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(Somewhat) New Force Awakens Promo (South Korea's first)

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Only new footage I think is the opening shot of the First Order's military personnel presenting themselves before General Hux, flanked by admirals and Captain Phasma, as they overlook them spanning the entire breadth of the landing zone. Notable is the fact that the first few columns of soldiers are actual actors, rather than 100% CGI.

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You chose the most disconcerting Lorerunner avatar you possibly could.

Anyhow, TFA is headed in a promising direction. The footage from the trailers and promo-stills emphasize the Empire's continued threat (whether by its direct remnant or various splinter groups, doesn't matter).

The Rebel Alliance ceases to be interesting once becoming the New Republic without a major political opposition, and unless you're going for the Yuuzhan Vong, an Empire in the spirit of the OT is the best option, period.

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