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Indie Indonesian-Made jRPG Releasing Today

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1 Indie Indonesian-Made jRPG Releasing Today on Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:50 am

Howdy folks, just noticed something by the name of Celestian Tales: Old North cross my radar earlier this morning. Took a slight interest at it seems to heavily invoke story themes from Final Fantasy: Tactics / Tactics Ogre: LUCT, but with a more down-to-earth focus on vassalage and the young MC's choices of how to run things in between wars.

Combat seems more comparable to standard FF-style turn-based battles with typical high-fantasy fare, though a potential hang-up is the art style that, while polished, is still fairly low-count graphically speaking.

Keeping an eye on it to see whether the writing quality holds throughout the game, and whether you actually are presented with ample opportunities to impact the story/dialogue. Might recommend an Exploration if it checks out.


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After consuming some media, browsing the general review scores and finally getting my hands on the game, I would say Celestian Tales: Old North is a solid buy at its currently discounted price of $9.74US. Though a relatively small game, its presentation never really took me out of enjoying the dialogue thus far, and while the combat system is quite simplistic, it's a passable enough engine to keep me going to see how the story continues to play out. There have been a small number of grammatical errors, namely regarding usage of plurals, but nothing consistently bad, or jarring to the point of drawing me out of the experience.

I would encourage others to have a gander and judge for themselves as to what they think about the title, and should they find it of interest, perhaps bring it to Arche's attention, see if it's something he could enjoy as a sort of jRPG "popcorn" game.

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How lengthy is it?

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LibertyPrime wrote:How lengthy is it?

I'm still looking for a definitive answer from a larger audience, though I'm seeing people tout "8-12 hours for each playthrough." What they mean by this is that, at the beginning of a playthrough, you lock in which of the 6-character cast is your personal player perspective during the events that unfold. One of the unfortunate aspects of the game, though, is that you won't cross a wealth of differences between the characters you choose outside of their very short prologue, and thereafter their own conversation / morality choices throughout the primary story, since all 6 are a part of the same squiring and are faced with much of the same situations.

Lastly, two characters in particular suffer from the trilogizing of an already fairly short story, and don't have access to quite as many impacting decisions as the other characters, these two being Yliane the naive half-elf, and Isaac the self-uplifted though morally troubled former commoner.

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This will be my final update for Celestian Tales, and I would say my final verdict is that, as an indie, casual jRPG experience, it is well worth the $10US purchase. Perhaps due to the surprisingly rousing events of Chapter 6, the game quickly leapt from an intriguing curiosity to a definite recommendation to those who enjoy classic RPG storytelling, even if perhaps at the expense of a more robust combat system.

Again, this isn't a game with a memorable combat system, but so far the story isn't disappointing, outside of having the majority of choice consequences resolve only in the future, to-be-released episodes.

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