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How Episode 7 Could Establish the AU In-Lore

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1 How Episode 7 Could Establish the AU In-Lore on Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:45 pm

Initially I thought it would be really easy to pull this off, looking at Star Trek 2009 as a template. Then I realized something. The AU isn't just from episode 7 onward. It also influences things that happened in the original trilogy and even before that, so whatever happened to alter the timeline would have to be something that happened wherever the AU actually started and, if this event is to make sense, it would have to have been triggered after the end of the EU as we know it. Otherwise there wouldn't be any reason to explain why things behaved differently all of a sudden. So my question to you guys is this: Based on this information, what would you do with Star Wars VII to establish the AU as an alternate timeline in lore?

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