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Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Possible Ending Story

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It is no suprise to anyone that the ending of KOTOR II: The Sith Lords was admittedly dull. Yet the game is awesome, and after the last playthrough I did quite recently I had a few ideas about the series as a whole and the ending.

I do some writing on the side, for my personal enjoyment. I dont put much effort to come back and improve the work after its done due to time mostly and because I dont intend to show it to anyone. So 9/10 times the piece is left in the folder with silly mistakes, cringe worthy dialogue or lack of descriptions. The backbone of a story is there but I dont go back to it. I do enjoy stories and story telling, however I should admit that when it comes to proper *proper* writing I am an amateur. More so in english than in my native language for obvious reasons.

However when I have done, my last piece which I have called "As I walk on the Ashes of Katarr..." I felt an urge to really push me, and to do it by sharing. It is admittedly hard for me, because, well, I received a lot of back lash when I was a kid sitting on fan fiction wikias.

So I thought that I share it here, and hopefully get some feedback. Good or bad, I dont care. I merely ask that it is civil. (Which admittedly this is one of more civil site on the internet.) Also, as I said already I am not native speaker, so grammatically it might be cringe worthy for some of you.

And, disregarding the name, it is not a story about VIsas Mar.

Now that we got this incredibly long preface out the way, I present to you my short story "As I walk on the Ashes of Katarr..."


As I Walk Upon the Ashes of Katarr…

A garden world was glassed. Not with a machine or a weapon of any kind, but with one monsters sheer will, his hunger, he was able to obliterate a Miralukan colony world of Katarr. Only one was fated to survive and after the demise of her master she has returned to the barren world. With her an Exile, not by circumstance like her, but by choice. He stood behind her, when Visas walked down the ramp of Ebon Hawk and fell to her knees. At first she felt pain and grief, however slowly she remembered how she returned to her chambers aboard the Ravager. She let go of her pain, instead she felt serene and connected to the force. Like it has always done with Miraluka’s the force was extension of their sight.  Katarr was devoid of the force and life. It was a barren dead world, yet as she was kneeling on the dead ground, she felt a flicker of force emanating on the planet. As much as Nihilus tried to consume everything he failed; she was a prime example of it, and now the force itself was coming back. She thought to herself. Where there is life, there is force.

She stood up and continued walking. The sensation she has suddenly experienced was beyond anything in her life. She has never seen the world as humans do, as all members of her species she perceived it through the force. When the planet was stripped of the force she felt blind and lost. Above all she was wounded. Her master took her in, and taught her death, for he had nothing else to teach. Her other master, the Exile, was in more ways than one similar to her old. Unlike the Dark Lord, the Exile knew of death and of life, and in his travels he chose to teach life. Visas Marr a husk of a being was breathed new life into by the Exile. She was freed not through the power of the Sith Code, but through something much more.

The flicker of force on Katarr was small, but she could sense it. There was still hope. The Exile followed her. As they walked in silence, she could feel their bond; she could feel as they opened their minds towards each other, unknowingly. She was saddened. Eventually after walking long enough, they came across a small plant, miraculously growing through the cracks and ashes of the wasteland. Its future, still undetermined. Will Katarr ever be rebuild? She didn’t know. Yet the force was coming back here. With every moment, Visas could feel as her sight grew. The more she could feel, the more she could sense the Exile. She saw his breath, his features, his stance. As she was breathed life into once, they were breathing the life back into Katarr and with that her connection to the force was amplified. For a moment there she hoped that she will be able to see the Exile fully, the way he is. However with that, she could sense the uneasy future which he had to endure. What happened at Malachor V was just the beginning.  The real danger was over the horizon.

She felt the plant, and tried to catch its scent, yet it was still weak. There was hope, tomorrow she will able to wake up knowing that there is hope. If there is hope for Katarr, there is hope for the entire galaxy. She said to herself, smiling and happy. The Exile wanted to come closer and hug her, he felt overjoyed knowing that there can be life, he was feeling the same sentiment as Visas did, for their bond was strong.  Visas wanted him close now as well; nonetheless when he took the step towards her, she raised her hand and said “Stop.”. As when he got closer to Visas the wave of strong emotions hit her and brought back a different kind of pain and fear – fear of loss. Exile stopped, surprised by such reaction.

“I know the answer. But I have to ask… do you absolutely have to leave,” She asked.

“Yes. There are some battles…” He tried answering and explaining because he felt wrong for leaving everything like that.

“Forgive, but I don’t want to know, because I know it will pain me. You are my life, you have given me life and I cannot imagine a universe without you. Yet I do not dare to hold you. Leave if you must,” She finished.

The exile, wanted to say something. He felt that he was betraying her and that he was sacrificing whatever happiness he can have with Visas for the Republic, for uncertain future or even for nothing at all. It is the nature of all Exiles to stand for nothing and with Malachor V finally destroyed, he felt exactly that. He tried to reach out to Visas one last time, but then he felt the pain she was feeling – sharp and piercing and pulled his hand back. She would say that he breathed life into him, but perhaps its wasn’t so black and white. With a heavy heart, he turned and without saying anything began to walk. His footsteps, his walk resonated in the force and Visas could feel it. If she could cry, right now she would.

“Promise me to return,” She said.

He stopped. Unsure of his fate, he said, “I will.”
He continued to walk. Visas felt that uncertainty in his voice, she herself was uncertain of the future. She dared not feel it, for it was darkness as dark as her master – who was death.  My life for yours. She said to herself as he disappeared in the distance. He had to return, but while he was away, she was to carry out his vision. There were still Jedi, Dark Jedi and the Sith, in the galaxy and she was to look for them and redeem them as he redeemed her. She was to bring them all to the temple on Coruscant to help reestablish the broken Jedi Order. It was her oath to do it. She thought about the mission, to not think of this break up, for she was angry that she couldn’t cry. It was only after the Exile left, that she screamed a top of her lungs, in pain of the loss.

The Exile walked back into the Ebon Hawk. He wasn’t leaving Visas stranded, for they came here on multiple space ships and only one was leaving. He walked inside and the ramp closed behind him. He leaned against the wall and bashed it with his fist multiple times. A tear rolled down his cheek. He took a deep breath and walked on. Atton mentioned how he will miss Visas, and how he hoped that it was not the last time they met.  Bastilla Shan, knowing about redemption and leaving of the loved ones from personal experience, empathized with Visas. However she understood the importance of the Exiles plan.

“It will be hard for her you know,” She said to the Exile.

The Exile nodded.

“What are you going to do now?”  She asked.

“We will return to Coruscant. The Jedi need to rebuild.”

The Jedi civil war has taken too many lives, the backbone of the republic – the Jedi were no more, and they had to rebuild. The Exile has given his friends, whom he had taught in the ways of the force a mission – to help rebuild. Each one of his students had a different objective, as rebuilding the Jedi order was a monumental task, one he wasn’t sure would be even possible. The Ebon Hawk touched off the surface of Katarr and left for Coruscant. The Exile spent the entire journey to Coruscant talking with Bastilla about the semantics of rebuilding the order. To both of them it was clear that the Jedi teachings have failed the galaxy as they allowed this to happen. The council taught the Jedi to be the guardians of Peace, but when the galaxy was in peril the Jedi Council hid themselves behind the closed doors. They forced Revans’ and many more Jedi hand to go to war. Revan was just the figure head. They debated for hours of what to do.  Finally Ebon hawk left the Hyperspace and touched down near the abandoned Jedi Temple.
The Exile, Bastilla and Atton walked down ramp of the Ebon Hawk. The Temple around them encapsulated what the republic has become.  On the steps to the Temples main entrance Brianna, Mira and Bao-Dur were joined by Admiral Carth Onasi. They were eagerly waiting for the Exile. After meeting everyone, the proceeded inside the temple, following the Exile.

“I have reached out to some of the old Jedi friends,” said Admiral Carth Onasi.

“Let me guess, Jolee and Juhani?”  remarked Bastilla.

“The Jedi need to once again become the guardians of peace. You will need everyone we can find,” said Carth.

The exile has led everyone into once majestic room of the Thousand Fountains, where after its abandonment the waterfalls, like raw force, fell untamed. The water rushed down and the vapor elevated up into the room. The room was humid. The Exile sat on a bench, overlooking one of the waterfalls on a stone walkway. The flora bloomed as the trees and nature has overtaken the civilization. Perhaps it was the greenest place on Coruscant. Other said round him, prepared to listen.

“Recently my beliefs were shaken. I do not know what is what anymore. The Jedi Council was convinced that I can unknowingly will you to do things you wouldn’t even think of doing. I do not know if this true, but I do know that I hope that you followed me on your own terms and not because of my will. Because of that I want to leave. I asked all of you to help assist the order, if when I comeback you will have abandoned this mission, I will not be angry, at least I will know that I was the crux holding you all together. If not, however, you will make me proud. The Jedi Order needs to be reborn,” He finished his speech.

“General?”  asked Bao-Dur

“You really don’t have to call me that, anymore,” replied the Exile.

“It has become something of a habit. General, you question the reasons why we follow you. I will not speak for everyone, but I always followed you because you lead. Not all decisions are right, they simply cannot be. But look where we are now, because of you,” he said in his calm voice. The Exile looked at him and smiled. There was a sour note in Exiles eyes.

Everybody dispensed, Bastilla was giving a tour of the Temple. They were the future Jedi, the needed to see everything. Mira remained. She sat next to the Exile.

“Don’t you want to go with the rest? You know see the place?” asked her the exile.

“Not really. Been here a few days. Grew restless. Explored most of it. Never thought that I would end up here. Thank you,” She replied. “Thank you for teaching me to the change the galaxy, to heal it. And what you said. That’s just Jedi mumbo jumbo. I mean, if you wouldn’t have had a bounty on your head, I wouldn’t be here in the first place.”

“I am guessing you are not planning on staying here for long.”

“I cannot. The mission, remember? I will be travelling to war ridden worlds, see where I can make a difference. Restore the people trust in Jedi. Whatever it means. I am still not sure how to be a Jedi you know,” she spoke of the dead worlds of the Mandalorian Wars. The wound of Malachor V echoes across the galaxy in every soldier and every nation. The world views were changed and revelations were horrifying. Yet with Malachor V on everyone’s mind, it was easy to forget of all the other tragedies across the outer rim.

The exile put his hand on her shoulder, “Don’t worry about it. Just fight for what’s right.”

She smiled back.

“In case I don’t see you, before I leave…” once again he was interrupted.

“I was never big on goodbyes. Just preferred to quietly sneak out the back, so whatever you were going to say. Just don’t,” Said Mira, leaving the room.

Ever since, Peragus II he was running against the galaxy, seeing the consequences of the actions of the Jedi; the councils, Revans and his. Now he wanted to take a breather before leaving for the unknown. He meditated. He could feel Visas’ presence with him. Their force bond was strong. She was worried. She was scarred, but she didn’t feel alone. Not anymore. Once she finds someone she will return to this temple and train them in the ways of the force, the way the Exile trained her. Beyond this the exile concentrated on the unknown. He hoped to unveil the mysteries left by Revan. On his journey he could see only darkness, and a sole heartbeat of light. Revan was alive. He had to save him and bring him back.

He walked down the hall, and saw something he didn’t expect to see. Near the entrance to the library, Atris was sitting; disgraced and disgusted by her fall to the dark side. She didn’t want to run or be a sith. She believed that she deserved her punishment. She sensed the Exile.

“I am ready for whatever punishment you have in store for me,” she said.

“When the council is reassembled, you will stand your trial. Do you seriously want this?” The Exile asked.

“Long ago, I felt betrayed. I sacrificed the order. I helped to create this mess. I cannot forgive my crimes. So why should someone else?” she explained.

This went against everything, the Exile wanted to believe in.

“Maybe, because they believe in redemption,” He answered.

“What happened on Katarr. Have you seen it? Billions dead because of me. The other Jedi didn’t know about my plan. I orchestrated it. I drew the sith out and I failed to stop them. The colony paid the price. I was too blind. I fell into the trap of emotions and of hate. I hated you. I hated every moment of you because you made my world complicated. You weren’t supposed. The Jedi have always been supposed to see the world in black and white, that’s how we are raised. Yet you showed the Jedi and the order that it wasn’t and they feared that. I just grew to hate you. I could not believe that you were right,” Atris cracked her tough shell and cried.

The Exile hugged her, much to Atris’ surprise. They were not as different as they might have wanted to think. Katarr was Atris’ Malachor V, it was a wound. Telos IV was her exile. They mirrored each other.  When he returned and stood before her for the second time in the secret academy of Telos, she saw that twisted image of her, so self-righteous, that she felt repulsed. She loathed herself.  Atris has been a Jedi historian, she was taught on the stories of the past. The Exar Kun incident had a profound effect on her. She felt that the complexities of life made him fall to the Dark Side. She sought to eliminate them from her life. Yet when one person with whom she felt she could be herself, left for the Mandalorian War and returned, so convicted of his resolve, she couldn’t handle it. His convictions clashed with the black and white view of the Jedi. Atris felt betrayed. Why would one person she trusted the most do that to her. She convinced herself that he was wrong, she convinced herself to hate him. Unlike the Exile, Atris never had the strength to return, to face her judgement before. However with her defeat at Telos, with her fall to the dark side, she looked up to the person who once inspired her and decided to do what felt right. It is such a quiet thing to fall, but far more terrible is to admit it. Echoed in her mind.

“Forgive me, for everything. I have failed the Jedi,” she said quietly.

The Exile took a deep breath, “I do forgive you.”

The Exile was once horrified to find out of some atrocities which Revan committed. Yet he was able to redeem himself, and he was the Dark Lord of the Sith who held the galaxy by its throat. If he could do it, there were no irredeemable people.

Suddenly there were interrupted when Brianna stood in the side way. Brianna wished to speak to Atris. The Exile understood everything without the words, he left, leaving the two to talk.

“Mistress?” She asked.

“I am nobodies Mistress anymore,” Atris replied.

Brianna wanted to make peace with her. She was not sure what to say.

“I broke the oath I made… I betrayed my sisters and followed the footsteps of my father,” she explained.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I don’t know. I never wanted this,” Brianna hesitantly answered.

“It’s a bad habit for the Jedi to lie. I learned this the hard way. You wanted it all your life. You were always different from your sisters. You were fascinated by force and you reached out to it. I send you on a mission knowing what will happen. There is no blame on you,” explained Atris.
Brianna walked up to her, “The ways of the force, with him it felt natural. When he was nearby it resonated stronger. Eventually I grew to sense it and then…”

Atris looked at Brianna. Atris have come to terms with her past and her fate. She took Brianna hand, “Do not repeat my mistakes. I used to feel the force and used It to see the galaxy. As a padawan it fascinated me. But it dulled my senses to what really matters. I was betrayed and I became the betrayer.”

“I won’t mistress, I promise you,” Brianna intended to keep that promise. Brianna left.

Atris was once again alone in the hall, near the Great Library, a place she called her home and now felt too disgraced to enter. In her mind, Atris was horrified that everything Kreia has said about her was true. Was the exile right and she could be redeemed? Atris wanted to be reborn, free of the guilt, free of the knowledge of betrayal.  But there must always be a Darth Traya, one that holds the knowledge of betrayal. Who has been betrayed in their heart, and will betray in turn. Kreia be damned. Atris kept on saying that she will change. Yet whoever comes from the other side, of this long tunnel, it won’t be a Jedi… or a sith. Not the Jedi of the old at least, because with her blade broken, she could finally see how wrong were the teachings.

The Exile walked down the mezzanines running along the base of the Ziggurat of the Jedi Temple. He looked out into an opening in the wall overlooking the city-planet of Coruscant. It buzzed with life that it was so easy to get lost here. Coruscant was the heart of the Republic, yet it was so different from the rest of the Republic. Having travelled the far off worlds of the mid and outer rim, devastated by war and clinging to life such as Telos, Dantooine, Onderon – it was a refreshing change of pace, yet a symptom of a larger disease. GOTO was right; the republic needed time to rebuild. Too many wars, too many tragedies – too many stories of children and mothers separated. The Exile was called the death of the force, a wound. He shared it with Darth Nihilus, who even now could have transcendent to live as the “anti-force”, you could never be sure. Yet the true wounds were the people who have been broken by the Jedi and by the Sith. Who are we to toy with the Galaxy like we do? Should we even have the power which we do. The Irony, whenever the galaxy is in peril, it looks up to the Jedi no matter what and it is eager to hand all its power into their hands.

The halls of the Temple echoed, from across one could feel others without the use of the force.  Of course it was even easier when it was a clumsy fool like Atton. He walked down to the same opening.

“There is somebody who wants to speak to you,” He said.

“I will be in a moment,” replied the Exile.

“So who is coming?” They were both looking at the busy Coruscant.

“On the journey?” the Exile asked if for etiquette only, it was clear what Atton wanted, and he didn’t even need to read his mind; not for Attons’ intentions, not for Pazaak strategies.

Atton nodded.

“HK, T3 and me.”

“You will need a pilot,” said Atton, as smug as he is. Of course he would want to come.

“I wanted all of you to stay. It’s a recon mission. I want to know what Revan did. I want to find Revan,” the Exile hoped that he won’t lead anyone anymore. He was scared of this responsibility. He felt he was too imposing on others.

“Yeah Recon, I am not asking you to take a fleet with you. But you do need someone else to keep you company. Common, you are going to go crazy with beeps and bups only,” explained Atton.

“Hop on. I won’t keep you here if you don’t want to. Make sure you get your lightsaber. Where we are going, we don’t need blasters.”

“Nonsense, you always need blasters,” said Atton, maybe he was just not so used to having to wave a beam of light around.  As for Atton, then he wanted to keep on atoning for his sins – he wanted to keep the Jedi who gave him a chance alive. The two turned around and walked towards the Ebon Hawk. They left the Jedi Temple. The Exile was planning to leave unnoticed, for a bounty hunter, Mira had certain wisdom in her words. Everyone knew what to do. And as Atton and the Exile walked into the Ebon hawk there was only Bastilla uploading a recording to T3-M4.

“Didn’t mean to intrude, I just couldn’t find you. There was something I wanted you to show Revan, if you find him, it’s a recording and T3 has it,” said Bastilla, she then gave the Exile one of Revans old lightsaber’s, “also this, please give it to him.”

“I will do. We have discussed it a lot Bastilla, when we return, there is some darkness. If it still will be there. There should be a line of defense.”

“There will be. It’s a shame you don’t want to see the Senate first,” said Admiral Onasi as he walked into the room. Ebon Hawk the fastest ship in the galaxy, Ebon Hawk the easiest to steal ship in the galaxy.

“The Jedi are not as trusted as they once were. Everything I had to say, I left it to the new order. Bastilla has it, everyone else has it. The republic is in their hands now,” answered the Exile.

“I understand. I will make sure the military is ready,” said Carth, “Its been sometime since I last been here. It brings back old memories.”

Carth walked down to the cockpit.

In the meantime, the exile approached the holographic table in the center of Ebon Hawk, suddenly Mandalore the Preserver appeared on it.
“What kept you?” he asked

“I got here as fast as I could,” replied the Exile.

“So you are leaving for good now?”

“In search of Revan, first and foremost,” said the Exile, he then continued, “I know why Revan left you. The Mandalorian honor, the enemy in the
shadows. I get it. Rebuild. I don’t when I… or we are going to be back. If at all. But the galaxy will need you, even though it doesn’t know about it, yet.”

“I gave my word once, I will give it again,” said the Mandalore.

“Have you returned to Dxun?” asked the Exile.

“For a bit. Recently I have returned to Mandalore the Planet. The Capital is in ruins, the agriculture is destroyed. There is a lot of work.”

“I won’t keep you, then. Till next time.”

“Till next time. May you fight with honor,” concluded Mandalore.

When everything was ready, the Ebon Hawk closed its ramp and touched off once again. Everybody watched from the different places of the Temple as the Ebon Hawk flew over the city and into the atmosphere. T3 strolled to the navicomputer and unlocked it.

“Where to now?” asked Atton.  

The Exile looked into frontal window of Ebon Hawk, he starred in to the vastness of space. There was a familiar gaze in it.

“Into the Unknown Regions,” he replied. Ebon Hawk jumped into the hyperspace. Disappearing from the Republic Space once again.

Across the Universe, Visas was looking into the vastness of space, thinking of the Exile. Where they see the death of the force, I see the hope for all life. Visas walked in the ashes of Katarr, with the hope for all life and thoughts of the one man she thought could change everything. Even though, he left and was now far away, she reached to him through the force.  Inspired by what he taught her and the example he set.

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