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Yoda vs. Tyranus - How it should have been

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1 Yoda vs. Tyranus - How it should have been on Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:39 pm

Well, I have mentioned it a couple of times here in the community. I think the prequels sort of ruined Yoda's character, and to a large extent, Episode II's ending fight is to blame for that. So I took it upon myself to rewrite the confrontation between Yoda and Count Dooku the way I would have imagined it. I'm not new to writing, but since English is not my first language, the writing quality may not be the best. I hope you guys will still be able to enjoy it.

Yoda vs. Tyranus - How it should have been

Well into the day, the battle had been raging on for hours. Even miles away the fury of its sound blasted ripples into the sands. Yet on this world and on this day, nothing cried louder than the emotions in a crumbling cavern to the west. Two Jedi had been trying to cease a leading figure of the enemy forces: Darth Tyranus. However, despite their best efforts, and albeit not without chances, they ultimately failed. Anakin Skywalker, the child of prophecy, the one-in-a-generation potential, had long since lost not only his hand, but his consciousness as well. Alas he was still too young, his perhaps unrivaled talent within yet unrealized. Only his master Obi-Wan, himself not entirely ungreen, was left kneeling. Violently grasping for air, all he could do was await his execution. "Your endeavours are commendable, but nontheless disappointing", the elderly Tyranus proclaimed, both respectfully and mockingly. "Surely you will forgive me for doing what's necessary." Obi-Wan's resourceful mind saw no way out of his and his apprentice's sure demise. As short as the fight might have been, it was a taxing and decisive one. No energy remained to continue struggling in any meaningful way. This was going to be the end. "If a challenge you seek, perhaps trying your swordsmanship against me you should." Almost suddenly, a small figure wandered through the opening of the cave. The dark lord, losing composure ever so slightly for but a moment, withdrew his sword and confidently faced the new arrival. Yoda, Grand Master of the Jedi Council, approached his former student carefully but without uncertainty. He knew Tyranus well enough to not feel the need for any rash actions. As a man of at least some degree of honor, he surely wouldn't decline this challenge or eliminate the stakes before the outcome was decided. "Disappointed I am, Dooku. Forsaken the righteous path you have", Yoda mumbled just barely loud enough. The Sith Lord was quick to answer: "Righteousness!? What does it mean to the council? Your foolish traditions have been in the need of reformation for a long time. And we will see to it." The Grand Master took a moment to glance over the injuries of his comrades as he gently lifted them up and rested them against a wall. He did not see the purpose of a rebuttal. Someone who had seen as many days as Dooku – or rather Darth Tyranus – would not dare to question one's own convictions on a matter so important to them. Self-reflection is a luxury reserved for young and adaptive minds. Perhaps he himself knew this all too well. After one brief moment of silence and a distinct audible sigh on part of the Jedi, the cave illuminated in a deep red, as Tyranus drew his saber and lept towards his foe in one quick motion.

Obi-Wan, barely able to keep his eyes open, was shocked to see what happend in the following instant. The sinister sword came to a full stop just shy of hitting its target. Yoda had not moved an inch. "Most Intriguing. You challenge me to a duel, yet you refuse to draw your weapon." The towered and deceptively fragile-appearing master pushed back the piece of cloth on his side and reached for the hilt on his belt. "Ah, the lightsaber", he said, "a rite of great value to Jedi and Sith alike. But just that it is to me." Yoda calmly placed his weapon on the ground beside him and raised his back to behold his opponent's gaze. "For my ally is the force. And a powerful ally it is!" With one swift movement of his right arm, he pushed Dooku across the cavern and into a sharp and unpleasent formation of rocks. Having injured his back, the dark lord struggled to get on his feet. A quick smile escaped him as he shook his head as if to correct his thinking. "Letting down my guard was a mistake", Tyranus admitted, as he confidently started walking forward. "The force is strong in you, master, it always has been. But I consider myself a champion in that regard as well." He slowly raised his flattened hand and blasted a barrage of lightning across the now purple-lit cave. Against his speculation, however, the assault did not reach its target, since the lightning dissipated in the face of Yoda's presence. The Jedi had still remained unmoving. But following Dooku's failed attack, he abruptly intensified his expression. Puzzled, Tyranus immediately started experiencing a strange sensation. It was as if gravity was trying to force him to the ground. His previously confident steps became more and more strenuous, tremoring with every inching effort, until he could not bear the weight any longer. He fell on his knees. The Sith was in disbelief. Where before there had been strength, now there was frailty. Where before there had been certainty, now there was fear. The fallen Jedi had known his former master for many years, but never had he seen him battle in a real scenario. Although his outstandingly potent use of the force was a widely known myth, Dooku thought it nothing more than exaggeration. But here he knelt, the world crushing upon him, his muscles desperately struggling to wrestle gravity. Obi-Wan, easing back into poise a couple dozen feet to the conflict's north, was certainly not oblivious to the effects of Yoda's resolve. A hollow buzzing flooded the air at increasing volume, and the rocks around them resonated and crumbled into dust. He could not imagine the torment his adversary was feeling those very moments. Yoda exclaimed with a stern but glassy gaze: "Admit defeat you will. Leave this place and never show yourself again you must!" Tyranus was unable to reply. The reality of this sheer power shook him to the core. How foolish he had been to regard his abilities so highly! In this instant, nothing else seemed of relevance to him. It was just his ego and the world around it falling apart. Before the pressing force was able to claim his will completely, the burden on the bested Sith loosened. Yoda remained for a few moments, but eventually turned his attention to Obi-Wan. The two understood each other immediately. Anakin had to be carried out of the cavern, where an aircraft was already waiting for the injured. Only the elders persisted. One stood in place, towering the now broken other. When a large rock loosened from above and revealed a ray of light between the two as it crushed into the ground, Dooku's empty expression startled, as if being knocked back into reality. At last, the Jedi Master decided their encounter to be concluded. He picked up his lightsaber and walked back toward the entrance he came from, turning his back to a seemingly defeated man. Indeed Tyranus was destroyed, and he knew it. But he didn't want to know it. He didn't want to accept this truth and what it entailed. In one last attempt, he lept towards Yoda's exposed back: "Never!" Nobody ever found out what transpired to the dark lord in the moment that followed. All one could perceive from the aircraft was the cavern collapsing in one deafening blast. The savior made it out alive. Although heavily breathing, he showed no signs of harm. But his dry lips were shivering and his watery eyes squeezing. Despite his best efforts, Yoda's expression could not hide what Obi-Wan himself would come to know all too well: regret.

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