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SO FF12 Remake is in the works apparently?

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1 SO FF12 Remake is in the works apparently? on Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:19 am

ok so its been leaked that FF12 is getting a remake i say apparently as until it is out in the wild it could still be cancelled or take 15 years to put out, but anyway here is the link to where i heard about it


ied look forward to a remake as i never really plays it so an updated fleshed out version would prompt me to give it a second try.

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Hm I think it will be more a remaster like FF10 got but maybe we will get the original jap version, like mentioned in the Video.

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Arnie Roth confirmed that he misspoke at the Distant Worlds concert. He didn't mean to say remake, but didn't elaborate on what he DID mean. If I had to make a guess, I'd say we're still gonna be getting an FFXII remaster, in the style of FFX's remaster before it. It's almost guaranteed that it'll be the International Zodiac Job System version as well, as Square has started making it a point in the last few years to share content that was previously exclusive to Japan (FFX International, FF Type-0, the KH Final Mixes).

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heck if they go anyway towards fixing/finishing 12 would be a good thing, graphics wise it doesn't need too much work.

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Honestly, I agree. The work they put into FFX wasn't much (hell, even PCSX2 can do better, aside from textures), but the fixes that the international version provided were awesome. The additional content and tweaked Sphere Grid were worth an extra two playthroughs alone, in my opinion (once with the default grid, and once with the expert grid). Out of curiosity, have you tried the IZJS version of FFXII? The changes to the License Board, the inclusion of actual job restrictions, and the additional content definitely count towards "fixing/finishing" the original product.

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*goes all sheepish* i have to say i haven't i played more then an hour (maybe 2) of ff12 when it first came out on the PS and was really put off by the new movement while in combat also wasnt that big a fan of the license system and put it down an haven't picked it up since then also i seem to remember having no interest in the first character we were playing, but ive grown a lot as a gamer so ill be picking up whatever ff12 ends up been just to give it a second try.

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permeus wrote:*goes all sheepish* i have to say i haven't i played more then an hour (maybe 2) of ff12 when it first came out on the PS

HOW DARE YOU, FFXII IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE AND- okay, I'll stop. Seriously, though, I can definitely see where you're coming from. As someone who's played...more FFXII than I care to admit, I'll go ahead and address your points.

i was really put off by the new movement while in combat

This is, admittedly, very jarring when first encountered. As someone who is used to both the ATB system and the Kingdom Hearts-style action RPG, having this...odd hybrid of the two really put me off when I first played the game. After having played other games like Lightning Returns and Type-0, however, I'm much more accustomed to odd hybrids.

i also wasnt that big a fan of the license system

The good news is that IZJS actually gives a more directed flow to the leveling system. You choose one job (of 12) for each character, and they stick with that through the rest of the game. They're given smaller license boards than the original, and they're focused on certain weapons and skills that are reminiscent of the job class that you've chosen (such as White Mage, Black Mage, Thief, etc). No characters can have duplicate jobs, but some skills and equipment are present on multiple license boards, and characters start with a set of a few default licenses regardless of their job. It's a bit more restrictive than I'd like (I personally would want to change jobs at will, like in FFV), but it's much more appealing than being given a sprawling, open board and having no idea where to go with it.

i seem to remember having no interest in the first character we were playing

I'm assuming you mean Vaan, but you might be referring to his older brother, Reks (who we play as during the tutorial). Admittedly, Vaan and Penelo...aren't really all that important. I mean sure, they're present for the plot, but the other four characters could go on without even interacting with Vaan and Penelo, and nothing would change. On top of that, Ashe, Basch, and Balthier are all VERY fleshed out, and are probably the three main characters of the game. I know plenty of people tend to think that the character being controlled is actually the main character of the game, and for good reason, but this just isn't the case with FFXII.

but ive grown a lot as a gamer so ill be picking up whatever ff12 ends up been just to give it a second try.

Glad to hear it! There's quite a devout following for this game, and most people who haven't even played it want a remaster, if only for the game to be released on something other than the PS2. I've already said why I would want a remaster, and I think that the IZJS version of the game, were it to be released outside of Japan, would be the perfect gateway into FFXII for you.

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Hm, not sure what to think about this. FF12 is a very modern game, still. I don't really see the need for a remake. Even graphicswise I don't think it's necessary. The one thing they could do is of course improve the characterization of some of the protagonists, which is the worst part of the game. But I'm not sure if that's what they are aiming for.

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I think their aim is quite simple. They want to put good Final Fantasy games (remasters for X, XII, and VII remake) on modern systems in order to cover up for the lackluster FF titles available right now on PS3 and PS4.

As a sidenote I feel like Squeenix actually might enjoy a return to form these coming years, even though I don't want to get my hopes up. Still, if XV, KH3 and VIIr even somewhat lives up to the hype, things could get interesting. The potential has always been there, now we just need end product.

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I'd play a remake, but wouldn't rush out to get it.

I remember how long it took me to get through the PS2 version due to having little interest; mainly because of the characters. I don’t think I’ve played a game that had so many blondes I didn’t care about, lol. Joking aside, Ashe was probably the only one I liked aside from the Judge. Some moments I enjoyed like having to bust out of jail since this is Final Fantasy Star Wars and doing some of the bounty quests. But what really sealed the deal for me and my enjoyment is when I discovered I could level up my characters from that Gambit system and go to bed, which I did and man was that unsatisfying.

In spite of my experiences I did have some good moments, it just took forever even when I did put in the time to finish. I do feel it is an underrated Final Fantasy title people overlook undeservingly, but I also don't think it's a 10/10 by any means. But I appreciated the effort put into the game to try different things.

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