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theshadowcouncil Present's: StarCraft 2

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1 theshadowcouncil Present's: StarCraft 2 on Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:18 pm

So a couple of days ago, I saw thread on the Blizzard forums, asking people, who didn't enjoy the story of StarCraft 2, to put in suggestions as to what they thought would have been better. I took up the challenge and created an outline for what I believe would have been a better continuation of the StarCraft story ark. Feel free to critique and/or ask about the details and I will answer to the best of my ability.

I only ask that you keep things civilized. Warning it's a long read.

- theshadowcouncil Presents: StarCraft 2, Part 1 -

StarCraft 2 would remain a three part series, the first entry into the franchise would be Heart of the Swarm.

It's been four years since the end of the Brood Wars, Kerrigan has been building up the Zerg hive cluster and Char is full to the brim with Zerg, and so she's ready to unleashes a new wave of terror on the Korpulu Sector, and finish what she started in Brood Wars.

As the swarm makes it's way toward Kolhal, we discover the current state of each of the the major factions still left, The New Protoss Conclave, The Tal'Darim, and The Terran Dominion. We learn that Raynor has been captured and is in a Dominion prison.

The finale begins with the invasion of Korhal, Kerrigan corners Mengsk and offers him a choice death or slavery as an infested terran, Mengsk chooses death and is killed painfully, Prince Valerian escape and vows revenge against Kerrigan for the death of his father and for the Dominion itself.

The Final mission begins with Kerrigan sensing a powerful psychic emanation coming from a nearby planet, fearing Valerian might have some new form of Psy-Disruptor, she leads one of her broods to investigate and finds a terran strike team lead by a commander Gabriel Tosh, who reveals himself as Kerrigans old acquaintance Duran, using Psychic abilites and/or Xel'Naga artifacts Duran defeats and incapacitates Kerrigan.

The game ends with Duran standing over a beaten Kerrigan stating "Soon it'll be the beginning of the end." (or some such dramatic line.)

Cut to black title card, Heart of the Swarm.

- theshadowcouncil Presents: StarCraft 2, Part 2 -

The second entry into the series would continue in Legacy of the Void.

The New Protoss Conclave on Shakuras has been closely monitoring the Zerg invasion into the Terran sector, a unanimous decision is made to mobilize the Prtotoss fleets and engage the Zerg before they become too powerful to contain.

Throughout the Protoss campaign, their effort s to eliminate the Zerg are hampered but Duran's Terran strike team, the Tal'Darim, and the Zerg swarms, all of which are reinforced by Hybrids.
The Tal'Darim are a fanatical religious sect of Protoss who worship the Xel'Naga as gods, they proclaim that Amon a Xel'Naga has returned and will purge the galaxy of unbelievers.

During their encounters with the Zerg, it's revealed that Kerrigan has been turned into a mind slave of Amon, and orders the Zerg swarm as she is commanded to.

The beginning of the final act starts which Zeratul joining the main Protoss force, he reveals that he's been on a mission to find and destroy the Hybrids since the end of the Brood Wars and has discovered the origins of their new enemy.

Zeratul had discovered a barren world on the egdes of know space, which housed a Xel'Naga outpost. This was the final refuge for the last Xel'Naga survivors after the Overmind grew too powerful to control.
With no way to sustain a viable population, the Xel'Naga transferred their consciousness into stasis cells in hopes that a future race will awaken them and can be used as hosts. Though Zeratul finds no evidence that any more Xel'Naga are still there.

Zeratul also has discovery that Duran has set up a base of operations on Aiur, where his is creating more Hybrids. A plan if formed to retake Aiur, the main Protoss fleet will engage the Zerg surrounding the planet, while a ground force deals with Duran.

During the final missions, Duran is defeated and reveals that he found the Xel'Naga outpost and Amon, his stasis cell was the only one to survive after so many years, and had been working for him since and that Amon has already transferred himself into the body of the Hybrids.

Amon then reveals himself in the body of an unfinished Hybrid, he informs the Protoss heros that he can control all the Hybrids and can switch between them at will, essentially making him immortal, he offers them their lives in return for servitude, which they refuse, and Amon unleashes the Zerg swarm to destroy them.

The final mission is similar to "In Utter Darkness" the Protoss ground force has to hold off the swarm and Hybrids, which ends with the fleet coming in at the last second and saving them.

The game ends with Artanis and Zeratul talking about how their work is not yet done but at least for now they can stand proudly on their ancient home once again.

Cut to black.

- theshadowcouncil Present's: StarCraft 2, Part 3 -

We begin the final installment of StarCraft 2 in Wings of Liberty.

The story begins with Raynor as a prisoner in New Folsom, he is begin escorted by the Dominion Ghost Nova and a squad of marines. He's taken to a conference room to meet with Valerian Mengsk. We learn that Raynor was captured and imprisoned during a failed assassin attempt on Arcturus Mengsk after the event's of Brood Wars. Valerian informs Raynor on the Zerg Invasion and the current state of the Dominion, including the death of Arcturus, the destruction of Korhal and the bulk of the Dominion fleet, and that the fringe Dominion worlds have broken off and claimed themselves independent. Valerian explains that he's exhausting all options at his disposal to keep order and need capable fighters with experience dealing with the Zerg.

Valerian offer Raynor and the Raiders full pardons in exchange of their help, Raynor agrees on the condition that the Hyperion be returned to him, Valerian agrees but informs Raynor that Nova will be stationed on it as security.

It's at this point I'd like to introduce a new game mechanic, I'll call it the Commander System.
At the start of each mission a Commander would be selected out of a list of main characters with would appear in that mission as a hero unit, which would allow for varied play styles. New characters would be added to the list as the game progresses.

A wide variety of story arks are presented dealing with the various factions introduced in the previous two installment, including but not limited to:

1.) The Zerg. The Zerg are still the major threat of the story, the Protoss offensive during Legacy of the Void, has slowed them down, but many settlements are still under constant attack.

2.) The Protoss. Raynor is still on good terms with the Protoss, he is the most qualified to strike up an alliance between the The New Protoss Conclave and the Dominion. Raynor is informed on the situation with Amon and these missions would involve hunted down Hybrids

3.) The Tal'Darim. The Tal'Darim are rampaging across the sector in a campaign of genocide against the Terrans.

4.) The Independent Dominion Worlds. Tired of being ruled from afar the leaders of these planet have used the destruction of the Dominion capital as an opportunity to declare independence, there are hints of these planets banning together to create a New Terran Confederacy, and Valerian wants these planets back under Dominion control.

5.) Kel-Morian Combine. The Combine are shady and greedy, and see the Zerg invasion as a means of making wealth and securing rich territories, as well as attacking Dominion supply ships and cut off Dominion bases.

6.) Refugees. I enjoyed the refugee missions in WoL, they made sense from an insetting prospective, and Ariel Hanson is an interesting character, she and Raynor have great chemistry onscreen and would be set as Raynor's love interest for this game.

7.) Tychus Findlay. Tychus is a cool character, he'd be introduced as a mercenary leader working for Valerian. Mission with him would revolve around hitting high value targets and securing resources for the Domion

8.) Valerian Mengsk. Raynor and Valerian don't like each other, Valerian sees Raynor as a drunk anarchist, and Raynor think's Valerian is a wannabe dictator following in daddy's footsteps. Valerain receives a report of Kerrigan beginning an attack of another world. Valerian orders his fleet and Raynor to go on the offensive and take her out now. Raynor argues that this could be a trap, warns Valerian, who's clearly acting out of rage and impatience and goes ahead without him. Raynor decides to follow him to make sure "The kid doesn't get himself killed" and arrives shortly after. Valerians fleet is taking heavy damage, seeing the lives being lost by his recklessness he orders a retreat and his ship is nearly destroyed until Raynor moves in and saves him. Raynor would chew him out for his actions, and Valerian humbled by the experience vows to never needlessly risk the lives of others and, Valerian shows more respect for Raynor from this point on.

9.) U.E.D. Remnants. Raynor receives a distress call from a Dominion base under attack by the Zerg. Upon investigating Raynor is attacked by an unknown Battlecruiser the DSS Aleksander under the command of Captain Matt Horner, Horner blames Raynor for the U.E,D,'s defeat during the Brood Wars, snatching his well earned victory at the battle of Korhal by rescuing Mengsk, and has been waiting for his chance to get revenge. A battle ensues which catches the attention of nearby Zerg, and the Aleksander is shot down. The following mission mirrors that of the Terran mission from StarCraft 1 "Norad 2". Raynor thinks over the situation and states how Having the U.E.D. captain on their side could be useful, Valerain, or perhaps Dr, Hanson, would counter by saying that saving the crew should be the top priority, Raynor comes to the realization that he's been slowly turning into kind of man that Mengsk was, and agrees to do the right thing. After saving the U.E.D. forces, Raynor speaks with Captain Hornor and admits his guilt over the lives lost because of what he's done, Horner sensing Raynors honesty puts aside his hatered and offers his services to fight.

The final act begins with Dr. Hanson calling a meeting, with access to the U.E.D.'s data, including the schematics of the Psi Disruptor she and a team of scientist have been able to create a portable prototype.
If the original Psi Disruptor could cut the link between the Overmind and the Zerg, it might work Amon and the Hybrids. Raynor attacks a Tal'Darim base housing a Hybrid, at the end of the mission, they use a disruptor on a Hybrid, which cuts off Amon's link to it, proving it works.

Amon contacts Raynor praising the Terrans for their ingenuity, and reveals that the last of his Hybrids are on Char. Raynor and the Protoss, talk about how this is obviously a trap but with the Psi Disruptors they have a chance to finish this once and for all.
The Dominion and Protoss fleets head to Char, the fighting is fierce but Raynor and Zeratul make it to the planets surface, but are ambushed by three seperate forces. The Zerg (Kerrigan), Protoss (Tal'Darim), and Terran (Kel-Morian Combine, who are revealed to have been contacted and have willing joined Amon, in exchange for wealth and power.) each reinforced by a Hybrid. The main objective is to fight off the enemy forces while planting four Psi Disruptors around the map. Once activated Amon is cut off, and appears on the map as a more powerful Hybrid body, and leads a final push to destroy the heros, he is defeated and the mission ends.

The following cut scene is similar to that show in Wings of Liberty, Raynor leads a team of Marines into a Zerg building, and is ambushed by Kerrigan, now free for Amon's control. Raynor wounds her but she is still alive, laying on the ground with a gun shot wound to the stomach.Kerrigan mocks Raynor on to kill her and is about to finish her off when he thinks back on how revenge affected Valerian and Horner, and him. Raynor tells Kerrigan that "A quick death would be too good for her" and how she'll end up being "Queen of an eight by eight cell". If a fit of rage Kerrigan attacks Raynor and like he did to Tychus in WoL, he turns around and head shots her.

The final cut scene, has Raynor and the heros on the bridge of the Hyperion. Zeratul and Artanis say their goodbyes to Raynor, both planning to return to Aiur, Captain Horner plans on returning back to Earth, Valerian talks about building a better Dominion and offers Raynor to work with Nove for him, Raynor refuses, hinting that he Hanson plan to settle down and returns the Hyperion to Valerian, as they walk out together.

(Pan the camera back to show the Dominion and Protoss fleets in orbit around Char, and cue the Wings of Liberty theme song, because it's awesome.)

Cut to black.

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