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What Kylo Ren could be..

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1 What Kylo Ren could be.. on Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:20 pm

Part 1
(This assumes that Luke Skywalker had a final fight similar to Ben Kenobi in the New Hope and died)
Kylo Ren deactivated his lightsaber,and caught the Jedi Master before he could fall to the floor, ignoring the screams of the scavenger and traitor.

"May you rest within the Force." He quietly uttered as he gently lowered the late Jedi Master to the durasteel plated floor, in respect.

He watched as the grumbling scoundrel told his Wookie to take the horrified scavenger and traitor towards their ship, ignoring the protests.

Troops quickly burst through the broken door, with Captain Phasma on their heels.

"Orders?" She clipped, ignoring the muttering of the troops as they realized who Kylo was holding.

"Follow and pursue, and be sure to bring them back alive. Leave a detachment of troops with me," he said, removing his mask and placing it on the ground.

She quickly began barking orders, loading up a old Imperial Transport and several Order TIE fighters and left the Starkiller Base.

The Lieutenant of the detachment asked in confusion, "Orders sir?"

"Prepare a funeral pod for Master Skywalker, and launch it to the planet Tatooine. Activate the Beacon once it has reached that destination for the Resistance to find. Then load up in the Transport. We have a colony to check," He ordered, not looking the Lieutenant in the eye.

They quickly and carefully moved the body into the pod, not realizing that Kylo had collected the late Jedi Master's lightsaber and carefully inspected it, almost as if he was afraid it would vanish.

He checked the homing device he had placed on the Falcon, and noted the location.

Dantooine, a agricultural planet, how peculiar.

He deactivated the beacon, ensuring that it was still undetectable aboard that scrap heap they escaped on.

He put his mask on, still carrying the battered lightsaber of the late Jedi, and got aboard the Transport, towards the Order Colony.

(Transport flies to a nondescript agricultural planet)

Kylo steps out of the Transport and motions to the Troops to wait.

He watched as civilians were being pushed and shoved, beaten, and Order Troopers laughing at them.

The colony was being oppressed. By the Order.

Anger. Pure anger mixed with compassion surged through him.

His troops were beginning to feel his intent, and did not move.

He was still holding the lightsaber.

"Stay aboard the ship. Be ready to administer medical aid to the colonists once I'm done," His voice ice cold and mechanical with his mask's vocabulator.

He began marching towards the colony, and ignited the bright green lightsaber.

The Troopers in the Colony were completely annihilated by the maelstrom of rage.

Some were killed by the techniques of Niman.

Others were crushed by the might of the Force, until there was only one left.

"But... we are of the Order!" The Captain screamed at him, terrified of the onslaught he had witnessed.

Kylo grabbed the man with the Force and began to violently shake.


He crushed the man's windpipe effortlessly, still empowered by his rage.

And then, he looked down at the still active lightsaber's green glow, a symbol of Hope within the galaxy.

The rage began to slowly ebb away, leaving him drained to the point of near collapse.

One of the colonists began to run towards him, and began to thank him profusely.

"Thank you Master Jedi.. we didn't realize that the Jedi had returned-"

"I am no Jedi."

Kylo quietly deactivated the lightsaber, and walked back to the Transport, his Troops rushing to the aid of the Colonists.

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