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Unnamed Setting History and Timeline (IN PROGRESS)

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Angels exist in a nexus of sentient pathways that make up a pocket dimension blanketing the fabric of reality. This nexus is the closest thing to a physical form retained by the creator of said reality.

The War of the Angels

A group of angels deserted their respective posts to live with humans and as a result were branded Deserters. An outpost of Angels was sent to keep them in check and observed them from a floating continent. While they couldn’t leave the deserters unattended they couldn’t bring them in without creating a conflict that would bring severe risk to the planet. During this period elves were born into the world as a result of cross-mating between humans and angels. Angels were largely ignored by the human population and the elves were subject to discrimination and were used as grunt workers and cheap labour. Tensions between the two groups of angels rose until eventually war broke out between them. The war nearly decimated both sides but in the end the floating continent, Highgarden, fell to what was left of the Deserters and the Elves. The final battle took place at Fort Highgarden, home to the source of the Heaven Spring, the source of much of the Angels’ power. It was at this moment they declared themselves the Guardians of Highgarden, vowing to bring an end to all conflicts on earth by any means necessary.

The Fall of the Guardians and the Birth of Demons

When the Deserters had conquered the fort they feasted on the dew of the Heaven Spring, seeking the power they had long been without since deserting. Unbeknownst to them, the battle had tainted the Spring and turned the Deserters into twisted, evil creatures of dark and immense power. They turned on their Elven kin and drove them out of Highgarden before they themselves descended to the ground below.

The Dark Age

For 100 years the demons ruled over the earth, devouring or possessing at their leisure, ever thirsting for corruption and chaos as a dark, red, thunderous sky boomed overhead. But on the first day of the 101st year, an Angel appeared. This Angel gathered up an army of elves and humans mounted on Gryphons and Dragons and forced the Demons into Highgarden. Then, channeling his life force into power, the angel used everything he had to send the floating island to a pocket dimension he called Hades. These were the final actions of the Angel hero as his wings vanished into dust and he fell to the ground and died.

The Age of Uprising

With the Angels gone the blame for the Dark Age shifted to the Elves, who quickly resumed their place of  second class citizens in the world of men. Many of them were taken as slaves to the humans. There was an uneasy tension about it though. While fighting alongside the New Guardians, and then again alongside humans, they had tasted power and respect. The sudden removal of this created tension. This tension grew over the course of four generations until, what began as prejudice turned into boiling hatred. Elven servants grouped together and, with the help of human sympathizers, threw their master families out of their homes and took them for themselves. This act alone gained the Elven population half of a city. Then when they organized into an army, they conquered the rest of it. And then another. And another. The Human forces could not match the fighting prowess of the Elves, who were driving them to extinction.

The Rise of the New Guardians

Recognizing that the Elf forces were going too far, the human sympathizers and a group of elves came together with the goal of ending the war, calling themselves the New Guardians. Unlike the Old Guardians or the Angels before them, the New Guardians did not rely on force or any form of superior power. Rather they worked with the powers of persuasion and diplomacy, resorting to violence only as a last option, which was sometimes the case. Assassinations took place on both the Elven and Human side of the war at the hands of the New Guardians. After many years of this, the war finally ended in peace.

The Age of Invention and New Highgarden

Generations past, during a peace that had caused the elven and human races to meld together, the current New Guardians protected the peace of the realms, all the while seeking ways to advance in knowledge and power in order to serve as better protectors. Before long it was decided that they would never be truly strong enough to serve as protectors until they drank from the Dew of the Heaven Spring. But in order to do that they would have to create a new High Garden with the ultimate goal of achieving immortality. Thus came the era of Science and Invention. The Guardians employed scholars and inventors the world over searching for ways to create a new floating island and access the other dimension that held the holy water. This search involved experiments that would alter the makeup of the entire planet. Along the way, new technologies were invented, such as the plasma sword and a hologram messaging system (HMS). The crown jewel of the age though, was the airship. Not only could it be used to transport quickly and efficiently, but also it was surmised that a large enough airship could be used as the new Highgarden. The Guardians tested out many types of airships before deciding on which one they would christen as New Highgarden. All the while, a ragtag group that believed the Guardians’ goals as something that would recreate the Dark Age formed. This group waged war on the New Guardians in an attempt at stopping New Highgarden from connecting with the Heaven Spring. Many losses were sustained on both sides until only one rebel remained against the High Council of the New Guardians. The final confrontation took place aboard the airship. The council defeated the lone rebel with ease but, rather than kill him, they restrained him and made him watch their plans come to fruition. However, when the bridge to the Heaven Spring was created, the engine of the airship overheated and exploded, sending it crashing to the ground.

The Zombie Apocalypse

In the wreckage of the airship, a shroud created by mixing the two dimensions descended on a nearby city, infecting a nearby city turning the inhabitants into zombies. As a result of the experiments employed by the New Guardians, the Pangea began to split into many different continents, though not quickly enough to escape the spread of the virus.

The Rebel awoke in the middle of the ruins to find that he had been given the power of an angel, making him immune to the virus, as well as creating a new form of life called a sage. It also gave him a telepathic connection to the Creator, who charged him with bringing a group of people together like he had done previously so that they could combat the plague before it found a way to jump to the other continents.

Working through the psychological trauma of watching his friends die in a battle that they ended up losing, he eventually gathered the strength and courage to do it again. The Creator taught him how to gift someone with the power of a sage and eventually he had gathered up a new team of them. The Sages liberated the main continent through healing recent victims and killing those that were too far gone. When this was done, the group split off, each of them going to a different continent for the purpose of removing traces of the plague from them. After this, the Sages entered into a stasis where they remain until they will be needed again.

The Aftermath of the New Guardians

In the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, groups that had been genetically modified by the new guardians began to emerge including mermen, werewolves, and minotaurs.

Not much was known about the mermen, as they spent their days out of the eyes of the general public, deep in the depths of the newly created oceans.

Minotaurs integrated with society. Some went on to be merchants, some blacksmiths, and others into military or private security.

The werewolves went off on their own and developed a clan based pack society. While werewolves are capable of eating meat, it is widely frowned upon as it feeds into their primal nature. If a werewolf eats too much meat over the course of its life, it becomes feral and is executed, though this was considered a mercy as opposed to a punishment.

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