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What was Thomas Light's mindset when he designed X?

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As it says in the title, what do you think the doctor had in mind when he put X together?

There are quite a bit of different canons in the series (with a good deal of which I am less than familiar), so I ask to forgive any really obvious or silly thing I might say here. Embarassed

That said, from what I understand, the only real glimpse of that is in the MMX1 intro. The remake shifts the accents a bit, but the general gist appears to remain the same: create an AI not bound by hardwired objectives and/or restrictions for their behaviour.

(I am somewhat reminded of the first Robocop movie here, although the situations are kind of different.)

What prompted this? Why did Thomas choose to give X an obviously humanoid form (IMHO, strange, considering that X was supposed to choose what he did with himself on his own) but with integrated attack and defense systems from the get-go?

There is no explicit canon explanation I could find, but it certainly makes me think that things weren't so hot back in 20XX by the time X was conceived despite the seeming proliferation of robots of all kinds. I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that by the time AIs - robot masters or otherwise - became a reality, their legal status... didn't.

When put that way, Light's ultimate creation being deliberately designed to fit in (appease?) within a human society but still having enough hardware on their person in case things got nasty makes sense to me.

What about the lack of objectives and restrictions then? Did the previous generations of AIs simply not know what to do unless given a decisive kick in their behind because of some design limitation that could not be circumvented before?

Or maybe that was not an actual problem and such limits were deliberately put in to make the creation of AIs seem... more acceptable in the eyes of the governments and public at large?

The way Blues is usually portrayed makes me think the second option is more likely.

What do you think?

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Personally I've always believed that he designed X with a combination of naive idealism and experienced pessimism. Hence the idea of hoping that he could simply live a normal life in a normal world like Light always wanted to (and never could), but still equipping him in case this turned out not to be. I also believe X was Light's 'last effort' (this is true in the Imperium of course but I still think it's true in regular Megaman canon), his last ditch attempt to realize his dream for robotic life.

The Lorerunner
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I am currently trying to cook up a short oneshot that could show off the possibility I've personally entertained most.

The incident that became the last straw for this camel's back, in my imagination, involved fighting between humans breaking out and one of Light's creations being present but not able to do anything but stand frozen in place because of the conflicting absolute directives mudding up the decision making process.

Progress is slow, but when I have something to show I'll post it in the writing section.

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