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The stormlight archive: who is the storm father?

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Throughout the stormlight archive and many of brandon Sanderson's books there are characters that exist between dimensions Wit from the stormlight archive is a brilliant example.
For those of you that do not know brandon sanderson's books all exist in one universe. Or at least in a shared multiverse with some degree of travel between. Not unlike Arch's Imperium. There seems to be a limited number of characters with what I am going to call cosmic-level intelligence. Or knowledge and cognition that dwerves normal humans. All of these characters have been your usual Gods/Creator figures. Except for Wit.
Wit in the stormlight archive is a character that is pretending to be a court jester of sorts. He essentially gets paid to make fun of nobles with no consequences. It is actually standard practice for noble's to assassinate the king's wit when he goes to far.
This has little to do with my actual theory however, until wit disappears. Well everyone assumes wit is dead (seaming how wit lasted longer than usual for a wit.) until it is unveiled that wit left of his own accord and had "some businesses to take care of" wether this is him going to another universe where one of brandon Sanderson's other books takes place or simply somewhere else on Roshar is unknown.
In the next book however Wit returns and reveals that is name is hoid and almost immediately reveals that is a lie. *sigh* anyways wit( aka hoid) says to kaladin that he is "here to find an old aquantaince, but ended up spending most of my time running from him instead.
Ok this must seem like this seem like it has nothing to do with the storm father, however if you will be patient we will get there and it will be awesome Smile.
Because we know wit CAN travel from world to world and possesses knowledge only heralds possess and is implied to possess knowledge only acsessable to cosmic-level entities we know wit is on par with the storm father of not even higher based on the ability to travel between universes. (See it came around didn't it Wink.) so I theroise that these God/creator figure in these books are agents sent by a even higher power to basically police this "sector" of space (think green lanterns from DC comics) and The Storm father is one of these agents and is broken like syl said and is just sick of policing a sector that every couple thousand years has a majority of it's population dying. I suspect that these agents are sent to combat another that has escaped to that world and is inadvertently shaping their culture by trying to police them.
Ok then that was a doozy and if you guys want to hear more about my thoughts on brandon sanderson's multiverse make sure to please encourage the madman screaming on his soapbox Wink I could talk ad nauseam about this so let me know.

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I haven't read all of Sanderson's other books so I don't know if there is any reference to Witt within those novels or a Witt anolog. But I don't believe Witt has ever left Roshar. He disappears from camp and then is revealed at the end of The Way of Kings he's revealed to have been waiting for the return of the missing herald. He does repeat this act at the end of Words of Radiance with another character. He did not come across to me as a character that posessed a lot of power but does seem to have a lot of awareness about peoples coming and goings to the physical realm. The Storm Father on the other hand does appear to be a splinter of a god (or a godlike cosmic entity) and acts like a spren and appears to be acting rogueish without a consciousness to give him direction. What semblence of sentience he does possess could be due to the gods lingering influence that the god projected before his death. Though as Dalanar points out gods are by definition immortal and thus cannot be killed which could lend credence to this being not being a god.

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