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Gaming accomplishments that you are most proud of?

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This can be almost anything, such as beating a game, a creation from a level editor (e.g. minecraft), executing a hard-to-pull-off attack/glitch, collecting all the pokemon, a speedrun, a raid etc.

To start off, I've beaten ninja gaiden 2 on normal (no amount of money will convince me to try hard) and I've ranked platinum on each level of bayonetta 2.

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For me it was probably something I pulled off on the fly playing Halo against a friend. I was at low health with him moving towards me shooting his AR. I can't remember what my primary weapon was or if it had any ammo but to my remembrance it wouldn't have won me the firefight. I did have a gravity lift and a Spartan laser though, so I laid the grav lift in his path and when he went flying from it hit him in mid-air with the spartan laser.

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Back in the day, I used to play Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear a lot competitively in clans, and I came close to 1000 kills in Ladder matches. I had about 950, and that put me in about the top 20 ever. Never got to 1000 because the game died completely.

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Managing to complete all the puzzle block stages of Catherine on Normal difficulty until the Clock Tower one, which is finally when I had to switch to Easy. Very Happy

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Probably either completing all the missions of Goldeneye 64 on 00 Agent, or breaking the 100 goals mark in a single game of Blades of Steel (NES) during one of the gaming sleep overs.

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I have committed to the torture that is getting all of Dead Rising 1's achievements on three separate occasions

I'm shocked I haven't turned into Kefka after that kind of hell.

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I beat Mike Tyson in Punch Out back on the NES. Once. Ever. I have also never recreated this feat in the modern era.
Bonus option: I also beat Sephiroth in KH1, which in hindsight isn't as impressive but all I can remember is the amount of time and effort I put into that damned fight.

The Lorerunner
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This is nothing monumental, but I was proud of it nonetheless. A couple months back I was playing a game called "The Swapper," a puzzle game similar to Portal. I was attempting to write a review on it, and late in the game, I hit a wall in difficulty. Every puzzle I needed to do seemed impossible, but I didn't want to submit to a guide.

One day,my mind felt really sharp, and I suddenly went on a tear, completing every single problematic puzzle; there must have been about 6 of them.

I usually cave and use a guide when I get stuck, but this time I didn't do that and I was proud of that.

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Getting more than 10 minutes into Dark Souls and only dying twice. What can I say, I aim for low standards.

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For me it would have to be my pacifist run of mgs 4 on hard.

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Getting the stealth camo and infinity face paint in Metal gear Solid 3 by completing the game without being seen (excluding scripted sequences) and catching a tsuchinoko in the same playthrough.

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Hmm. Gaming accomplishments that I am most proud of? Two things pop into my head. Completing Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix on LV1. Those two play troughs have been one one the most difficult tasks, I have ever done on gaming. But still in a strange way they both were fun.

In KH1 LV1 you don`t even gain all the abilities, since some of them can only be obtained by leveling. You have to play the entire game without Guard for example. Thank God you get dodge roll trough story progression. I also managed to beat all of the super bosses on LV1, including Sephiroth, and Xemans. Sephiroth was really, really hard. I remember once I was close to beating him, and then suddenly the electricity in my house got cut off. I nearly ripped my hair out. This happened twice. When I finally beat him, I danced around the house. Very Happy

KH2FM LV1 is an interesting playtrough. The FM was designed to include LV1, so it works much better. You get most your abilities by beating bosses, and all in all it is much more fun and smoother than KH1FM. It really challenges you to think and approach battles differently. But don`t get me wrong, when I say smoother I don`t mean it is easier. It is not. Normal enemies can 1-shot kill you. Still, and awesome playtrough.

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In FF IX i managed to get up to Burmecia with all characters being level 1. I was planning to go for max stats which require you to level up while having specific equipment which you only get later on in game on for permanent stat increases. I ragequit, but still have the save file if ever want to continue.

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Not really into lv1 type of playthroughs, too much for me Razz

I did play through ff10 with a special rule: every encounter/boss must end with every party member(counting the ones in reserve as well) making an action and only one action as well as never changing party formation out of battle, who you end a battle with is who you start the next with. it made the game more like a puzzle to enjoy.

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This is actually kind of a funny WoW related story.

What I consider my biggest achievement in gaming happened in 2008, when I was still actively playing a lot of World of Warcraft. I was among the first Alliance players on my server (Frostwolf EU) who got the black war bear mount. The achievement itself, which comes with the mount as reward, was nothing special. Basically all you had to do was kill all of the Horde city bosses. What made it challenging though, was the fact that this achievement was introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King pre-expansion patch, meaning that most NPC's in cities including guards and bosses where adjusted to level 80 player characters when the max level you could achieve was still 70.

As a result, it took much, much more effort to actually invade a city than normally, let alone all four (I think it was four at the time). What happened was that all the big and most successful PvE and PvP guilds of the server, including the one I had freshly joined at the time, had planned this event for weeks. When the day, well, the night, came, there were close to 250 people on one Teamspeak server, and even more people in the six or seven raid groups with an excuse for not using the VoIP tool. Luckily not everyone on the server had the permission to talk, that would have been utter chaos. But the organization staff made sure that every singe party of every raid had a leader with rights, so that things could be coordinated.

And then we started our glorious conquest. The start was easy, because we simply overwhelmed any opposition through sheer numbers. But if you fight a level 83 or 84 boss with a group of level 70's it's going to take a while, no matter how many you are. And that's the issue we had in every town. It was easy getting to the boss room, but once we were there, things slowed down. The fights took a long time and it wasn't long before the Horde players rallied up and started attacking us from the rear. After the first town they of course anticiapted our other attacks and awaited us as well. So we basically had a third or so of our players trying to defend the other two thirds who were actually needed to fight the bosses.

And that's where the funny part comes in. I believe it happened in Orgrimmar. We were focusing all of our damage on Thrall, and Thrall only, because splitting our damage would slow things down significantly. However, one of the bosses in the war room must have been a healer of some sort. And that character had a kind of purge ability that it would use whenever another boss would suffer from a certain type of debuff. It was either Magic or Curse, I can't quite remember. But the thing is, whenever this purge ability was used, it would automatically heal the target for a percentage of its life. And given the fact that our damage was ridiculoulsy weak due to the level disparity, every time somebody accidantally triggered that heal/purge ability by debuffing Thrall, we were set back by about a minute or so. After a while, all of the group leaders made sure to let everyone in their respective parties know not to use Magic/Curse debuffs. However, there was this one paladin of course, who simply wouldn't get the memo, no matter how many times people told him. Now maybe he just didn't play attention or he was a troll of epic proportions, but either way, this fight against Thrall took absolutely forever because of that one single player, which I find hilarious.

I don't remember how we made it at the end, whether that paladin left or whether we just eventually powered through the heals. But the fact is that we did make it. It took 250 people almost an entire night, but at the end we were rewarded with our black war bears, which we proudly displayed all over Ironforge afterwards. Man, I wish I still had the screenshots. It's such a shame. But I'll always have the memories, and that's what counts. That night was both one of my biggest achievements in an online game and one of my fondest moments in gaming, period.

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nightcobra wrote:Not really into lv1 type of playthroughs, too much for me Razz

I did play through ff10 with a special rule: every encounter/boss must end with every party member making an action and only one action. it made the game more like a puzzle to enjoy.

For me the "puzzle" element in LV1 play troughs is what makes them so much fun. LV1 changes the mechanics of KH2 dramatically. You actually have to think your approach, since you can`t win the battles anymore by simply smashing attack. Figuring out different strategies against bosses was fun. Like in Demyx if used thunder against one of his attacks, he cancels it and is open for an counter measure. I felt so smart doing that.

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Getting to Anor Londo with a lv1 character in dark souls. Still have the save but not sure if I'll continue. I thought I'd hit a wall at Quelaag but managed to beat her.

Beating or even managing to play early xcom games. I beat enemy unknown, but never terror from the deep.

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Despite my passion for games, specially RPGs, I'm not a very skilled videogame player. That being said, I do feel somewhat proud of having beaten Ys I Chronicles on the hardest difficulty. Bosses like Vagullion and Dark Fact were just traumatic!

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Having beaten The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as a child... which is more difficult than you imagine considering I was playing the english version of the game while only knowing how to speak french at the time.

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The adult link temples are still challenging to me in ocarina of time. Did complete the game eventually but had to use a walkthrough in the water temple I believe. I've got less patience to work everything out nowadays (working on changing that lol), but I still found a lot of the later game challenging.

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Completing Echo the Dolphin way back in 1994. That was a vast game and it took a huge mount of commitment on my part.

Also, taking three days to beat Colony Wars: Red Sun on the old Playstation.

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I beat CoD WAW on Veteran...which was really hard for me... rabbit

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I defeat Vanitas Remnant with Heal Strike, Restore Guard, and nothing but Taunt in the command deck (and i use it), with Terra. And it's a metric ton of fun.

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I'm proud of liking Dark Souls 2 to the degree that it is now relaxing for me to play it, which gave me time to get better at it just enough to do strange runs like Shields-only run, Bow-only run and the sadly unfinished Broken Straight Sword run.

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I may or may not have contributed to the hammer nerfs of the under-barrel grenade launcher in Planetside 2 that dropped at around the beginning of 2013.

I have almost no recollections of the few months I've worked to get the final medal (~1160 kills) on TRAC5-S (one of the few guns capable of mounting one of those devices).

I only know that I was a beginner player in a freshly started MMO with a boatload of bugs, crashes, score gain rules that averaged to about 4 to 6 times less secondary score rewards for everything besides getting kills and next to no confidence to speak up on the voicechat to some unknown people of the gaming clan I've just joined.

Among the weapons I've got the final tier of medals for, TRAC5-S sits in the second place in kills, with well less than one hundred kills of difference between its direct neighbours above and below. The score, however, still remains more than four times bigger than that of the closest competitor.

Shocked I have almost no recollections of what happened during those days. Although I suspect it must've been awesome. XP

(Or maybe that was a bug that forced the game to count all the exp I've earned with the gun in my inventory as earned with the gun, but I sincerely doubt I've managed to repair, resupply and blow things up with mines that well.)

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