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If you could rewrite anything.. what would it be and why?

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My choice: Bleach.
Why: Most of what's occured after Aizen was terrible. Ichigo is STOOPID. Plotholes need to be filled.
I'd end the series after Aizen.

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Easy. The entirety of Mass Effect 3.

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Believe it or not I would not rewrite ME3, and not just for self-serving purposes. I would however rewrite Phantom Menace. Like, the whole thing really.

The Lorerunner
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I would rewrite ME3 or the entire Star Wars Prequel trilogy.

I'm sorry, there were some good ideas in the prequels, but it really needs to be reworked from the ground up.

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Everything in Naruto after part 1 timeskip really.

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Admin wrote:Believe it or not I would not rewrite ME3, and not just for self-serving purposes.

But you've already kind of rewritten ME3. Very Happy  The ending, at least!

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I'd say FullMetal Alchemist, to make it more like the Manga, but FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood exists, and that's basically the best thing ever.

Honestly, I'd rewrite the Tokyo Ghoul Anime. Especially Season 1. As much as I love it, it has to be said that they cut so much backstory and even some crucial story content from the manga just to shove it into 13 episodes, and if I had any say in it, I'd have extended it to at least 25, just so that all the crucial backstory and plot points that were missing in the anime could come back.

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I would not rewrite ME 3 entirely, but tweak it at some places:
- The Ending right before Spacekid
- Bring the Court Case back into the Game
- Make it an option to join Cerberus again
- Make some of the old Members temprary Team Members on their Mission like Wrex on Tuchanka
I would handle it like they did in the Citadel DLC
- Bring Harbinger back as the Main Villain
- Let the Origin of the Reapers be a mystery

That´s what I would do most of the time. Not rewrite something entirely, but tweak it at some Points.

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Sonic 06:-Main theme will be friendship: Sonic and Amy showing Elise what friendship is. Silver meeting people and learning from them and Shadow questions why he still hangs out with people like Sonic. Even the villain wants the closets thing to a friend back.

-Cut Knuckles and Rouge from the story(and if it was my headcanon, Maria would be in it).

-Have Sonic's story be a good fun parody of Super Mario, complete with giant fire breath turtle final boss.

-Silver meeting Blaze in the present and have a love sub plot which ends with him staying with Blaze.

-Have an Omega from the future be the villain for Amy's story.

-Time stones instead of Chaos emeralds.

-Iblis dies with Elise and the one in the future is a fake made by Mephilis.

-There will be a legend saying that Elise's ancestor defeated a pair of demons and were sealed in a flame. But some bits of the story seemed to be lost. Mephilis calls his joined form Solaris out of spite.

-Mephilis sends Sonic and Amy back to save Elise while sending Silver and Blaze to the future for failing him.

-Shadow's final boss is all the Mephilis that were made by the time paradox.

-Elise keeps hearing a dark voice in her head saying that she'll bring death to anyone she cares about, And only tears of deep,utter sorrow will release Iblis.

-Sonic's death scene is completely different. Sonic, Amy and Elise find a chaos emerald hanging on a fishing line and say it's Eggman saddest attempt yet. Amy decides to get it from the obvious trap. Silver and Blaze come just then and while everyone's distracted, Mephilis kills Amy. Sonic, in anger lashes out at him but Mephilis ignores his attacks and tells Elise how this is all her fault.

-Ending has the festival going as normal, Sonic gets hugged attacked by Amy but feels like he should just let her for now. Silver is somehow still in the present but figures it must be a paradox, as he seem to be the only one who remembers. And Shadow gets dragged along to celebrate with his friends.

-And a new one I thought of lately. Elise is more like Elsa from Frozen. Only with fire powers.

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Mass Effect 3. That's the only thing that made me sad and disappointed. I would totally change it.

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Me3 for sure. What a let down (obviously im not alone on this).
Bleach - everything up to the end of the invasion was just my cup of tea. But too much filler and tbh I didn't finish watching it. I did enjoy the arc with the numbered enemies though (not sure what the arc was called, could be the same arc actually). But too much filler! Would watch the invasion of hueco Mundo again and up to Aisan again though.
After listening to videos and listening to the revenge of the sith audiobook I have to agree with the sw prequel trilogy. The potential is there, just mostly realised outside the movies unfortunately.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I never get around to these type of fan fic fantasy type deals but I know I can blow the roof off any content out there with some of my ideas that have stockpiled since I was a kid.

Pokemon is another I could do some damage with since even in the mangas the story is all over the place.

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@Bowmen: We could have a gritty reboot of TMNT! Make them some kind of super huge hulking mutants who are fighting a rich businessman who isn't the Shredder because of some last minute changes! *pause* Okay I kid, I do agree a lot could be done with the TMNT mythos given the base premise if someone tried... lord knows people have poked at it enough as is.

The Lorerunner
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The only thing that really comes to mind right now is the the Legend of Korra. First of all make the Amon and equalist arc streach two seasons or make each season atleast 20 episodes or so long like the original series. I understand that the creatiors didn't know if Korra would've been given more than one season which is why the end of the equalist arc felt premature and rushed. Take Korra's bending away for good and let the following season depict her relearning the elements properly, no more boxer stance for every single element.

Erase the second season's story from existence. Keep the third season just the way it is. Finally for the fourth season. stick to the hero's journey/ Korra exile concept for a while longer, dedicate several episodes of her traveling the world alone redulctantly helping people with thier problems and rediscovering what it means to be the avatar (BY HERSELF) all while Kuvira consolidates power in the Earth kingdom. Politically outmaneuvering the opposition for as long as she can. SHOW THE DAMN FIRE NATION preferbly on Korra's travels , and give Zuko's daughter some spotlight while you're at it. Now I might get flak for this but ditch Toph. There is no need for be in the story, and make Korra's hesitation only physiological, no lingering mercury poisioning whats so ever. It felt shoe horned as an easy excuse to get Korra back into the conflict without having her futher exploring herself as a person.

For the final show down keep it more or less unchanged. Have Kuvira lay siege on Republic City but with no giant plantinum mech please. Have her approch victory through use of over whelming force and tactics maybe some other new war machine but no giant mech as it's too eccentric. Her plan would be to hold and conquer Republic City before the navy arrives. Now give a matured Korra a cool looking cloak and have her issue a challange to Kuvira. Seeing the now nearly forgotten avatar as a obstruction to her plans and and an oportunity to finally put an antiquated relic which has no place in the curret world where it belongs into the trash, she accepts and engages Korra in 1 on 1 combat. Korra beats her fair and square, infornt of all her troops a spectacle which demoralizes them.

Korra then rallies the remaining Republic city forces and with renewed zeal they strike back against a now disorganized Earth Empire army. Korra finally wins the day with help from the arriving United Forces navy and her fwends. Following scene/episode Korra catches up with her former comrades and reflects on her new found confidence and teachings with Tenzin. Final scene (Insert prefered pairing here)

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Admin wrote:@Bowmen: We could have a gritty reboot of TMNT!  Make them some kind of super huge hulking mutants who are fighting a rich businessman who isn't the Shredder because of some last minute changes!  *pause*  Okay I kid, I do agree a lot could be done with the TMNT mythos given the base premise if someone tried... lord knows people have poked at it enough as is.

Oh Michael Bay... I think the concept behind his movie ideas is an explosion.

Well I would reboot the story but I would stay true to the appearances maybe a tad tweak here and there. I would keep all the good stuff that worked in the past, just would have it more organized, more meaningful/dramatic while staying true to the humour without going overboard to keep the true nature of their personality.

Few ideas I don’t mind sharing is I’d utilize characters that have been proven to be good yet were always avoided or made into a joke these days like Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, Tokka, Rahzar, Spike. Dimension X and the Technodrome would exist. I’d make the Footclan humans opposed to robots and have them divided to two territories in the world East & West. The Eastern Footcaln would be led by Shredder’s daughter Kairai and the Western Footcaln by Tatsu (that bald guy from the movies, he's funny and awesome). Also came up with the idea to have the multiple color footclan soldiers like you see in the games to determine their rank, giving more purpose and depth to the organization.

Just some of the ideas I’ve had. Of course Shredder would have to lure them with cigarettes, skateboards, poker, arcade machines in a warehouse haha jk. (Btw: Mortal Kombat was originally on my list as well, but I thought MK9 did such a good job in rebooting the story, idk how good MK10 will be but I give Netherrealms Studios props.)

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