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What Game World would you spend the rest of your days in?

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Part of the reason for people value certain games over others but is never discussed is how it can suck you into the world. My question is, like Digimon if you had to be sucked into any one of the digital environments forever, which game would you prefer?

For me I think it would be a toss up between Final Fantasy X with its luscious beach-like environment (pssh to Sin lol), Elder Scrolls Oblivion with its grassy fields and non polluted environment (willing to endure the surviving circumstances) or any of the Kanto/Johto Region Pokemon games because it'd just be awesome!

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Oh, man. There's so many wonderful places in video games I'd love to spend the rest of my days in.

The world of Aquaria would be one of them, provided that I could get the ability to breathe underwater like Li did. So peaceful, beautiful, wondrous and idyllic.

Another candidate would be Skies of Arcadia, preferably somewhere calm like Air Pirate Island (and of course, after the conflicts are resolved). Such a breath-taking world.

Destiny Islands from Kingdom Hearts would be my third pick. Honestly, those guys didn't know how good they had it until they left. Very Happy

And finally, I definitely wouldn't mind spending the rest of my days in Ahto City from KotOR. You might notice a theme here. I can't help it - I like aquatic environments!

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For me it would be any well done world with both magic and fleshed out other races. I always favored the Breton in TES so High Rock would be my choice from that universe, though Elsweyr is also quite tempting as the Khajit is my second favorite race and they have oddities that aren't seen outside their homeland. Ivalice is the most intriguing of the FF world with its variety of races and mix of technology with medieval (probably not the right word for it). The Judges were always my favorite part of that world right from the start watching the cutscene that plays if you linger on the title screen. The nobility with Larsa and Vayne were also well presented.

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Really cool question so I'll give it a shot. I'll assume you mean the world itself and we are allowed to take away all the bad things and stuff like that.

Spira (Final Fantasy X): Beautiful tropic beaches, lush open fields, bustling cities and small homely villages. Just a beautiful world.

Terca Lumireis (Tales of Vesperia): Vast and epic feeling world with tons of things to explore and plenty of cities, mountains, forests, tundras, ruins and many other things to explore. A true adventurers paradise.

Gaia (Final Fantasy IX): Frankly I just want to live in Lindblum haha. It's always been my favorite video game city that I've always wanted to visit or live in.

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Pokemon, hands down. It's a world in which a 10 year old going out on their own with no support is considered normal and safe, what else needs be said? But in addition to that, I know enough ABOUT pokemon that if I felt like being ambitious and making a career out of a gym or a league, I could.

The Lorerunner
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I honestly can't think of one! I mean, I'd like to vacation with Mr Drippy and my nephews in the cheerfully charming world of Ni No Kuni for sure. But live there for evs? No ta!

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Pokemon is certainly one I was forgetting. That world would certainly offer a great sense of discovery and a wealth of diverse companionship. The deep bonds you can form with your Pokemon would make it certainly a top contender with High Rock and Ivalice.

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I'm stuck between the Pokemon world, Tamriel, Shadowrun, or a actual Bleach game verse that doesn't suck terribly and doesn't go beyond Aizen.

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I keep waiting for someone to say Fallout, heh.

The Lorerunner
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This just occurred to me but I'd also love to visit and spend time in the Hyrule featured in Twilight Princess. I'd probably just hang around Zora's domain and Lake Hylia a ton haha

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I'm the same as Arch, Pokemon by far I would just love be a gym leader and care for my own pokemon.

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Fallout? Oh you mean paradise? My choice is silent hill ... Seriously hard question though. Most of the games I play are dark.

Pokemon is a great idea for the reasons already said. Maybe Minecraft, but not so angular Wink just the thought of being able to create worlds to adventure or live in for everybody around you would be cool.

Depends on whether you could respawn or not. If you can then red dead redemption or underwater in rapture would be a fun experience. When push comes to shove though, it'd be Pokemon or tamriel hands down.

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Hyrule not tamriel sorry.

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Rogue Galaxy, physics be damned i want to fly my very own ship ala treasure planet throughout the universe and explore different planets.
what can i say, i find the concept of a seaworthy style vessel sailing through space quite appealing.

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The two answers that first popped into my mind were Mass Effect and Star Trek (what, it had games of them so it's not cheating!). Whenever you are not being hunted by psychotic and extraordinarily advanced killing machines, the future holds endless potential. Besides: holodeck.

I did want to find something that's not so evident and I believe I have managed to find one. The Sims! Think about it, goofy everydays, you can advance in your work by reading a couple of books and talking on the phone with 12-20 people (or have anyone else in the household do that), not to mention you can get awesome jobs to begin with. Also, given a few weeks of practice you can become a best selling author or world famous painter.

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this is a hard one the first one that would pop into my mind would be star wars and i feel like that's cheating and would also be kind of a rough life no matter what era you looked at.

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Lindblum (FFIX, pre-Atomos attack) and Radiant Garden (Kingdom Hearts series, before its fall between BBS and KH1) are my two picks. I've always been a sucker for huge fantasy cities, and the architectures of those two in particular are incredibly appealing to me. Both are even ruled by benevolent people who ultimately want the best for their subjects. They are essentially paradise environments, given their circumstances within their respective settings.

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I could see myself being happy in pretty much any fantasy where there's adventure to be had. I'd probably go with Tamriel or Thedas. Sure those places can be pretty horrible, but I don't think i'd adjust well to anything close to a Utopian setting. Hello by the way, first post. Glad to be here.

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A Harvest Moon game.  Nothing too dangerous.  Nothing too exciting.  Just rewarding work and living life...

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I'd probably take elderscrolls. If i went in there with the amount of knowledge I have, long months of study, and martial training then I could be some deadric prince's champion. After receiving their blessing I guess it would be childs play to learn CHIM and become a god myself...or at least immortal until some PC comes along and kills me because im wearing a nice set of armor.

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Earth and Beyond is my choice. I would have a great time exploring and trading in that retro space future.

That or come see me tonight

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Spira, on Besaid Island. it's just so calm and beautiful. Well, without Sin it is. I just love the art direction of that game.

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TheSterlingZ wrote:I'd probably take elderscrolls. If i went in there with the amount of knowledge I have, long months of study, and martial training then I could be some deadric prince's champion. After receiving their blessing I guess it would be childs play to learn CHIM and become a god myself...or at least immortal until some PC comes along and kills me because im wearing a nice set of armor.

If you go in with the knowledge you're in a fictional universe you've already achieved CHIM I think.

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Grand Chokmah in Tales of the Abyss's world.

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