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We're all fine here, thanks. How are you? (Community thread for everything.)

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See all they need to do is make it so Shepard and the whole cast of ME2 all came along on the quarian ark, for reasons. This will save the franchise.

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Oh wow, apparently Netflix is making a Witcher Tv series, the studio that did the CGI trailers for the games just confirmed they started production. Twitter Link

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Maybe they'll do the special effects? I doubt it'll be a CGI show.

There's also a "Star Trek" series coming out in the fall. I'm kinda impressed with the makeup for what it is. Hopefully it's not all for the pilot :/

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^looks good, here's hoping they don't cancel it after only 12 episodes

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Galaxy Quest: The TV show? Seems in the same mold, we'll see if it celebrates Trek rather then simply makes fun of it.

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So the new Mario RPG is looking pretty good!

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Absolutely beautiful collection of pictures from SW The Last Jedi LINK
This one is my favourite

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Lore: Having an E3 conference only to showcase 3 new games is a huge waste of money.
Devolver Digital: Hold my beer.

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Oh wow this looks awesome.

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Ok. My mind is blown.

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Found a 2-minute short film with some actual swordplay in it (as compared to Game of Thrones or movies).  It's sad to see just how unskilled they are in our favorite programs compared to these two.

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So Star Fox 2 is getting released after a slight delay of 22 years. Who saw that coming?

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Good news. A bunch of people from the Twitch affiliate program just got a subscribe button on their stream - Lore included!

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And I can subscribe easly with paysafecard! Very Happy so sod off Amazon Prime. You are not available in my country.

Also I have a bad news guys. There is a rumour that all dlcs for Andromeda has been cancelled.


EDIT: Sorry, false alarm. This theory has been debunked. Someone put a lot of effort to fake this, fake adress, fake FB fan page, fake phone number and whole company was made up.

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Well according to Kotaku their sources confirmed there's no DLC, so the hoax was more like a good guess.

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In case you don't know about this yet, there is a new excellent documentary series about Final Fantasy XIV. It goes into why the original 1.0 was such a massive failure and how Square managed to turn that around to create the second most succesful subscription based MMO. It's written by Gamespot's Danny O'Dwyer and features developer interviews. Very much worth watching!

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