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Star Wars: Atton Rand

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1 Star Wars: Atton Rand on Wed Jul 08, 2015 5:57 am

Day 23

And there he was, the head honcho - Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan and her friend Malak too. Everyone knew that Revan was in charge, but everyone respected Darth Malak. I've spent sometime moderating the comm channels. Everyone talked ill of Revan, but all conversation about Malak were quickly silenced. Those who back-talked him didn't last long in our ranks. I suspect foul play, but what do I know . The man had to be as tall as a wookie, with a temper to match. Whoever got on his bad side got what they deserved. My squad knew how to keep our mouths shut.

Malak was a brute, but Revan was sick. She taught me how to break Jedi. Expose them for who they were, use them, bring out their worst nightmares, and if we couldn't make them see our side, we killed them. Malak was good at torturing Jedi, but had a lack of subtly to him. I guess he was still learning. Not everyone had a natural ability for such things like me.

Revan rarely addressed his grunts directly, Malak was the one you wanted to go to to get things done. Though, the times where Revan would teach us a new strategy she would act weirdly around my squad. We were all hand picked you know. It seemed as if the Sith knew when a group of soldiers weren't paying attention or lying, but never with us. We were always thinking about who we were going to torture next.

That's how I knew this was a nice gig. Someway somehow I was too valuable to Revan.

It didn't start getting weird until last night. Revan assembled my squad for a special mission. This one was special because we weren't told to hunt down Jedi, but other Sith personal. She wanted us to figure out who was silencing the com-channel. This is weird for a few reasons. Firstly, we all knew Malak was behind it, but we all knew that he lacked the wits to silence them himself. Secondly, it must be someone pretty damn smart to get under the nose of a Sith lord without getting caught. I guess that's where we come in.

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