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Back when I rp'ed in SWTOR..

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1 Back when I rp'ed in SWTOR.. on Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:25 am

This.. paragraph was the summary of what my character Sar-Jun felt when he rejected the Jedi Order. This was coincidentally his last post on the corresponding RP forum. I'm not gonna detail the guild drama that led to this.. so here it is:

  Sar-Jun looked back at the Temple.. it seemed so long ago that he was left there by his father after he finished his training on Tython. It was the dead of the night on Coruscant, and yet the noise was still overwhelming after all these years. It no longer mattered, the Jedi saw to that. The Order kept making hints that they were going to kick him out, but he wouldn't allow them the satisfaction. Too much emotion, they said. Pft. So what if he refused to follow the dogmatic views of the Jedi on emotion? He wasn't Sith, he embraced ALL forms of the Force, no matter where it came from, even if it was of a more primal nature. He checked his armor, freshly repaired and newly painted. His family armor was of the Sith, but he wasn't. His heads up display was silent, the enviroseals still locked and cleaning the air he breathed, no indication that any of them were awake. He made his way to his nearby speeder, and looked back one last time at the Temple. Nothing. No indication that they truly cared, or ever wanted to care. "The Jedi are of compassion. Pft." They sat around constantly, always debating, and never taking action. So reminiscent of the Jedi he read about in the days of Revan, before he was killed at the hands of the Emperor and that imposter was gallivanting about. So narrowminded. Why refuse to take action? It was ridiculous. He pondered the last time he had seen his Master... aboard some random Republic Capital Ship, they barely had even spoke, his Master giving him the order to not speak unless spoken to... a order he was following until tonight. He hadn't seen his Master in weeks, so it was unlikely that his Master would even know about what he was about to do for a long time. He was going to leave. He was done with the Order, and their petty war with the Sith. His brother and sister could fight those battles, while he explored the mysteries of the Force. He mounted his speeder, and flew away towards his ship, never to be seen by the Jedi Order, or the Sith, ever again.  
There. Done. If anyone would like to comment.. go ahead.

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