. Crepusculum sat on her bed in a huff. Nox got off her bed and gave her sister a comforting hug. "Cheer up, sister. I know we can get through this."
The next day, in the mess hall, Nox was covered in bruises and needles and Crepusculum's legs were red and weren't able to move and had burn marks on her back and the two were struggling to eat what looked like road-kill covered in stomach acid. They couldn't see their mother anywhere but the guards said that inmates from 2 through 4 are separated from the rest of the prison.

"So. Still think we can get through this?" Crepusculum grumbled.

"Sure. It's takes a lot more than clubbing me with cactuses to bring me down." Nox boasted. "What did they do to you?"

"They made me run on this moving floor and every time I slowed down, they hit me with this magic stick."

"Ouch." As they tried to eat, Nox felt something touch her foot. Looking down, she spotted a red minotaur wearing a black leather jacket was crawling under the table. When he spotted the girl, he just gave her shush gesture. "What are you…" She tried to say as the red man rush straight to her face and shushed her.

"Keep quiet. I'm trying to steal some cutlery for my deathtrap." The red man said.


"Yep. I'm gonna make trip-wire traps around Makron's house and if he touched just one. He'll get impaled by knives, spoons, forks and sporks!"

"What?" Crepusculum asked confused.

"Don't be like D'Spiril. Just because he has no legs doesn't mean it won't work."

"No, I mean what's a spork?" The red man just stared as a buzz was heard in pocket. He took a metal block out of his jacket pocket and began to talk to it.

"What's the situration?" He said to the block.

"The kitchen is clear. I repeat, the kitchen is clear." The metal box said.

"I'm on my way, Korax. D'Spiril; what's the situation on your end."

"The guards are talking to the kitchen staff." Another voice said from the box. "Also, I still think this plan is you're dumbest yet."

"Shut up and keep watch." And the red man was on his way to the box near the kitchens door and began to stuff the utensils into a bag, with the inmates watching in curiosity. Nox got a cruel idea and moved to a table in front of where he was robbing and stuck her foot out. Carrying the bag, the red man ran towards a window. "I got them, guys. I…" and as expected, he tripped on her leg and he fell into the bag. He swiftly got out and was screaming in pain as he was stabbed by the utensils with a spoon in each of his eyes. As he bumbled around in pain, he ended up in the kitchen and while the inmates didn't see anything, they could hear the sounds of fire, slicing, crashing and screams and when it was quiet, the door open and the red man was burned up with cuts and scratches and fell on floor. This caused the inmates to applaud.

"OH MY GOD!" Crepusculum scream in shock.

"What is it?!" Nox worried.

"This silverware is half spoon, half fork!" She said pointing said tool in amazement. Meanwhle, a grey man in a grey camo suit and a man in a red hooded robe arrived, gave each other embarrassed looks and proceeded to drag the injured minotaur away. Then a voice went out over the intercom.

"Sorry about that unscheduled slapstick routine." The brute from the first day said. "We are now going to lock are the doors and windows and fill the room with toxic gas. I really do love this job."

"Of course you do." Murmured to herself before her head met the hard table.

The following weeks were brutal. Everyday revolve around getting torture for the sake of being tortured and the only times they were free were meal time and nap time with nap time being the best. The tortures range from the so lethal, the sisters had no idea why they are still alive, like having their spines pulled out. To the just plain disgusting like having to watch the most disturbing porn ever. Nox thought Crepusculum was lucky as she didn't make it past the first five minutes before throwing up while she managed to sit through two.

Today, they were sitting in the auditorium. The baron, as the guards were calling him had organized a little show for everyone and they feared the worst. The sisters manged to catch a glimpse of their mother but they were being forced to stay in their circles and were locked in their seats. At least the sisters were together. When everything was ready, the lights dimmed.

"Alright, scumbags."The barons voice rang as he stood on the stage. "The arch-ville was generous enough to waste a few minutes to add a little…flare, to your afterlife. As much as I didn't want to do this, here's: 'sigh' Gideon. " And fire erupted from the stage next to the baron and when it died down, stood a white man with pink eyes wearing a white robe or dress. They couldn't tell.

"Thank you, Cycloid." Gideon thanked the baron.

"Just keep your end of the bargain." Cycloid grumbled as he stomped off the stage.

"And hello my adoring crowd. Don't worry. I'm not here to cause you pain. I'm here to make you be amazed." He proclaimed, making poses as he went. "Say. Any of you have any super-powers." A few quiet yeses were heard and Gideon made a big fireball in his hand. "Don't feel ashamed. All my people have fire powers. But a man in my power can do things a bit more," He suddenly threw the fireball into the crowd and before it landed, it implored into several small fire-butterflies. "magical." The crowd was either amazed or were like 'Is that it?' with Nox and Crepususculum trying so hard to be in the latter.

"Is this just a lame magic show?" one inmate yelled.

"Magic show? This isn't just a little magic show." Gideon glared as he began to walk off the stage towards the inmate and as he walked off, he was walking in the air like he was climbing up stairs. "I'm just showing what you what you could have with your wonderful curses." He then created a fire- fishing rod with a fire-microphone attached to it and lowered it down.

"What can you do, my little friend?" Gideon asked one inmate, who couldn't answer as he was just a fetus in jar. "Opps. Sorry. What about you?" he asked a robot next to him.

"Well, when I was alive, I was invisible." The robot told him as Gideon nodded. "But I always loved to admire my looks in a mirror, even though I was suppose to be invisible."

"Ah. It's a shame many couldn't see your beauty." He then walked over to the Cymbel sisters. "And what about you, lovely ladies."

"Um. Well we have magic."Nox stammered.

"Magic! That's lovely any specialties." The girls just mumbled in embarrassment. "Oh, you girls are so adorable!" He squeed and began to walk back to the stage. "Don't be ashamed. Sure you may not have wanted you're powers or whatever, but the best suggestion is to find ways to make due. Like me" Then music began to as Gideon took the microphone off the fishing rod. "Now let me open up bit!"
(Game of life - Vocaloids)

My first life was so boring just forget mentioned it
And my second seemed to let me do all of the things my first life didn't
Third life was a hateful man all poison to the bone
In my fourth, I played piano but just didn't have the eyes to read the notes

One inmate decided to throw something at Gideon and he poofed away and then he started teleporting around the room.

In my fifth life, I supported girls - of course that wasn't all
My sixth life was corrupted though I guess it was little fun
Seventh life I cried so much and all I did was mourn
In my eighth life, was so rich I could've bought the world and EVERYTHING

In this life is a game played by a flaky god
He gambles every life
Try to escape but you know the path you're on is game and set

And now he was doing all kinds of fire effects like making fire creatures and small explosives like fireworks.

See how the game of life is playing all of us for fools
Dancing a string around us, making all these silly rules
See how he looks down on us like we're acting out a show
Throw the dice and let's see which head will roll...

By nine, I drew some comics but the deadlines left me dead
My tenth life was a teacher, as a pedophile I worked part time
Next life, what, eleven? Sorry I try to forget...
Never could describe how awful - no I'm terrified to think of all

The things that such a die can do, kinda crazy
Deciding everyday
Try to escape but the days repeat and keep you here to stay

See how the game of life is never won, you only play
Bore him and you will find you're crumpled up and thrown away
Clinging to fate and blaming it when life won't go your way
Such a laugh HA! Life is just a game

Cry out all your eyes or win a new fortune
The chance is one out of six
Try to escape, why not try your luck and see what you may get?

He then disappered and no one could see him, but his voice was still heard.

See how the game of life is playing all of us for fools
Dancing a string around us, making all these silly rules
See how he looks down on us like we're acting out a show
Throw the dice and let's see which head will roll...

Suddenly, a fire monster burst out of the stage.

Sickly grinning downward, tosses out a pair of dice
Cheating way around the board "Ah this is paradise"
People praying on their knees but no there to hear
Ah look down at all the puppets here

And as the monster vanished, Gideon was on stage with a spotlight above him.

Ah look up at all the puppeteers

The crowd was silent for the most with only a small amount of applauding was heard. Nox hated to admit it but she was impressed and Crepusculum looked like she wanted to scream in joy. "There's no need to be so silent." Gideon bowed. "But then again, it's probably for the best. You see I had to agree with I didn't want to do to get this performance." And then everything suddenly became very hot and the white man had his arms stretch out. "Sorry." And with a clap, the room was lit ablaze.

It took a month for the burns to heal.

Neither of them knew how long they in this prison for. It could been a decade for all they knew. Crepusculum was lying in her bed trying to sleep off the pain while Nox was looking out her window. Outside she spotted the red man from some time ago, walking with a spider creature. It looked like they were enjoying each others company, even if the spider didn't show it. They spotted Nox at her window and the red man gave her a wave and a big goofy smile. She just ignored him as he walked off, hand in hand with the spider. Was this really what the rest of her life would be: punished for 'past sins' that she didn't deserve, while commoners like those monsters get to walk around, scot free. She was a princess. The heir of Lemuria. She deserves better. Or that was what she told herself anyway.

This was Aurora's fault. Her and her stupid, disgusting friends. This was all her fault. It's her fault, they're here. It's her fault they're separated from their mother. It's her fault every day since she got here was filled with pain and agony. And according to the guards, they were getting the tamest punishments. Nox had no idea what her mother was going through. This was all Aurora's FAULT! HER FAULT! HER FAULT! HER FAULT!

In a sudden burst of rage, she turned into her dragon form and started to bash the glass door.

"Not now, Nox. Can I just go to sleep?" Crepusculum complained as Nox kept slamming into the glasses, tear streaming down her face.

"It's not fair. We shouldn't be in this place. We should be home with our mother and ruling Lemuria." Crepusculum got off the bed and gave her sister a comforting hug.

"You said it yourself. Where are we to go?" Nox got out of her dragon form but she didn't return the hug. "The most we can do now is stay together."

"It's just not fair. I want to go home. I want to go home!" and she began to bang her fist against the door. This caught the attention of one of the guards holding clubs.

"Ah, someone's cranky. Looks like I should introduce you to Mister…. Batty?" he was saying when the lights went out in the whole cellblock. "What the Christ?! Security, we got a massive light outage in Circle 2. Requesting maintenance, over." He said to himself. He apparently was listening to something and when he was done, took out a flashlight and was going to patrol the area. But then something hit him and wacked his head on the door, knocking him out.

"Do you want to leave?" a small but gentle voice said.

"W-who's there?" Nox said in fear of the unseen person while Crepusculum dragged her away from the door.

"Just a man with a favor. One you two might be interested in. Now tell me; do you want to leave?" The sisters looked at each other for a second before giving a quick nod. "Good." As a pair of glowing, white eyes appeared and the glass door opened. The eyes belong to a short, hooded man in a dark blue robe. They couldn't see his face because of the hood so they didn't know what he was. "Follow me and keep quiet." The two carefully follow the small man through the darken building, which for some reason had very little guards than normal.

"Where is everyone?" Crepusculum couldn't help but ask.

"Either knocked out, cut off from the rest of the building, patrolling the city or are providing security for the big test today. But shouldn't matter as it gives us enough time to get out and perform our plan. Now come. Life is waiting for us outside." He was right about one thing; it was easy to get out. Outside, they spotted a pink pony with a yellow mane smoking and then got on its back and galloped off.

"We appreciate what you did for us, but can you tell us who you are and why you helping us?" Nox asked as they made their escape.

"I go by many names but you can call me Death. As for what I want, we can explain later but in short: We want you, to help us kill the Queen of Light."

Death rode the sister through the forest and as they travelled, they went through some secret tunnel that was dark and dripping some type of red, rust-smelling sewage. Eventually, the tunnel became cleaner and brighter and ended in a door. When they got off the pony, the small robed man pressed a button next to the door.

"Okay, girls. When the elevator comes down, just go in and press the up button." He explained.

"What about you?" Nox questioned him.

"Don't worry about me. I got my own way up." And the door to the elevator opened. "I'll meet you up there." But the sisters didn't move. "Come on, get on! We're on a deadline!" And he stated to push them inside and the door shut closed. Looking around, they saw nothing of interest except for two buttons. One pointing up and one pointing down.

"I guess we just press the button." Nox stated as she press it and the lift slowly...for five seconds, before speeding up to the top so fast that they ended on the ceiling. When the lift stopped ten seconds later, they both hit the ground with a loud thud. As they got up, the door opened revealing Death already there.

"How did you get here so fast?" Crepusculum said annoyed.

"I said I had a way up." Death said. "Now follow me and don't touch anything." He led the girls through the room which looked to be some type of archive. With the boxes containing papers and documents so high that might have reach the ceiling if they could see it.

"What is this place?" Nox couldn't help but ask.

"This is we do our research to find 'partners' to help and 'cases' to work on. We also monitor all the worlds to see if they're ready."

"Ready for what?" she ask as they approached a very large door, twice their size.

"That's classified. Now when we get in, you have full permission to stab anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. " He said as he opened the door. As soon as they went in, they saw why the door was so big as they spotted a huge, obese man wearing a brown suit, devouring some green paper in a bag. He just gave the girls a look, a grunt then continued eating. There was also a dead body in a green suit on one of the chairs with its mouth wide open and blood pouring out of it. And finally, there was a tall skeleton polishing a type of rifle, wearing grey body armour and red trousers, or they thought they were trouser but were actually dried up blood. When it caught sight of the sisters, it immediately walked towards them.

"So these are the princesses I heard so much about." The skeleton said with a robotic voice, as it walked circles around them. "I would admit, I thought you'd be bustier, but I'll enjoy working with you." It bend over to look the girls in the eyes and then held out its hand. "I'm War."

"Um, Crepusculum."

"..Nox." The girls greeted as the skeleton took their hands and gave them a little kiss. When it saw Nox's hand, it gave a smirk.

"So you're one of those women. It's okay, I won't judge you." War said for some reason as it groped Nox's chest, which resulted in her kicking it in the pelvis.

"Okay pervert, come along." Death groaned and dragged it away. "Do you have the weapons?" As the two discussed, Nox noticed the corpse was standing next to them, holding a syringe in his hand.

"Do you want HIV?" The zombie offered. "Or smallpox, or Bubonic Plague or a cancer."

"No thank you." Nox replied as she step stepped away from it.

"Are you sure? It can help spread infection and cause failure to organs. Or is that poison we're thinking.."And Crepusculum blasted it with a spell and the zombie crashed into the wall, a small bit of blood splashing on the fat man's suit.

"That felt good." She said. "It's nice to just hit something." Then a shadow covered the two and they were grabbed by the throat.

"You thought it was good that you split blood on me! Do you know who I am!?" The sister could barely choke out a response. "You peasants don't have any right to..."

"FAMINE!" Death shouted at the big man. "We need them alive. Or, undead at least." Famine dumped them on floor.

"I'll eat you later." He threatened as he walked back to his seat, he took all the seats in the room except the skeleton's and the zombie's seats. "Okay everyone. Let's start 'Operation: Kill Aurora.'"

"Is that really the name?" War commented. "Why not 'Star Killer' or 'Reverse Progress', or my favorite: 'Fuck the Princess.'"

"It's my plan and I'll call it whatever I want! Now, it's been two years since our plans for Lemuria were ruined by that wretched redhead, and I know for a fact we feel cheated."

"Two years?" Nox was shocked by this. She was in that wretched prison for two years.

"Well, two years Hell time. In Lemuria, it's bee ten years."

Ten years? That was even worse. Her and her sister and mother has been beaten by those demons for ten years and that little princess of light is having the time of her life, like riding ponies and going to parties and everyone showering her with praise because of her beauty. Just the thought caused her blood to boil and her teeth grind.

"Nox." Crepusculum whispered in her ear, getting her out of her daydream with Death glaring at her and tapping his foot.

"Sorry. What were you talking?" Nox apoligised.

"Well, I was talking about the current state of Lemuria but since that's boring you, we'll just skip to the plan."

"Wait, what's happening?"Death ignored her however.

"Now, Makron and Vagary are publicly demonstrating hydro power to help build ties between us and those trite creeps."

"Sounds like peace to me." War commented. "I hate peace. How am I suppose to get a boner with all that peace talk."

"Rude comments aside, our interest is not the test itself but what they are testing it on: Makron's portal. It'll be the only way to get the princesses into Lemuria."

"Why do have to get into this much trouble for this portal." Crepusculum asked.

"Because our steeds only take 'us' around everywhere. They aren't allowed to take 'you' anywhere. Now everybody better be listening cause I'll only explain this once."The short man then started up a slideshow. " First, Pestilence will take the princess to the roof of the Strogg Corp building, right above the presentation. On your way there, I'll replace the test data with the coordinates to Lemuria. When the portal opens, we're say we spotted you on the other side of the city. And with everyone distracted, you just have to slip in."

"Seems simple enough." Famine complemented. "However, Cycloid is heading the security and almost nothing gets pasts him. And Makron and Vagary are very observant and will know something is wrong."

"Let's not forget the local reject. If either of those two are around, the walking punch line won't be far behind." War added to the warning.

"Gideon going to be there too, aren't they. We don't like healer. Don't like, don't like." Pestilence raged.

"Well, we just have to make sure this goes well without a hitch."As he turned off the slideshow, he drew his attention to the girls. "So are you ready?"

"I do like the idea of getting revenge on Aurora. But how can we be sure we can trust you?" Nox questioned the Four. "This whole thing feels a little shifty and none of you have struck me as pleasant." Death however just gave a chuckle as he tried to wrap an arm around Nox.

"Nox, Nox, Nox. I admit we're a not a group of saints, but we're on your side on this whole royal affair. What Aurora did to your family was terrible. She was clearly in the wrong and must pay for her crimes."

"What's in it for you?"

"Me! Or us. We only want to get you rightful throne back."

The sisters just stared and then went into a huddle.

"Do you think we can trust them?" Nox whispered to her sister.

"Oh, God no." Crepusculum quietly answered. " But why don't we keep them close for now. Until Aurora's dealt with."

"That I can do." They then turned to the Four. "We discussed you proposal and we accept it."

"Great! War, get the weapons. Famine, get the steeds. Pestilence, don't touch our partners." Death organised as War brought a briefcase over to the girls.

"For you, baby, I got an Oculi blade made completely out of brilliant tourmaline. An almost guarantee to stop anything that moves." War explained as it handed Nox a green-blue blade with a white, decoarated hilt. "And for you, beautiful, I got a three-in -one whip." He said giving Crepusculum a black handle. "With a press of a button, you can get a simple whip." He told her, pressing a button that lit the whip on fire. "A plasma whip for cutting. And my personal favourite feature." One final button turned the weapon into a ball and chain. "The electric frail. Just looking at it makes me shiver with delight."

"Thank you." Crepusculum thanked as War strutted away. "Disgusting creep." She muttered under breath as Famine came back riding a boar half his size, with the pony from earlier, a giant moth and a wolf right behind him. At the sight of the girls, Famine just growled in disgust and look away.

"Okay you majesties. Just hop on Aliment and he'll take you to Makron's place. When the portal opens, wait for our distraction. Then go in without being seen. I'll see you in Lemuria." Death rode off on his pony with Famine and War followed, leaving them alone with Pestilence and the giant, disgusting bug. Crepusculum only had one thing to say.

"I don't want to ride that bug."

"Hey, look at that thing? No, that other thing. Oh, that thing has numbers on it!" Crepusculum squeed as the trio soared through the red sky on the giant moth, above a vast city of electric and steel.

"What kind of place is this?" Nox asked in wonder of the metropolis.

"This is Demon capital; Dis." Pestilence chatted as they flew to their destination. "Long ago, Dark Lord came from sky and united warring races. Races became friends and made Tartarus grow into great dark world. This city has many places where weapons and cars are made. Of course they also make one other thing."

"Which is?"


"Medicine? What's so bad about that?" Crepusculum laughed and the zombie glared at her.

"Not bad! It's evil! Every day, medicine kills trillions of diseases and vaccines are murdering poor, innocent viruses. Those monsters are evil, evil, EVIL!"

"Okay, okay. Sorry I asked." She 'apologised' as they made it to Makron's building. A simple office building that had a dome on top of it.
"This is the stop." It stated as the moth stopped next to a vent that was big enough for them to fit through. The sister crawled in and climbed to where they were told the portal was. The room was plain, with a huge amount of chairs arranged like stairs on one side and the portal, which was a red pad on the floor, and a container filled with water. The chairs were filled with various demons while the brown ball, Makron, working on the machines along with a cream coloured spider creature with a red eye and blue eye. For some reason, Nox thought she saw the spider before.

"Isn't this great, Vagary. We're making history with this demo." Makron said "If this goes well, imagine the possibilities for our races."

"I don't share your enthusiasm, but I am feeling something." Vagary told him.

"It's probably pride."

"Maybe?" As they worked, the red minatour, Eidolon, enter the room and rush to the spider giving it a hug.

"Heh, heh. How's my beautiful spider queen?" He greeted as he held the now confirmed girl up in the air.

"Wanting to get back on the ground." She answer, firmly as Eidolon put her down.

"Hi Eido. Glad you could make it. Got any plans to kill me today?"Makron happily asked which caused the taller man to glare at him.

"SHUT UP, MAKRON!" Eido shouted with anger. "And no, I don't have any plans today. I just want to wish my favourite girl luck on the demonstration."

"Well, my people use this power source all the time and we've been testing it on some of your smaller devices and it works. The only thing we have to worry about is if we have enough hydro –power for this thing."

"Wow. I understood that. See Makron, why don't you talk simple like her?"

"I do talk simple." Markron said annoyed. During their conversation, Clycloid walked over with a clipboard in hand.

"Okay, the chechpoint to get inside is running smoothly, all strategic points are secure and as soon as the fumigators get here, we'll be spraying the vents." He listed his report.

"Thanks, Cyloid. Any luck finding those inmates."

"No. I've got patrols looking though the woods as we speak and I've double the security as this is one of the only escape routes. But something's been bugging me since I've heard the news."

"What's been bugging you?" Gideon asked as he came out of nowhere, causing the group to jump.

"Don't do that, dingbat!" The bull yelled.

"Sorry. You know I like to make a scene. Speaking of which." Gideon then turn his attention to the ball and spider. "Can I put some music on for when the portal is turn on? I want to add flare to the show."

"Yeah, sure, whatever you like." Vagary told him.

"I don't care Gideon. I just want this to work right." Makron answered which caused Gideon to hug them.

"Oh, thank you, thank, you, thank you! Now, you were saying." Gideon asked Cycloid who punched him in the face.

"That's for interrupting me. And what's bugging me is that is that the power in the area was off and all the guards from there to the entrance were knocked out. I believe that someone broke them out." This worried the sister as it meant the demons were on to them.

"Don't tell me it was..."Makron started before Gideon covered his big mouth.

"Keep you guesses to yourself for now. The Dark Lord is on his way and you know he hates it when we accuse each other without evidence."

"So just catch the escapes first, get to admit it wasn't there idea and they'll tell you who did it." Eidolon suggested.

"I prefer to just beat them up. But I do have one piece of information that might make them talk."
"Could he be talking about mother?" Nox wondered when the door opened with a loud crash. What came out was purple smoke next to a red minatour in a blue suit with a cold-dead expression on his face.

"Vagary. That's your name right. It's great to have a trite helping us for a change." Said NOT the emotionless suit, but the purple smoke which turned into a giant gloved hand and it looked like it wanted a handshake. Vagary, with disdain, returned the greeting. "So, is the portal ready to go?"

"We're ready to start now, Dark Lord. If everyone can take a seat, we begin straight away." Makron told his master.

"Great. This is going to be a glorious day for all of Tartarus."

"I am excited. I sure hope this goes to plan." The suit said emotionlessly, passing a glance at the vent where the princesses were hiding.

"That thing is their master. I hope we don't have to fight that thing if it can turn into more than a hand." Crepusculum said worriedly as everyone except the ball and spider took a seat.

"Greetings everyone." Makron started as the light dimmed into a spotlight over him."GIDEON!"

"I was trying to make it more epic." Gideon responded as Makron just glared at him so he turned the lights back on.

"Ahem. Today, we add a new type of energy to our society. One that is not only almost everywhere, but is clean, reusable and makes a tasty beverage. The trites use this everyday for their needs. But now, we shall see if this simple power source can power our society! Vagary! ACTIVATE THE PORTAL!" he exclaimed in joy as Vargary pressed a button and the portal active, coming to life in a flash of light. Makron could only respond in a whisper. "It's still on."

"It's working." Vagary said in amazement. Everyone else either "ohhs" or "Ahhs".

"I don't get it. That didn't seem all that impressive." Nox commented.

"What did you expect? Sure they can make some kind portal, but we have magic mirrors that can take us anywhere." Her sister said with pride.

"You're right. Stupid demons like them probably have no idea how to make a magic mirror." They both thought smugly at the thought until a something occur to Nox. "How do you make a magic mirror?" she asked and was only answered with silence. Just then, Pestilence came bursting through the doors.

"WE FOUND THEM! WE FOUND THEM!" Pestilence yelled getting the audience attention. "They're inside the Tower of Babal."

"What?!" The Dark Lord said in shock. "If they get to the top, we can't do anything to stop them."

"Master, go cut them off before they reach it. I'll guard this room." Cycloid said as the civilians got out of the room.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea, Sir." The suit commented. "From what I read, the family has a massive superiority complex. So having a powerful deity like you to knock some sense would be an enjoyable event."

"Well, I do love humiliating worthless brats. Okay. Lyoid, you and anyone else will take of the portal. I got some spoil brats to bring down." The dark master said as he rolled out of the room as the quiet man robotically ran after him, leaving behind Cycloid, Gideon, Makron, Vagary, Eidolon and Pestilence.

"I better turn this thing off. Don't want anyone going through." Makron told them as he was about to turn the portal off.

"NOOO!" Pestilence panic as he jump on Makron and started to attack him.

"Get off him, creep!" Eidolon yelled as he tried to get the zombie off Makron. "Only I get to try and kill him."

"What wrong with you, you freak?!" Cycloid barked, grabbing Pestilence by the head and tried to pull it off. Gideon then started a little dance but Pestilence than charged and bashed his head against the floor.

"MONSTER! MOSTER! MONSTER!" Pestilence repeated as everyone tried to pry it off.

"Come on. Let's go now while they're distracted." Nox told her sister and the two got out of the vent and snuck towards the portal. Eidolon was flung back from the scuffle and slide on the floor, face first, and stopped right in front of the sisters.

"Hey, I know you. You the ones that didn't know what a spork was." Eidolon blurted out and drew the demons attention to Nox and Crepsculum, standing in front of the still active portal. Everything was still for a few moments as the two sides just stared. That was until Nox pushed Crepsculum through the portal and dived straight after her.

"GET THEM!" Cycloid ordered as he, Gideon and Makron ran through after them, and stamped over Eido. "Don't forget about us!" He complained and grabbed Vagary by the arm and the two followed through.
This left Pestilence alone in the Portal room. Looking around, it spotted broom in the corner of the room. It grabbed the broom and proceeded to smash the control panel for the portal, turning it off and then escaped through the vent.
And that's the end of the prologue. Next we enter Lemuria. Will the Cymbel sister succeed in their mission? Of course not, I spoiled it in the summary. But would be the events that'll lead to the failure?

Till next time.

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