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We're all fine here, thanks. How are you? (Community thread for everything.)

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I am just worried that if it is really softcore porn, that archengeia might get in trouble...
With youtube or twitch or anything.

They are american companies os rather prude.

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If they cared about that sort of thing they would've banned Witcher 3 streams.

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Well they did force Llama to cencor the gay couple intimicy...

but oh well ok then, I was just worried.

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IGN played through Raccoon Face's loyalty mission on the 28th.  It raises a red flag that it was a pre-release build of the game instead of gold, what with it being so close to release.


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What's up with that dialogue? I really don't know what to think of this.....

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Final Fantasy XV tech demo at GDC, running on an Nvidia GTX 1080ti, they been working with Nvidia to make this apparently, could it be that they are working on a PC version already? whatever the case it does look amazing.

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The glitch on the left at 7.00 exactly. Neutral

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You can tell this is trying to move away from its RPG roots.  No time to acclimate to the setting or the player character and they are already throwing you against Archon.

Plus the awful time jokes they were spewing.  But how about that trailer fodder that Daddy Kurgen spouted.

Finally, a couple of hilarious examples of the usual Bioware 'quality':

Confirmation for the return of the Teleporting M8 Avenger Assault Rifle of Bitch Slap.

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I will withhold any criticisms until I actually play Andromeda. I also will not be listening to any youtuber's who have an obvious bias against the game for no other reason than to be negative.

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Especially that Arkengeeuh guy. I hear he has an undying hatred for Bioware.

The Lorerunner
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Yeah, I'll definitely not be watching that guy.

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You can even tell from than name Arkengeeuh, sounds like a terrible toxic person, maybe we should report him or something for hate speech.

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I'm back into reviewing games. Here's my video for Tales of Berseria, in case anybody's interested. I still need to work on my enunciation, but otherwise I'm quite happy with it.

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New Mass Effect Andromeda Video called Golden Worlds.

listen at 2:11, so Quarians are in? Very Happy i am excited for that

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So yeah, someone thought it would be a grand idea to have the information about how the AI knows of these garden words hidden away instead on brought up in one of the trailers.  Turns out they got real-time scans of Andromeda from a geth-made array of three duct-taped Mass Relays that formed an FTL telescope.

KaRaOuLiS wrote:listen at 2:11, so Quarians are in? Very Happy i am excited for that
Wonder how many of them we have to kill during the game.

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Heh...next to the message sent out for aliens to figure some understanding of what humans are, there is an image that looks like a stencil of the Death Star! That must have been intentional.

It needs water...and...water...


Did you not include a freezer in the blueprints!? You have cryosleep pods, you can use those if you have to improvise!

"The more resources we gather, the more upgrades we can complete on the Nexus's infrastructure."
Wait...it's not DONE?? If these upgrades are needed to wake people from cryosleep, why didn't you just nix the cryosleep idea and build the upgrades during initial construction? Let me guess, corporate negligence/oversight. Assuming there's a corporation or people rich enough to bother making this in the first place.

Heck, you could have built the whole thing and made a theme of having to fix everything that the people at the top didn't properly fund during construction because of various issues caused by human nature. And include spying and experimental horrors! Like they built it to experiment and spy and gather data for their projects in the Milky Way, and didn't give a crap about the people they sent into space. Like Vault-Tec! Holy shit that sounds way better!

How would the quarians have found that glorified telescope in the first place? They certainly didn't build it, and if the geth did, how do you figure them somehow losing it, for it to drift into the Perseus Veil from dark space? If I were the geth, I wouldn't build it or move it within 100 light years of the boundary of the known galaxy where mortals fear to tread.

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Do you really expect any thought to have been put into this game? They pretty state in the 'First 13 Minutes' video that the reason behind the A.I. is: Exploring the Milky Way became too mainstream, so lets explore Andromeda before that becomes cool.

It's also really immersion- and lore-breaking to see everyone be so casual with an AI hooked up to their nervous system when the conceit of the last game was 'AI is literally evil'.

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At this point, no. They must know that they lost most of the people in their consumer base who cared.

Yes, back in the past when all of this stuff was totally possible, Someone made an AI with the intent to hook it up to your nervous system and monitor everything that goes on in your body and you totally agreed to that and don't mind having no guarantee that the soulless being living inside of you will just look away and plug its ears when you and one of your guy/gal friends decide to get horizontal.

I had a similar idea once upon a time, but instead I thought about a proto VI in a VI-assisted biotic implant that gained sentience, and that figuring out how to communicate with it would be a literal pain.

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1. You guys made me search a youtuber named Arkengeeuh, until I got it.

2. Didn't javik (as much he annoyed me) tell about a race that hook up with ai and then the AI killed them?
Their system I mean.

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Many Switch users are reporting various problems. Also the screen seem to be really easy to scratch, that sucks if true Neutral (no rant videos on this just reports)

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That sucks if it is true. I was wanting to buy one of those for my niece and nephew.

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I saw in a comment that they removed the Switch Dock from the store, it seems to be true so far, and that is good because that thing looks extremely cheap and it's one of the things that can scratch your screen it seems.

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Eruanne wrote:1. You guys made me search a youtuber named Arkengeeuh, until I got it.

2. Didn't javik (as much he annoyed me) tell about a race that hook up with ai and then the AI killed them?
Their system I mean.

iirc the AI killed them because the Reapers forced them or something like that.

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New Exploration gameplay video from IGN

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So I'm slowly catching up with the BoTW VODs as I go through the game, but I watched the livestream briefly and I don't know why it amuses me so much that the TEN THOUSAND YEAARRS is still the one lone story minus =P

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